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  1. Shame it’s probably too late but it would’ve been good to see a few top players have a short stint in women’s super league.
  2. Yorkshire number 11 plays for Wigan, he’s been out for a while and I think that was his first game in a while but he is class, the best all round player in the uk at that age level. Matthew Nicholson
  3. I want to see Hull now giving an opportunity to Jude Fereirra or Davy Litten, looking to the future because Mahe Fonua just isn’t performing, he looks too slow and makes too many errors.
  4. I’d like to hear opinions on who stood out or impressed, for me Chantelle Crowl was really strong coming on from the bench. England’s bench we’re all very good.
  5. I’d like to see Wales next game be v France, also hoping Cardiff do well in the Super League South. They play their first match next weekend
  6. If anyone thinks England have an advantage that is wrong. NRL clubs sign the best from New Zealand and put them through school which makes them eligible to play schoolboys for Australia. Star Toa was in the Aussie team having only lived in Oz for barely 12 months. Benji Marshall Kevin Proctor Thomas Mickaeli the list goes on. Xavier Coates played at the championships but missed out on selection in the final squad.
  7. Slight correction to original post, of the 2018 Aussie team. 8 have played NRL. Tesi Niu - Brisbane Broncos & Tonga Stephen Crichton - Penrith Panthers Bradman Best - Newcastle Knights Star Toa - Newcastle Knights Jason Saab - Dragons now Manly Tommy Talau - Wests Tigers Tom Dearden - Brisbane Broncos Matt Doorey - Canterbury Bulldogs A few others from that squad are expected to play some NRL this coming season
  8. Dom Young was supposed to go to Melbourne Storm for a Summer training camp where they could have a close look at him unfortunately for Dom he broke his foot and had to miss the opportunity.
  9. I got a couple wrong because of spelling mistakes, one was the quiz answered Jenna Welsby and I’m pretty sure her name is Jenny. I put Katie Hepworth, quiz answer was Katherine.
  10. This looks likely to be called off which is a massive shame, for Lewis Dodd, Umyla Hanley, Josh Thewliss etc to test themselves against the Aussie boys was one of the things I was looking forward to most in 2020.
  11. Farnworth is an outstanding prospect, he is athletic, skilful, fast and has a great work ethic. His agility is second to none and he is the fittest player at the Broncos. Look out Tommy Makinson & Tom Johnstone etc because I think Herbie will be in the World Cup squad next year if he stays fit.
  12. Bit of a shame Watkins is at the Titans, imagine playing outside a bunch of z graders in Taylor, Roberts & Cartwright fed by Peats and Rein. Those guys haven’t got a clue how to create space or put someone through a gap.
  13. Farnworth didn’t get many minutes but he was really solid, the thing that impressed me most was when he saved a try and then on the next tackle he saved another try in the corner.
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