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  1. We need to get from 3 strong teams to 4 as soon as possible.

    Wigan have 4 internationals in their team but 3 have been out injured, hopefully some of their younger players really grow into top SL players.

    The Giants are a young squad with promise but are probably still 2 years away from really competing strongly, I think Warrington are the club with the resources to improve over the next couple of seasons.

    when we get to 6 really strong squads that will be absolutely awesome.

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  2. On 15/03/2022 at 07:45, unapologetic pedant said:

    Okay. Shouldn`t really comment on something I haven`t seen, but I suspect I would agree with your verdict.

    Looking through the results, Wakefield`s 32-10 win at Cas immediately catches the eye. As does Warrington`s 50-8 defeat of the Army.

    Warrington we’re impressive against the Army, they look well coached and have decent size & depth this season.

    they would compete better than Cas.

  3. I think England will be much stronger when Georgia Roche returns from injury at halfback.

    Lots of credit to France who I believe have only played twice in 4 years. A few of their players impressed and they just need regular games to build on.

    England is improving their depth which is good to see, most of their forward pack from the PNG series were unavailable for this tour.


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  4. 18 hours ago, unapologetic pedant said:

    The rumoured signing on the "WSL Round Up" thread was officially announced on Tuesday. Leeds have an interview on their social media with head coach Lois Forsell, talking about the acquisition and multi-tasking.

    As far as I`m aware, there are no direct payments by UK RL clubs to their players. There might be expenses of some description? It was in the ether that this was a possible factor in the departures from Cas to York.

    It would be interesting to know how the Georgia Roche move from Cas to Leeds came about. Who approached whom? Is it just a social thing? She knows a couple of the Leeds players from her junior days at Dewsbury Moor.

    With Leeds bolstering their squad, and Saints likely to get stronger on the back of this year`s success, unless other clubs step up their investment, WSL could settle into a Rangers/Celtic scenario for the foreseeable future.

    I think you can add York Knights into the mix too, they are adding a couple more quality players soon and they’re squad is very young so they’ll push Leeds & Saints. Other clubs will know they need to invest more to compete.

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