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  1. I don’t think so sadly. If it’s too hard with this resolution I can try and find another shot, but they’re all pretty ordinary resolution I’m afraid.
  2. Hi Peter, These are terrific! Don’t suppose you’d want to have a crack at this photo of the Glebe Dirty Reds, Australia’s first rugby league club? This photo is of the 1917 side, which famously went on strike over a range of slights from the game’s hierarchy here. Rugby league Immortal Frank Burge is the centre of the middle row. The jerseys are a dirty red colour (maroon-ish). Pic of modern day jersey is below.
  3. Keep an eye out for Latrell Schaumkel at Villeneuve. Has played NSW cup at Newtown, Norths and Manly and has played plenty of Ron Massey Cup for Glebe-Burwood. He has plenty of pace and can break a game in a heartbeat. He’s over there with his relative Pita Godinet. Hopefully a big year ahead for Villeneuve.
  4. I see. Regardless, he’s looking to play in Sydney next season. Any thoughts on how he goes?
  5. Can anyone give me any info on ex-Newcastle Thunder half Tom Shaw. Understand he’s coming to Australia and is looking for a club. Is he any good at league 1 level? Wondering how he would go at Ron Massey Cup level (3rd tier in Australia below NRL, Qld Cup/NSW Cup). Appreciate any info anyone can give.
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