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  1. Given the news that Blackpool FC having been deducted 12 league points for financial irregularities have now had them returned by the FA how does that compare with the recent deducted points suffered by Widnes Vikings and earlier deductions posed on Bradford Bulls?. Effectively such points deductions can most likely result in a drop of 2 divisions from Super League now faced by Widnes. Surely this has afar greater impact upon the game particularly those with limited attendances and reduced income despite the best efforts in the league. Did Blackpool FC gain any playing advantage over their competitors, no the didn't, Did Widnes gain any advantages? they finished bottom, so no advantage there. For the benefit of the players involved, the supporters and the good of the game perhaps we can learn something from the actions of the hierarchy of the FA and revisit the imposition of what can only be called 'harsh treatment' or even the 'death knell' for some clubs.
  2. If Vikings can cut out the silly mistakes and soft penalties that caused the loss of possession and field position against Le Cats then they are in with a chance. A more reliable goal kicker (what about Bridge or even Ah Van) would help.
  3. That can't really be true. Conservatives don't use buses.
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