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  1. Shiver me timbers, we’d a thought ye’d be a raidin’ the bounty of Baaarrrrbados, Shads!
  2. Yaaaaarrrrr! There ye be, Shads, ye salty old sea dog. Been pillagin' again from me old coin storage this morn' and spent a load in the pirates' favourite store - Aaaaaaarrrrgos!
  3. We need to move heaven and earth to keep hold of him, he's a very special talent. edit - https://warringtonwolves.com/news/2021/september/Ashton-pens-new-three-year-deal/
  4. I'm feeling bad for Cas if true. We seem to be ripping them apart and it's not comfortable.
  5. I seem to be in a minority but I think Jack Hughes is a tremendous player. His only weakness seems to be 1 or 2 knock-ons every game, most of which seem to occur as he is being tackled. I've never understood the animosity shown towards him, he's a big asset. Ben Currie has never hit the heights of his pre-injury career but he's still international class. Hopefully Daryl Powell will bring a breath of fresh air and inject some energy into those who maybe got a bit complacent and under-achieved under Price. Next season is massive and I can't wait. People have questioned Powell's recruitment (Minikin, Holmes, Mata'utia) but I'm sure he has a master plan. As I understand it Price's main focus has been to plug the defensive holes and he's unquestionably done that, but it seems to have come at the expense of the attacking style we got used to under Tony Smith.
  6. ... which is great but it's not like for like. Neither is the lad Harrison from Fev, although he might prove to be a top signing in the longer term. I think one of the reasons Blake Austin has not hit the heights we expected is because our forwards don't have the dominance they did under Smith with Morley, Carvell, Westwood and co. Austin may have had the time of his life behind that pack, but we'll never know. Anyway, we need to find an enforcer for the pack and I don't believe Bullock or Harrison are the answer just yet. I'm not sure there's a Jackson, Tamati or Boyd coming through the youth system either, but I'm not an expert in that area.
  7. He has been absolutely superb again this year, it's a great signing for Huddersfield and I'm sorry to see him go.
  8. i just spent a week in Wales with a close friend who happens to be a big player in designing speakers and sound systems. He's done the sound for many an artist including the Rolling Stones. He said that Lee Perry was a remarkable talent, whatever he chose to do on the night. One time, Perry freely rapped over a backing track for about 90 minutes and painted a mural on a huge canvas while doing so. He said it was quite bizarre yet brilliant entertainment. I suppose that kind of sums him up.
  9. I strongly agree with all of this. It's embarrassing enough watching alone but when you try to explain it to people it makes me cringe. I feel they belong in the 1970s or 80s. As for Wigan, well, one of the biggest clubs in the world going through a bad patch. They'll be fine.
  10. I've got so much to say about this, but I'll start with get rid of scrums altogether. Agree that the play-the-ball is a mess. Good post mate by the way
  11. Don't get me wrong, I don't think he made any glaring mistakes, I just thought he was a bit pedantic at times. Your question about calling something every time or not at all is an interesting debate. I think the refs could blow the whistle a hundred times a game if they called every little thing (especially at the play-the-ball) but I'm sure they must give team warnings about things like offside. Anyway, best of luck to your smashing club for the rest of the season. Always a pleasure to visit, it's a proper family-oriented club.
  12. Well that was a strange game. Huddersfield had plenty of possession but lacked any penetration whatsoever. Our pack was back to full strength and laid a good platform for our halves to distribute, but our outside backs (Mamo excepted) seemed slightly out of sorts. Thewlis playing in Charnley's place could have had a hat trick but chose to either come back inside or kick speculatively every time. I'm fairly certain that Matty Ashton would have just sprinted for the line. I'm not a ref basher but there were some real head-scratchers tonight - he even gave a penalty against Hudds for being offside at their own kick-off. Really pedantic stuff and contributed to a game that never really got going. Also Daryl Clark went off with a worrying looking rib injury. Good turnout by the Wire fans but I hope that blooming drum is confiscated next time! Oh and to end on a positive, Ratchford was world class tonight at full back; Currie looks menacing again out wide; Hill was fantastic again; and Widdop and Williams controlled everything and can only get better and better ahead of the world cup.
  13. Weird. Na Na Na etc is awful, yet it could have been really cool. The bit where she pushes her top away to reveal more shoulder gave it away and should have been edited out. It's about the image for her above the music.
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