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  1. 2 hours ago, DavidM said:

    Although Pudzianowski won 5 titles I’d agree Big Z is ahead of him in the rankings overall 

    4x WSM titles, 8x Arnold Strongman Classic titles and multiple world Records.


    That he still holds the log press record shows how hard it will be to break although I think Iron Biby will break it when comps start again.

  2. Manchester to Liverpool ultra done on Friday. Horrific weather so finished the 50 miles in around 13hrs 20. Stomach wasn’t right before the start so was diving into toilets where I coulda eventually settled between Warrington and Widnes but way too warm to push on. The tarmac Liverpool loop line path was soul destroying from Speke to Aintree. Would have been better in cooler weather. Day off yesterday and a steady 14 miles on the trails down today to loosen off

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  3. Thanks guys. 


    Part of the toughness of this race is a lack of finishing line. I’d been thinking about withdrawing for a few miles. Burst into tears when I told my team mates and crew that I was calling it quits. The whole emotion of the event and everything we’d gone through from route recces and prep to the 19 hours of racing and it was over

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  4. Escape from Meriden is over. Sad to say I didn’t last the full 24 hours by called it a day at 7.30pm last night after 19.5 hours running. Covered 55 miles and ended up in Ashley, Staffordshire. Started to suffer with blisters around 6am so running repairs took their toll and compensating on my foot position to avoid making blisters worse gave me searing pain in the hips, then followed thigh pain so by early afternoon we were down to a walk. My team mates went on without me though after I’d got in the car and covered 63 miles before calling it quits around 9.30pm

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  5. Just under 2 weeks to go until Escape from Meriden. 

    24 hours to get as far away from the start point at the Meriden Cross near Coventry as you can, as the crow flies. Starting at midnight.

    One more recce to go. Did 20 miles on Saturday night, few wrong turns and nav issues ironed out. Plan is to run until 12.05 on the second night to make sure we hit 24hours and we have a route mapped out to hit 75 miles as the crow flies or 95 in actual distance covered.

    Support crews are arranged so it’s just get this last recce done and get all good bought and prepped for the day. Drop off food with crew that’s meeting us at 6am and arrange a small drop bag for the 2.30am pit stop 

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  6. 23 minutes ago, tim2 said:

    I survived the Bramham Park Endure24, although my knee was in poor shape after 3 mile loops (12pm, 7pm and 2am) and I decided not to do a fourth lap. Still, that's 11 miles more than I've managed for months. Time for a little jog later to check out the knee then back to parkrun on Saturday.

    We took 2 teams - our first team finished 6th out of 85 mixed teams with 7 runners doing 165 miles between them. Our team of 6, including 2 people with injuries, did 125. One of the guys in the quicker team did parkrun in 19 minutes on Saturday morning then ran 5x5 mile loops in an average of 33 minutes per loop.

    Im tempted to do it next year. Either as a pair or solo.

  7. On 6/25/2018 at 1:25 PM, henage said:

    Anyone been doing the GO - TRI events on a Sunday ?

    Think they might vary area to area the Hull one is 2k run 5k bike 1k run , gets the heart pumping , very enjoyable .

    Did one of the local ones last year down in Stoke. 200m swim, 10km ride and think 2.5km run. Finished about 10th despite being last out of the pool from my wave. Took just over 45 mins.

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  8. On 6/15/2018 at 5:41 PM, stimpo-and-kat said:

    Signed up last night to the Railway Ultra. 4x 9.4 mile laps on an out and back course. 7 weeks to go.

    Or so I thought! Crash on this mornings commute has given me a second collarbone break so no exercise for 8 weeks or so

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  9. Ran the potters arf marathon on sunday. Really struggled after 5 days with a stomach bug and not keeping any food in. Finished the 13.1 mile course in 2hrs 10. 


    Should be happy but a little disapointed when I know I can run sub 2hrs with my eyes shut

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  10. 4 hours ago, glossop saint said:

    Is that an organised event or just a signposted trail? I do a fair amount of running and love going out into the peaks district but tend not to combine the 2 as I don't like carrying a map and stopping to navigate and there is only so many times you can run on old railway lines!

    It was an organised event. Well signposted and well organised 

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