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  1. Two things I tell students of Human Resources: 1. Being good at your job does not automatically make you a good manager of people, and 2. Being very knowledgeable does not automatically make you a good teacher.
  2. Just heard the travel update on radio 5 live and the reporter said “The accident has been moved to the hard shoulder”. i just muttered at the radio “you can’t move an accident, you idiot”
  3. As someone who teaches Human Resources at university, I think this is excellent advice. Document everything. Dates, times, incidents, record the lot. But only deal in facts and not emotion (as Futtocks says above).
  4. https://themanc.com/news/manchester-chippy-launches-a-deep-fried-christmas-dinner/
  5. I used to follow that mobiclaw thread and didn't have a clue. It was still funny though. I think Futtocks was the main culprit. Him, Paley, Bob8 and Shads. Silent Bob's contributions kept me sane throughout. Imagine if all that missing lot came back with Cas Vegas? Clive Woody, L'Angelo, York Rhino.... Apologies for the inadvertent clique-iness, but a lot of us have been here a long time, hanging onto everyone's words, and lost loads of friends and a good number of loons along the way. Edit - but we've gained loads of friends and loons too!
  6. Bob Willis Brilliant memories of a great fast bowler. I will never forget his heroics in 1981. Even now, when coaching juniors, if one of them takes too long a run up I can't help saying out loud "who do you think you are, Bob Willis?"
  7. Really good article on Wire's approach to marketing by Gareth Walker. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/behind-scenes-look-warrington-wolves-20971324
  8. But the thread was "breakthrough players"
  9. Default negative reply. Say something positive.
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