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  1. Bit late to this conversation, but I'm just working on the Liverpool Stanley shareholder lists and David James was listed as a junior clerk.

    If you ever look to sell that or anything else, please contact Rugby League Cares and offer it to the RFL Archive. 

  2. Lee Radford sorted the defence! If he is the new coach he will do well.

    Radford is unproven. There is a huge difference between being head coach at East Hull and being head coach at Hull FC. He should go and ply his trade at Championship level first and gain experience.

    He is also part of the institutionalisation that has happened at Hull FC. The culture of the club needs breaking if it is to move forward. Bringing in an ex player who is mates with the boys is not the way to bring about positive change.

  3. Meet the men lined up to replace Gentle...

    Lee Radford, Andy Last, Paul Cooke :blink: and maybe even Sean Long :blink::blink:


    Is that someone's idea of a dream team, cos I'm already fearing bloody nightmares... :(

    I do hope that this is journalistic hyperbole rather than an actual indication of the aspirations of our club.

    If this happens I won't need any excuse to make this my last season as a pass holder, especially as I will be out of a job this time next year.

    If Paul Cooke has anything to do with the club ever again I will abandon all hope for FC evermore and defect to Halifax.

  4. and don't you dictate what people can and can't enjoy. If he doen't like what he says he doesn't like it's up to him :)

    Not trying to! Personally I hate people deeming things in terms of "high brow" and "low brow" - I believe in culture. People are too quick to pass judgement on what is worthy and what isn't, especially about things they have never watched/done/seen etc.

  5. - Big Brother

    I watched it. Live from the studio on Monday night! (top right)


    I wonder if I am disturbingly highbrow

    Or you're a culture snob. Both high and low culture has its positives and negatives, and has its place. Don't deny yourself a healthy dose of both. :)

  6. The banter is rife on Twitter, even Lord Prescott has been joining in. A few of us have started a 'Hull KR Facts' tweets. Some good ones are as follows:

    Hull KR facts: They bang on about being the 'Pride of East Hull' but they were originally a West Hull club.

    Hull KR facts: their ground Caravan Park is on Poorhouse Lane and used to be a stable.

    Hull KR Facts: Rovers crowds numbers correspond directly with the weekend detention rate at local prisons.

    Hull KR facts: East Hull is actually an annexe of Lancashire and therefore deserves scorn.

    Hull KR facts: Every season their shirt design is the exact same one that Wigan rejected as being completely devoid of all taste.

    Hull KR facts: To purchase a season pass for next season at this year's prices you have to pay them an extra sixty quid.

    Hull KR facts: Holderness Road when translated back into Ancient British means Hopelessness Road

    Hull KR facts: Rotterdam is closer to the pitch than their South Stand.

    Hull KR facts: In order to buy a season pass you need two forms of ID and an extra toe.

    Hull kr facts:if hull fc released a fart hull kr would try and sign it!

    Do feel free to join in! :lol:

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