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  1. I've got it! I just remembered! The best song ever is The Bagman's Gambit by The Decemberists. No, wait.. it's not. That's best live song. That other one by them was better. Oh, sod it. It's probably something by the Clash. Or someone else. Probably.
  2. Best song ever is so, so difficult. Oh my god. Can't decide. No, wait.... ok, so it's Arrrrgh that's not the best ever ######. FFS I was thinking Gun Shy by 10,000 Maniacs Maybe I should stick with my first choice But that was a moment in time Maybe Hollow Horse by the Icicle Works But that's not even the best tune they wrote It'll be easier in the morning by the Hothouse Flowers is probably the song I always come back to Hmmmm.... Maybe something more modern? One Drop by Bob Marley No, that's not modern I'm going for "When Jonas Saw the Light" by Kobo Town. But it's not the best ever. It's impossible, isn't it?
  3. Looking forward to seeing him in action. Not sure what we'll get from him, or Kabula, or any other forwards now I come to think about it (excluding Cooper, Clarke and Philbin). Another fascinating season ahead. Now the Wire!
  4. I'd put Gareth Hock in this bracket. A real class act in his prime.
  5. Great entertainment. The musicians all look like they were genuinely having great fun.
  6. If he'd signed for Leeds we'd have had to send a job lot of kleenex to Headingley.
  7. 1. Cricket 2. RL 3. Squash Not interested in others, except I used to play a bit of golf and go sea fishing. (Not any more, sadly.)
  8. Fantastic gesture, makes me very proud of my club and speaks volumes for the sport.
  9. I take your point but I think it's disrespectful to repeatedly get someone's name wrong. Not a big deal.
  10. Can people please stop adding an "s" to his surname? Thanks.
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