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  1. Women who played rugby league for Hull Kingston Rovers Young Supporters’ Club in 1968 are being asked to contribute their stories to a new history of women’s involvement with rugby league. The call for help locating these women has been put out by historian Dr Victoria Dawson, an honorary researcher at University College London, who is writing a book about the history of women and rugby league since the nineteenth century. Victoria explained: “The seven women pictured here played at least one match, against a Halifax team on 17 September 1968. This is the first women’s match featuring a team from Hull and possibly only the second time women had played the game in its history. “I hope to interview as many of these women as possible so that their place in the game can be recognized, because it was very unusual. They were ahead of their time, because women didn’t start playing rugby league seriously until 1980. “I’d like to ask them why they started playing, whether they faced any opposition, and what place rugby league has had over the course of their lives. Whilst much has been written about the man’s game and its history, women’s experiences have not been documented. “Women have made huge contribution to the sport of rugby league, and the Hull KR women deserve to have their stories told as part of that history,” said Victoria. The women who played were: Gillian Smith, Lesley Fieldhouse, Lyn Branton, June Watson, Barbara Jones, Ann Winder and Barbara Snowdon. Victoria would also like to speak to anyone else involved, or anyone who remembers watching the women play. If you would like to contribute, or want more information, please contact Victoria Dawson by emailing Victoria.Dawson@ucl.ac.uk or call/text Victoria on 07902 596116.
  2. Just met with Radford at the KC on the Walk Against Cancer for the Steve Prescott Foundation. He's in good spirits.
  3. Radford is unproven. There is a huge difference between being head coach at East Hull and being head coach at Hull FC. He should go and ply his trade at Championship level first and gain experience. He is also part of the institutionalisation that has happened at Hull FC. The culture of the club needs breaking if it is to move forward. Bringing in an ex player who is mates with the boys is not the way to bring about positive change.
  4. For every person happy with this decision there are 20 who are not happy, if twitter and comments on the official FC Facebook page are anything to go by. Pearson really isn't doing himself any favours on the PR front.
  5. That's it, he's gone: http://mobile.hullfc.com/News/Article/30882. He was an improvement on Agar and I would have been happy to keep him for the final year of his contract. Instead I am praying to all deities that the next one is a proven coach and a further improvement.
  6. Well there's a phenomenon. Rather than relieving pressure in fellow humans, Old Frightful usually induces a rise in blood pressure. :-D I'm more intrigued by 'turrets syndrome'. Is it some kind of mediaeval pox, or an irrational belief that you were Rapunzel in a past life?
  7. I do hope that this is journalistic hyperbole rather than an actual indication of the aspirations of our club. If this happens I won't need any excuse to make this my last season as a pass holder, especially as I will be out of a job this time next year. If Paul Cooke has anything to do with the club ever again I will abandon all hope for FC evermore and defect to Halifax.
  8. Believe it or not I do know a thing or two about the game and wouldn't have said it had it not been the truth. I could have also told you myself had I not been in an archive looking at Hull KR's annual reports from 1897-1976.
  9. Will I ever see a proven coach in charge of my club? If Radford replaces him it will be a huge mistake. Success with East Hull is one thing, working as an assistant another, but he should go and cut his teeth elsewhere in the Championship before taking on a club like FC.
  10. The video every hetero- and bisexual man should have watched aged 13. You're never too old, guys. ;-)
  11. This... http://www.youtube.com/embed/j8e4kla7Hd0 as a cover of this... http://www.youtube.com/embed/n3Io_5CEMiI
  12. Not trying to! Personally I hate people deeming things in terms of "high brow" and "low brow" - I believe in culture. People are too quick to pass judgement on what is worthy and what isn't, especially about things they have never watched/done/seen etc.
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