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  1. According to Catalans website they are awaiting police advice re this weeks game going ahead
  2. London really need to up their game from last week, still too many sloppy penalties given away and last tackle play a joke at times. Not sure Meadows is championship quality
  3. As i should have - i was channelling my inner Richard Herring https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/international-mens-day-comedian-twitter-money-charity-richard-herring-a9208541.html
  4. England & Russia(& maybe Wales need to double check)
  5. What i find so amazing is how so many English people just can't go...we won how fantastic was that, instead of always trying to be so bloody negative about it. That game yesterday grabbed the attention like Rugby League could only dream of
  6. Just how big are Jamie Langley's muscles & Is your missues still enjoying life down sarf
  7. Grew up in Ealing (who knew one day we would have a Super League team) & used to catch games on grandstand and started taking more than a passing interest - then super league happened and suddenly there was a top level team playing just down the road and i was hooked Think lot of posts on this thread show the power of free to view games to snare the casual sports fan
  8. Has it already been decided in advance then?
  9. Nice little article in today's Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/may/23/adam-hills-the-last-leg-comedian-tv-career-rugby-league-games
  10. Strange then that a team like the SF Giants get 30k + for their 81 home games, imagine a regular super league game getting that many let alone every single game, still its just rounders isn't it
  11. It's £4.60 a pint plus a pound refundable deposit on the (Broncos branded) plastic pint pot
  12. As a London fan just back from the match can I say this thread has given me almost as much pleasure as the game.....I presume all the Wakie fans are driving home and unable to post about their performance against the worse super League team ever who won't even win a game .
  13. Enthusiastic, most had a good time excellent turnout from Wakie (apart from a few racist meatheads who broke a few seats).......if you want numbers about 2200 I believe
  14. Next year? Is that a bit like how you only had turn up in the million pound game to beat London and take your place in Super League......remind us all again how that went
  15. Its not on TV , presumably either London or Salford game has been chossen for the following Thursday. No doubt we will find out on the Thursday morning
  16. Her best bet would be getting the Underground into central London then the Picadilly line out to Wood Green and its about a 10 min walk from there
  17. Good to see James Cunningham in the Knights squard- only non SL player to make either
  18. Broncos at Workington couple of years ago - go called off hour before kick off (on a Saturday evening)
  19. its not a MOTM award anymore its just a popularity contest ...I'll vote for him cause i like him or dislike the other ones more
  20. Well if it has changed, no one has told the BBC http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/championship/table or the league leaders ( thought i'd get that in, not often as a London fan you can say that) https://londonbroncosrl.com/first-team-league-table/
  21. Do apologise Dragon & to the RNRL, I obviously missed that although in my defence I tend to look under fixtures to find out when a game is taking place! I shall pop down and take in the game
  22. Clubs don't help themselves - Royal Navy don't seem to know where they are playing on Saturdayhttp://www.royalnavyrugbyleague.com/teams/9121/match-centre/0-3934967
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