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  1. No questions over long injuries to pivotal players like Brown, Ratchford and Blake? Just coaching issues?
  2. I need to lie down. My RL mates are questioning their affinity to the sport this year. This announcement compounds the feeling for me. Its all gone a bit wrong and needs some leadership and PR to bring it round, because the mainstream media will laugh in our collective face at what is going on.
  3. I know. That’s why I posted it. Given the utter horse manure they’ve posted since, I’m sorry I gave them the oxygen of publicity. The aftermath of an awful evening has turned into a cesspit of online hate and spite. At least TRL remains largely civilised, as usual.
  4. I’ve never seen so many people jump to conclusions without knowing the facts. The usual trolls will (and have started to) fill their boots but we shouldn’t feed them. A terrible night all round but let’s not judge anyone yet.
  5. Absolutely agree. I thought we were all done with this nasty, idiotic racism. Maybe I'm just idealistic.
  6. Apologies Dave, in the cold light of day my post might have come across as rather aggressive. It wasn’t meant that way.
  7. FFS cheer up Dave. Steve Price now has 3 finals out of 3 entered. I watched Wire for 30 odd years before we started getting to finals. Now we seem to go to one or two ever year. Bloody well cheer up and enjoy it.
  8. They're both looking a bit shocked there. I wonder what was said?
  9. We've been bobbins since Ratchford got injured and I can't see where a sudden turnaround will come from. I'm off to Bolton full of dread after the euphoria of last night's cricket at Headingley.
  10. A definite star of the future, as is Saqib Mahmood. I was at the game last night and I felt that Yorkshire's fielding was the difference between the sides. It seemed nervy and uncertain. Not sure whether that was mentioned in the commentary?
  11. I'll have one of those, please barman
  12. @£$%, it's on Sky! It was supposed to be Sintellins v Wiggin. Someone leg it to the BP garage on Otley Road!
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