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  1. Jonathan Davies is the best rugby player I've ever seen. HIs commentary is very good and projects a fantastic image for our game.
  2. Lovely little things, aren't they? Apparently they roost under river bridges so that's the best place to catch sight of them. Do you live near Clapham? Lovely part of the world!
  3. Saw my first ever adder on the Llyn Peninsula coastal path. It wound its way across the footpath in front of me and I got a really good look at it. Unfortunately it had slithered into the gorse by the time I got my phone out, so you're all just going to have to believe me. I don't think it helped that I shouted "Snake!" to my wife and friends who were in front of me. Apparently it's one of the best places to spot them but even then they are rarely seen by the general public. The only snake I've seen in the wild before was a grass snake in a flooded field, within a mile or so of where I saw the adder
  4. https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/nrl/move-over-fonua-nrls-most-motley-crewcuts/news-story/9f382b661f7aaa3b5b2eabcca98ff7d4
  5. So if someone steals the washing off my line in Leeds and it hasn't happened to me in any other city, does that mean Leeds is the only place it happens?
  6. There is so much garbage in that article. "This only happens in Yorkshire," he said. What utterly useless journalism. If you are going to report on allegations, do it with some professionalism please.
  7. I'm quite partial to cream cheese and tomato ketchup on toast as a quick snack, which some people find quite nauseating. I can't stand mushrooms - the sight, smell, texture and taste all disgust me, let alone that grey, dribbly mess that emanates from them and slides all around the plate. I also can't abide the stench of sweetcorn
  8. To be fair you did have four key players out and they should be back for Thursday's rematch. I thought we were largely awful last night but Yorkshire didn't have enough experience out there. Also, Matt Parkinson turned the game in our favour when he came on.
  9. His unswerving positive attitude in the face of this disease is remarkable. He's a wonderful, awesome man who has achieved so much in life.
  10. Stop it. I know you crave the attention but stop it.
  11. Spain should win purely for its Albariño. Absolute nectar.
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