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  1. Interesting angle, JB. For me the obvious choice is Andrew Henderson with Kylie as his right hand man. I think Briers probably has a job for life but not necessarily as a leader. You make a good point about fresh faces but I'm not informed enough to know who is available down under. #anyonebutwane
  2. Correct, Plus the fact that he had a brilliant squad to work with. We just want to be entertained, so now that the shackles are off maybe we'll have a good season with the ridiculously good talent we have. #anyonebutwane
  3. Agreed 100%, but do you play him instead of Lineham on the wing or at full back, forcing Ratchford into the back row? I don't know. He did show some defensive frailties last year but of course all the best natural try scorers and gifted footballers do, even with experience. For me he HAS to to start, as we want to be entertained and he delivers that every single time he's on the field of play. I've not been so excited by someone getting hold of the ball for my team for many a year. Nonetheless, maybe being given the number 17 shirt is a sign that he's not an automatic choice on the t
  4. I'd pick Woakes, I think he's a fantastic cricketer and always seems to take wickets. Moeen is also very enjoyable to watch with bat or ball. Probably the most elegant cricketer* since Gower. *edit - English cricketer
  5. Just made mackerel pate and coleslaw on toast and I think it might just be my new favourite combination. Utterly delicious.
  6. Wire's squad looks quite handy, with good cover for inevitable injuries. One big question will be where to play Matty Ashton. The pack looks a bit on the lightweight side for my liking, but I still think we'll challenge for honours.
  7. I was going to say Matty Ashton but he's not even a guaranteed starter for Wire so I need to go back to the drawing board.
  8. Does anyone know if there is a highlights programme on tv anywhere? I'm really struggling to find it....
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