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  1. A mixed bag today on the field but overall a very enjoyable day out. Slightly negative things out of the way first: 1. Useless online ticketing system that wouldn't let you buy junior tickets OR buy 'print at home' tickets. Thank you Leeds for your shiny new three-quarters of a stadium but ###### technology. 2. Leading on from number 1 - massive queue to collect online tickets and huge confusion over where you could buy tickets with cash. 3. Rather pedestrian rugby by England (I'm open to criticism on this one but I thought it was a bit 'meh' from England rather than exhibition rugby against a 'minnow' team). 4. Massive queues for half time refreshment despite a smallish attendance. Anyway, hugely positive things: 1. Jamaica fans. Loads of them having a great day out with their colourful presence and flags everywhere 2. Steel band instead of the usual dirge from the south stand 3. Jamaica never giving in and showing plenty of talent 4. Jamaica's no 1 and no 12 (Golding and Powell?) were outstanding 5. The Jamaican national anthem. So, so funny. It went on for days and everyone was laughing. Reminded me of an old Harry Enfield sketch which I'll try and find online. 6. The view from the new north stand. (Shame about the west terrace but never mind, it's only away fans) 7. Watching international rugby for £15 and £5 for kids. 8. Minikin, Richardson, Powell and Evalds all did well. Richardson looks a good signing for Cas. edit: found it - The Paquador national anthem. Anyone who was there today will empathise
  2. Your best hope is to park on a side street off Otley Road to the north of the stadium. Go straight through the centre of Headingley and keep going through the lights then look for side street parking to your left or right. Watch out though as some streets are permit only. I know that's not a huge help but parking is a big issue around Headingley.
  3. For 'tweaking' read 'abandonment'. It has no legs.
  4. That's another thread right there. Things you were forced to listen to as a child. Darts and Showaddywaddy all the way to Pwllheli and back. Every weekend. Before the A55 was a dual carriageway.
  5. First saw this lot circa 1990 at Bradford's St George's Hall. They have influenced countless bands. They were utterly brilliant live. Such great fun dancing around to this.
  6. 3 kids, all with terrible taste. They outnumber me. The worst thing about Capital FM is 10 minutes of adverts per 15 minutes of broadcasting. I'm sure the kids think that the ads are actual music tracks.
  7. Good luck to him at Cas, it looks like a good move all round
  8. Anyway, sorry. Just had a Leeds Rhinos conniption. I'm going on Sunday and taking 2 kids. It's good to support international RL and especially Jamaica. Anyone know if Dessie Drummond is still involved?
  9. Don't do that. It took me years to shake them off. They seem to get round all sorts of "unsubscribe" and 'send to junk' moves. It's quite an achievement. I even emailed them and threatened to sue. They visit you in your nightmares until the end of time after you buy a single ticket to a game.
  10. I've been trying to get banned since 2004. Didn't realise that was how to do it! Anyway, before you ban me - Icicle Works, Brudenell Social Club (near Headingley stadium) Friday 15 Nov. I know you'll like that.
  11. One band that used to suck the life out of me was Queen. They used to make my ears bleed with their emptiness, but thankfully we don't hear it much now. Mind you, that goes for absolutely chuffing EVERY SOUND that is played on Capital FM that my boys subject me to in the car. It riles me with its utter banality. HOWEVER... If I could put one tune into Room 101, it would be Hi Ho Silver lining, a disgrace of a record that means nothing and has ruined the atmosphere at so many rugby league semi finals and finals that I've attended. STOP IT!
  12. I went to see Van Morrison with my wife in Leeds a few years back, a one-off event given our musical divergence (we only agree on about 3 artists). He played with 11 musicians and only played music that you could genuinely dance to. We did so and it was an unforgettable night. Other people have said that they have been to watch him and almost walked out. I get that as I have walked out of gigs (Inspiral Carpets, Wonderstuff) but I'm sticking with my memory. It's in my top 5 gigs, even though I've not written that list yet.....Is that potentially a good thread?
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