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  1. Colin Meloy, leader of The Decemberists playing solo on Instagram. Borderline genius.
  2. As our glorious leader Johnson announces, in typically chaotic fashion, the return of the great sport of cricket, I need to remind you of this tune
  3. Never a good word to say about anyone or anything. He complained about the lack of public transport in Blaenau Ffestiniog, in February, on a Sunday. An absolute ##### and a charlatan.
  4. I'll see your Paul and raise you a Liam, singing it live: Not so long ago in the middle of one of many Hothouse Flowers gigs I've witnessed, Liam inexplicably sang 'Amazing Grace' with no musical accompaniment. It was absolutely incredible. Bono once said that Liam has "the most soulful voice of any living white man".
  5. To be fair though, Bill Bryson is an utter tool. I'd rather spend a week alone in Bradford than a week in the Seychelles with Bryson.
  6. At the beginning of his brilliant book, McCarthy's Bar, the late Pete McCarthy described St Helens as "a town that makes Warrington look like an area of outstanding natural beauty".
  7. This is why Wire fans shout "Now the Wire!"
  8. Reminds me of Portmeirion in north Wales.
  9. Pub on the beach in north Wales. There is no better building, anywhere ?
  10. No idea why this won't link. It's the re-introduction of red squirrels. https://twitter.com/WoodlandTrust/status/1272559660483203077?s=20
  11. Sat in the garden now on a warm and still evening and the male blackbirds are singing like their lives depend on it from the very tops of trees and old tv aerials. What a gorgeous sound!
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