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  1. There are tickets available from $25! http://au.tickets.rlwc2017.com/events/RLWC0117/venues/MELBRECST/performances/ERLW2017915/tickets
  2. Can anyone advise how to watch FreeSports (legally) online, please?
  3. Is there an age difference between the two sides? The Aussies looked bigger man for man.
  4. Why what happened? I've tried to find it on youtube, but it's not available.
  5. A few thoughts after watching the Broncos vs Penrith and Wigan vs Saints games yesterday: Play-the-ball: I didn’t see one attempt to play-the-ball correctly in the Super League game, whereas just about every NRL play-the-ball involved the use of the foot. Does anyone know what the international rules say about this (or indeed, what Super League rules say)? Free play: The Super League “free play” just seemed to add to the scrappiness of the game yesterday. The team with the advantage generally tried an overambitious move, ending in a mistake, so that play had to come back to where the original mistake took place. Wouldn’t it make sense for Super League to adopt International rules, so that when it comes to internationals, we’re not having to re-learn the rules and adapt?
  6. We found somewhere that wasn't just showing Premier League football, eventually: Shakers Bar http://www.mariasalgarveapartments.com/Shakers.htm A great afternoon and we seemed to be having much more fun than the Chelsea and Liverpool fans.
  7. Hi, this is a very niche request, but does anyone know somewhere we can watch the Challenge Cup Final in Olhos De Agua, near Albufeira, Algarve?
  8. Quite right, it's a beautiful song, sadly tarnished by the England RU fans who thought it would be fun to sing it when black winger Chris Oti scored a hat-trick: "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" has been sung by English rugby players and fans for some decades[4] , but became associated with the English national side, in particular, in 1988. Coming into the last match of the 1988 season, against Ireland at Twickenham, England had lost 15 of their previous 23 matches in the Five Nations Championship. The Twickenham crowd had only seen one solitary England try in the previous two years and at half time against Ireland they were 0-3 down. However during the second half England scored six tries to give them a 35-3 win. Three of the tries came in quick succession from Chris Oti, a black player making his Twickenham debut. A group from the Benedictine school Douai started to sing a rugby club favourite
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