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  1. Just received this email "Hi, We have recently tried getting into contact with you in regards to the Lions Triple Header on November 2nd at Eden Park in Auckland. Our promoter has decided to close off the South Stand and therefore have reallocated your seats at no extra cost to you. You should have already received your new tickets the same method you chose for your original tickets. Please only take your re-issued tickets to the venue as your original tickets will not gain you entry. Please note: If you have collected your tickets from an agency you will either need to collect your new tickets again or collect them at the box office before the match." Doesn't bode well for a good crowd
  2. Am I missing something? I read that as Aus v winner of Tonga v Lebanon in Brisbane.
  3. http://www.rlwc2017.com/tournament-draw This shows winner of Tonga Lebanon to play Australia in Brisbane. Is that right? Winner of Group A to play Winner group B in the Semi?
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