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  1. Yes I believe it’s a bit cliquey, this will be the end of Richards because he has shown no flexibility at all. Not picking Channy Crowl is ridiculous too, she has been a foundation of Saints success over past 2 seasons.
  2. I believe the squad will be announced at 3PM on Monday. I thought it was a squad of 23 but apparently it will be 24.
  3. Did anyone see that winger Georgia Sutherland scored over 40 tries in 13 games ? That’s some strike rate !
  4. Agree but realistically others deserve to be in before her, I would have Hoyle behind Jaz Bell & Savannah Andrade on the fringe of getting picked. Emma Lumley had a huge last couple of games and adds a bit of size to a smallish squad, they will need some size against the Southern Hemisphere teams imo.
  5. Warrington have potential to be a big club in the Womens SL, they’re current squad is already fairly strong so if they can make 2-3 big signings for next year they will go ok. Imagine if 2 of those signings were locals such as Emily Rudge & Jodie Cunningham. Would they fancy finishing their career at they’re hometown club ?
  6. Ok so assuming Georgia Roche & Jodie Cunningham are fit. No word about the fitness of incumbent prop Grace Field so I will not select her or Leeds’ Shannon Lacey. 1. Tara Stanley 2. Georgia Wilson 3. Amy Hardcastle 4. Caitlin Beevers 5. Fran Goldthorp 6. Zoe Harris 7. Georgia Roche 8. Channy Crowl 9. Tara Jones 10. Vicky Molyneux 11. Holly Dodd 12. Emily Rudge 13. Jodie Cunningham 14. Paige Travis 15. Vicky Whitfield 16. Zoe Hornby 17. Olivia Wood 18. Courtney Winfield Hill 19. Dannielle Anderson 20. Emma Lumley 21. Leah Burke 22. Sinead Peach 23. Rachel Woosey or Carrie Roberts For me, I’d love to fit Jaz Bell in the squad because she could make an impact and Savannah Andrade is close to getting in but the backrow is already covered. I can’t find a spot for Shona Hoyle but wouldn’t be surprised if Craig Richards includes her in the squad.
  7. Just on that disallowed York try, the defenders made a bad read imo, should’ve been awarded.
  8. My gut feel says Leeds Rhinos will handle the pressure and come out on top and I think with the return of Emma Lumley & Shannon Lacey they will match the York forward pack. Also something which has gone unnoticed is the return to playing of Lucy Murray who is a future international, I believe she took time away from the game earlier in the season but is back now and is quality in everything she does despite still being only 19yo
  9. It will be interesting to see assuming Warrington go up, if they can temp some local players such as Jodie Cunningham & Emily Rudge. Regarding Wigan, I believe they will invest more into their Womens section which is great news, I saw their under 19’s play a couple of times and they have some outstanding players coming through.
  10. Would love to hear peoples thoughts on both semi finals.
  11. Newcastle Knights coach just said in an interview that Dom Young is in the England squad, let’s see how accurate that statement is.
  12. That’s bad news for England heading into the WC, hope Roche can makes speedy recovery. She has about 7 weeks to the first game.
  13. I think this will be tighter than expected, Wigan have named their strongest squad of the season just in time for the semi final. Interested to see how this one plays out.
  14. Yes true and Roche is one player England can’t afford to lose because there is no depth at all in the halves. I think Courtney W-H is just about done, her defence is terrible and she isn’t taking the line on anymore. Roche & Zoe Harris are the best pair imo. Winfield-Hill had a shocker yesterday.
  15. There’s always the chance NZ could beat Oz in their group match or even PNG beating England again. We’ll just have to wait & see.
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