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  1. Great crowd in the circumstances, really good atmosphere and a good game to watch, sometimes you people amaze me, crowd is what I expected given that catalans were in the final, the empty spaces would have been filled with most english team to the usual level, but Catalans bought a lot more to the final if not in seat numbers. Expansion is needed, and tonight did the game no harm whatsoever

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  2. But is the Southern Hemisphere any better? I just see parochialism and self gratification, you are a big fish in a very little pond globally but you don't seem to recognise that?

    The plan from here should be a Covid secure World Cup, to start the ball rolling on a new inclusive world wide promotion of Rugby League, not to satisfy the worries of the NRL, which are not Covid related, but more a worry about not being the main instigator of the a very well organised World Cup which will strengthen the international game but not the NRL.

    Likewise in Super League, the people at the top of the sport who think that the sport does not need to grow further than the M62, it really does need to expand, to the southern parts of the UK,  to Scotland , Wales and Ireland and beyond with support for France and a fledgling North America, there is room to expand alongside these nation's established sports.  I see lots of little acorns, but not many big trees!

    Also to the NRL, invest more in Tonga,Samoa, Fiji, believe me, the nations are the ones that people remember in a World Cup, not always the winners or the big nations.

    People need to be their heads banged together to act for the good of the game, not for their own little empires, which, believe it or not, are just very minor against the other sporting organisations on the planet........understand your place in the sporing cosmos and act accordingly..........I almost feel embarrassed to say this because it is pretty obvious and has been for a long time.

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  3. On 01/04/2021 at 20:14, Harry Stottle said:

    Not affected by jetlag?

    Are are you one of those lucky sods that can sleep through flights?

    Didn't sleep a wink on any of the flights, supped plenty though, coming back second time was 27 hours! Adrenaline gets you through, slept for 2 days when I got home😁

  4. 23 hours ago, Bedfordshire Bronco said:

    Right now this makes it real as you've done it more than once 

    I think in my head I was planning £3500 which seems about right from what you say

    Yes I would say so. it really turned my life perspective around, just going and doing it, never having been further than Spain before and Sydney is a wonderful city

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  5. I did the Wigan Roosters World Club Challenge in 2014 on a 6 day turnaround, best trip of my life, so good that I did Wigan vs Hull in Wollongong and then Souths in Sydney on a 10 day turnaround in 2018, both amazing trips and next time planning on doing similar to yourself, NRL trip over two weekends would be great, go for it!

    Costs wise was probably 2k for costs then budgeted £100 per day, saw me right from what I can remember, stayed in Darling Harbour Ibis both times, great place to stay.

  6. 28 minutes ago, Chris Taylor said:

    I'd be interested to understand what the difference of the attendances are between week day fixtures (thurs & friday) to sat & sun.

    I'm sure I read a few years ago, that Leeds love the Friday night games, because of the increase in commercial revenue in the commercial area. It did mean they would get less fans through the gate.

    I remember years ago, speaking to a Saints fan pre challenge cup match who noticed my Featherstone shirt and ask why bother supporting them, but he then went on to say they only go to the finals because they always get there. Take the attitude away and be to the point - is that the case with Wigan & Saints fans?

    In my opinion the game is less attractive now than it once was late 90's early 00's - there's been too much structure change, but also the game feels very robotic. Compare the Grand Final that's coming on Friday to the Grand FInal in 2003 - it;s a completley different game. Less risk Vs High Risk.

    When the 2013 world cup was on, there was an incredible buzz and the positivity from the atmosphere / tv, etc really came to light and it drew much bigger crowds. There was a positive experience amongst these games. Is that the same for general fixtures? It' not an experience, a lot of the time it's flat. 

    Personally, I love what Toronto brought to the game, it was something new & fresh. When they came to Featherstone the first time, it was an evening game and around 3,500 turned up - It had that "feel" about it. 

    The game IMO is missing a spark / flair, etc and it certainly doesn't lack the amount of kicks to the corners.


    I think it's more the difference between Thursday night and weekend (including Friday) match days, since sky started Thursday night games, attendances are probably 25% down on the comparable attendance for a weekend game, people have other things to do during the week. The bigger concern is the knock on effect to season ticket sales, and even people losing the habit of attending games regularly. No surprise crowds have dropped really. Agree that there is less 'off the cuff' play and as a result some games can be  a bit staid but no more so than other sports.

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  7. 32 minutes ago, Padge said:

    Take out the 10 minutes for the binning and the difference is 16 points I think, until the point of the binning Hudds were on top.

    1,319 is not a verifiable figure and stupid to use it. Some people walk up on the day and don't go in the 'away end' or get tickets direct because they don't want to be forced into one area. Quoting these numbers do not do the game any good as they are meaningless and divisive.

    The game turned on the Sin Bin, but more importantly the introduction of Harry Smith for Leuluai due to the same incident, the ball movement was so much quicker and his kicking game is outstanding.

  8. Market it properly and this is the result:

    22/2/14 Sydney Roosters 36 Wigan 14 (Allianz Stadium, Sydney) Attendance: 31,515

    I was there, it was a great occasion, other than Wigan didn't really turn up, and to be fair it wasn't marketed particularly well from what I saw in Sydney, but seeing as the Rooster average home crowds are about 10k, it shows the interest is there in Australia


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