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  1. Well worth a watch, Mark Addy is decent in it and an interesting storyline
  2. The game turned on the Sin Bin, but more importantly the introduction of Harry Smith for Leuluai due to the same incident, the ball movement was so much quicker and his kicking game is outstanding.
  3. Market it properly and this is the result: 22/2/14 Sydney Roosters 36 Wigan 14 (Allianz Stadium, Sydney) Attendance: 31,515 I was there, it was a great occasion, other than Wigan didn't really turn up, and to be fair it wasn't marketed particularly well from what I saw in Sydney, but seeing as the Rooster average home crowds are about 10k, it shows the interest is there in Australia
  4. Been to Aus twice and Barcelona with Wigan in the last 4 years, go to Toronto, it will make you realise what is so good about our game!
  5. Popped into Wigan Central after Friday's game, Weird Beard takeover on for Beer Week, sampled a few different styles, all bang on!
  6. Some great pubs in Wigan now for real ale, Wigan Central is superb, watched challenge cup final in the Anvil, great beer, Sheringtons and Docs Symposium at the top of town are great, John Bull is totally unique.........
  7. I'm going for the same reason I went to Sydney last year and three years ago with Wigan, big events...............you can remember these occasions for the rest of your life............
  8. Won a contest on the day we set off for Sydney to watch Wigan v Hull in Wollangong to play in the legends game before the main game, had to go to the ground after landing at 7.30 for 10 am and made it with 5 minutes to spare to meet the local paper and watch training and then get kitted out to play in the game, turned up at the ground on Saturday and went into a changing room with Gary Connoly, Joe Lydon, Piggy Riddell, Pat Richards, Gaz Ellis, Mark O'Mealy, Willie Manu, Shaun Timmins, Wendell Sailor Scott Logan, Cameron Phelps and a few others............had an amazing time and here's the team photo for proof, I'm the fat guy in the middle with the red face, amazing experience.........Gaz Ellis said to me on the pitch, Hi I'm Gaz, pleasure to meet you...........what a gent!
  9. It was a great crowd for those that went..............the ground is decent, the stewards and helpers were polite and helpful........the game was great....the atmosphere in the kop was excellent.....pity most of you weren't there..............
  10. Thursday nights mean that approximately a quarter of fans stay away, due to other activities in midweek, early nights for kids at school or other reasons, the habit of attending a game is broken, why buy a season ticket if you cant make Thursday nights, then the Friday games start to drop off, no season ticket, why pay £22 for a game that you can watch on telly at home or in the pub......vicious circle that needs to be broken!
  11. Wealthy owner, not really Good coach - Outstanding Good juniors - Aiways been there, just not been given the opportunity..............back to good coach then........
  12. Best Wigan performance I have seen for a long time, total control for me, Saiints were never in the game. May have been different with Price and Eastmong at half back but that's the way it goes...................we will enjoy the moment.
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