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  1. Sorry for the blank reply above, been ages since I have contributed (I'm also from Oz) but just had to say how much I have enjoyed reading Cliff's TD and comments on this site. The ups and downs of the game in France I find most interesting and Cliff really brings them to life. Motivated in part by Cliff's words I visited France for the first time this year and whilst I didn't get to see a game I visited Carcassone, Lezignan etc , what great places. At Lezignan I got to speak to a young player for Lezignan at the market day and bought several t-shirts "Champion de France 2009 FCL X111", I love wearing them. I definitely will return and take in some games next time. Cliff, thanks so much for your informative , colourful, insightful and intelligent comments on our great game and in particlar the game in France.
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