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  1. If someone did a quick poll of rugby league players at any level and asked if this was worthy of a ban, what percentage do you think would say yes?
  2. You're borderline trolling now mate. This forum is quite good at self-policing.
  3. Newman's binning summed it up. "What's that for... what's that for?" It was pathetic. The excuse about missing players doesn't really wash, Chris. I am on WhatsApp constantly with quite a few Leeds fans and they don't make excuses about injuries etc, they are more concerned about the lack of heart. The apparent lack of effort is an insult to those fans who paid a lot of money to be there tonight (and last weekend).
  4. Not sure this belongs here, but there's no other thread for it. This is so clever and brilliantly done, it really makes you think. It's also laugh out loud funny. If it belongs elsewhere then someone please move it or let me know where to post it. edit - sorry, it doesn't really start until the Parliament bit at about 4 minutes.
  5. Not sure if this is a repost, but no apology if it is. It's just so good.
  6. You know when people ask you what your favourite album is and you can't narrow it down? In My Tribe, no debate.
  7. Having a bit of a nostalgic year. Seeing the wonderful Natalie Merchant in Manchester and the legendary Waterboys in London over the next few weeks. Failed to get tickets for the Sawdoctors but hey, I've seen them enough times. I saw Dire Straits at the Deeside Leisure Centre in 1985 ish on a coach trip from our cricket club aged 15 and they were fantastic. They should really take the credit for giving me my addiction to live music. I saw the Eurythmics the same year (NEC Birmingham) and they were great. The weird bit is that that U2 (Wembley) and New Order (Warrington) were awful but I loved their music at the time. I think New Order were groundbreaking but obviously owe a nod to Joy Division. Anyway, thanks to Dire Straits, they will probably come around again. My 17 year old was listening to an identikit cover of Tracy Chapman's Fast Car today and my 14 year old was listening to Groundation and Bob Marley. Good music just endures.
  8. I disagree with you, Dave, I think it is a bit farcical. I think Huddersfield were treated really badly here, given that none of this was their fault. If it was another team they might have thought differently. Also some teams would probably have kicked off big time about the injustice of it all. Huddersfield just got on with it. Huddersfield are the losers here in more ways than one but there's been no bleating from them as far as I have seen on social media.
  9. That's a low post, Harry. Imagine the other way around, how would you feel? Also a bit unnecessarily personal.
  10. When will you ever learn to stop responding to the Saints troll? He's been at it for many years on here yet you still bite.
  11. "JJB" is an embarrassment. I don't care if he does loads of great things behind the scenes at Headingley or Stanningley or wherever, his presence on tv is desperately awful PR for the sport in general.
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