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  1. Manchester to Liverpool ultra done on Friday. Horrific weather so finished the 50 miles in around 13hrs 20. Stomach wasn’t right before the start so was diving into toilets where I coulda eventually settled between Warrington and Widnes but way too warm to push on. The tarmac Liverpool loop line path was soul destroying from Speke to Aintree. Would have been better in cooler weather. Day off yesterday and a steady 14 miles on the trails down today to loosen off
  2. Ran a steady 50km race today. Canalathon. The full length of the Rochdale canal from ancoats to Sowerby Bridge. Finishing time of 7hrs
  3. I may have (definitely have) agreed to run the Snowdon 50 mile ultramarathon in October...
  4. My GP works for a private company and contracts to the NHS, all the staff wear NHS logos etc, not until I had to make a complaint did I find out that they weren’t directly employed by the NHS, how does this differ from what’s explained in the link?
  5. Thanks guys. Part of the toughness of this race is a lack of finishing line. I’d been thinking about withdrawing for a few miles. Burst into tears when I told my team mates and crew that I was calling it quits. The whole emotion of the event and everything we’d gone through from route recces and prep to the 19 hours of racing and it was over
  6. Escape from Meriden is over. Sad to say I didn’t last the full 24 hours by called it a day at 7.30pm last night after 19.5 hours running. Covered 55 miles and ended up in Ashley, Staffordshire. Started to suffer with blisters around 6am so running repairs took their toll and compensating on my foot position to avoid making blisters worse gave me searing pain in the hips, then followed thigh pain so by early afternoon we were down to a walk. My team mates went on without me though after I’d got in the car and covered 63 miles before calling it quits around 9.30pm
  7. Pretty much just off you go and your on your own. There is no route, no checkpoints and no finish line. Race is tracked via GPS trackers that every runner carries
  8. Just under 2 weeks to go until Escape from Meriden. 24 hours to get as far away from the start point at the Meriden Cross near Coventry as you can, as the crow flies. Starting at midnight. One more recce to go. Did 20 miles on Saturday night, few wrong turns and nav issues ironed out. Plan is to run until 12.05 on the second night to make sure we hit 24hours and we have a route mapped out to hit 75 miles as the crow flies or 95 in actual distance covered. Support crews are arranged so it’s just get this last recce done and get all good bought and prepped for the day. Drop off food with crew that’s meeting us at 6am and arrange a small drop bag for the 2.30am pit stop
  9. Heartlands will always vote the same way. Battleground is for the centre and nothing will change that. Corbyn is giving others a free shot claiming the centre.
  10. People became bored of new labour in the same way they became bored of Thatcherism. After 10 years of Tory rule this government will get one more election win tops before people want change. Times move on over the life of 2-3 parliaments and politics needs to move with it
  11. That hits the nail on the head. It no longer matters that he was there or who he was honouring. The case now is that he hasnt been honest about it, hes tried to wash over it with a catch all line that really says nothing. Hes selling out hia previous views because hes now leader and those views are damaging. Given his past its ok to hold a view, but have the balls to stand by it.
  12. And thats the point of politics. Regardless of party or ideologies. Its about doing something to make peoples lives better. People will agree/disagree on what those things are but ultimately its about making the world a better place to live. You can only do that from government, the tories understand that and so do the labour moderates (or evil nasty blairites/brownites as uncle Jezza wants them to be known)
  13. The battleground for votes has always been the undecideds. Left and right will always regardless. The centre is where the magic happens. Corbyn has forgotten this, Blair and the moderates didnt/havent.
  14. David milliband, should he ever return has a massive problem, his surname. Hr would have been an ideal labour leader
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