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  1. Jerk chicken/salmon: This stuff is amazing. It goes a long way and is only 2 quid in Morrisons. Mix with tomato ketchup, soy sauce and honey for a ridiculously inauthentic but utterly delicious jerk marinade. Our teenage boys can't eat enough of it.
  2. I'm a coach at a local cricket club not far from Headingley and a lot of people I know there messaged me after the Yorkies were relegated. They were a mixture of resigned, angry, upset and incredibly down. We have constant banter throughout every season but there's a time to just pipe down. (This is not aimed at Gerrumonside, it's just my observation.) It's the same with rugby league; I received very little stick when Wire just had an awful season because I didn't dish it out when we beat Leeds in those two cup finals. You don't need to do it because, in sport, you just know how much it means. Anyway, Lancashire had a pretty good season and look very strong next year, but maybe that's for another day...
  3. What an absolutely amazing finish to the county cricket season. Absolutely unbelievable drama at the end of the very last day. You can't contrive that stuff, it's proper cricket that means so much to so many people. Sport at its very best. Let's hope now that the counties vote against Strauss's bizarre plans to downgrade red ball cricket and give us a chance to develop proper cricketers to compete with the Aussies.
  4. Really good post. I love this forum, people are genuinely informed and the truth massively outweighs the nonsense.
  5. Leeds fans piling in here with a typical lack of grace or humility. Myler cheated and will be punished.
  6. I love the cover versions thread which still goes on, but I come across some that are not so good. Anyone got any songs that have been awfully murdered? I've got a few, but this is someone covering the Waterboys. Try and make it all the way, I bet you can't.
  7. Clearly not... https://rugby-league.com/article/60477/academy-origin-iii-squads-announced
  8. He's a Warrington Academy product signed by Wigan. Less than a week later Peet cries salty tears about us singing a Wigan academy product. There is absolutely no difference, the principle is the same.
  9. What makes him look even more daft is that Warrington's Academy beat Wigan just a few weeks ago.
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