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  1. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/george-williams-warrington-wolves-wigan-20544289
  2. I don't know who Alexis Petridis is, but he seems quite bitter about something. Who will history recall, Petridis or Van Morrison, I wonder?
  3. Wrens are so lovely to have around. I saw one in the park this morning, bustling around the twigs and leaves. Quite an unusual sight but just ace.
  4. Wait, what? So there was no grass in Leigh so they had to have their golf course in Warrington?
  5. He won't be going anywhere near Leigh, or Culcheth for that matter. He'll be living the dream south of the river when he signs for the Wire
  6. Over here on the dark side, Headingley golf club is in Adel, Moortown Golf Club is in Alwoodley and Moor Allerton Golf Club is in Scarcroft; therefore I don't think the location of golf clubs is necessarily a good indicator of local boundaries Anyway... here: warrington_ward_atlas_part_1_page_1_34_.pdf
  7. I couldn't watch the video, I was too sad about the story. Hopefully it will be a happy ending. This morning my chilly walk with the dog was heartily warmed up by the presence of about a dozen housemartins buzzing around 'Paul's Pond' at Breary Marsh in north Leeds. I saw jays dashing around while the blackbirds and song thrushes belted out their calls. I was then joined nearby by 2 courting treecreepers, about 6 pairs of mandarins and then, surprisingly, a few lapwings dancing, singing and generally showing off above the adjacent farm.
  8. The RFL needs to drop all of it's anti-racist posturing from today, as they are clearly not interested when push comes to shove. What a missed opportunity for the sport.
  9. First swallows of the year at Wheldrake Cricket Club, just south of York, yesterday
  10. This is a big factor: Everything you need to know about the £116m East Leeds Orbital Road - Leeds Live (leeds-live.co.uk) I live about 2 miles from Red Hall and this new road is a huge project. Its construction is well underway.
  11. I read somewhere that Cornish pasties as we know them actually originated in Cumbria. Annoyingly, I can't find the link.
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