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  1. Dom Young was supposed to go to Melbourne Storm for a Summer training camp where they could have a close look at him unfortunately for Dom he broke his foot and had to miss the opportunity.
  2. I got a couple wrong because of spelling mistakes, one was the quiz answered Jenna Welsby and I’m pretty sure her name is Jenny. I put Katie Hepworth, quiz answer was Katherine.
  3. This looks likely to be called off which is a massive shame, for Lewis Dodd, Umyla Hanley, Josh Thewliss etc to test themselves against the Aussie boys was one of the things I was looking forward to most in 2020.
  4. Farnworth is an outstanding prospect, he is athletic, skilful, fast and has a great work ethic. His agility is second to none and he is the fittest player at the Broncos. Look out Tommy Makinson & Tom Johnstone etc because I think Herbie will be in the World Cup squad next year if he stays fit.
  5. Bit of a shame Watkins is at the Titans, imagine playing outside a bunch of z graders in Taylor, Roberts & Cartwright fed by Peats and Rein. Those guys haven’t got a clue how to create space or put someone through a gap.
  6. Farnworth didn’t get many minutes but he was really solid, the thing that impressed me most was when he saved a try and then on the next tackle he saved another try in the corner.
  7. Last year Saints had a great run in terms of not too many injuries but already they have had Coote, Percy & Grace out and now Bentley plus Smith suspended. Over such a long season it’s almost survival of the fittest and who can keep key players on the field. I agree that this season is wide open and it may not be for another 6 weeks til we see the top teams emerge.
  8. Sad news but hopefully time away is good for and and he misses Rugby League. I believe he would be an ideal prospect for any NRL under 20’s team.
  9. The problem is with the Titans is their halves are so bad they always take the wrong option. Watkins rarely gets the ball early and the only player who passes to Watkins is Cartwright.
  10. When Mellor comes back in they need to get rid of McCrone and Wilkin needs to go as well. The 2 Wigan youngsters on loan are good players and will add some size.
  11. Agree, it looked clear that the players weren’t putting in for him. Bad sign.
  12. Despite the appalling conditions Wigan v Hull KR was a tough physical game. Wigan again put out a strong team and at times KR matched them. Just can’t wait for it to dry up so we can see more open footy.
  13. There’s some top players in the squad, the big 3 being Dodd, Hanley & Thewlis. i still think there is a few players who missed out who should be in, mainly Sam Hall & Will Tate but also a few others. The Aussies are after revenge and in my opinion this England squad’s biggest weakness is in the front row and these games are won up front. Hopefully a prop or two will emerge like Sam Hall has who made his SL debut last week. Matty Nicholson is only 16 but is the most complete backrower I have seen for a while so good to see him in there. A lot can change but if I was to pick a 17 as of now I would go Hanley Tindall Ferreira Hall Stephens Thewliss Dodd Pye Dugdale Rowley Rushton Baxter Nicholson res: Stevens Appleby Wrench Roby.
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