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  1. I understand that but lets move on!!! God knows us Welsh could be really cheesed off with the northern clubs for coming down and taking our best players but that was a different era times move on yes?
  2. Ah yes happy days eh? I used to love the scrum and rucks in the middle of winter getting stuck in, it's one of the main things I miss as an old git!! I follow Moseley RFC and get quite worked up watching a pack of forwards doing it's stuff to set up the glory boys in the backs to do their bit!
  3. Why do I pick up so much negativity towards RU by RL fans? There's no need for it there's room in the world for both codes!
  4. Thanks for all the replies and most have been very useful and many very funny, I will always love RU but I am growing to love RL with each game, and at least we dont watch that stupid game played with a round ball
  5. Thanks that clarifies things a lot, and I do enjoy watching, I played Union for many years and would have loved having a go at League however my build is for a front row forward in Union and dont think i would have been any good in League.
  6. A few points here, firstly most if not all RU fans enjoy watching the physical battle between forwards at a scrum, but I do take your point, but you state "As for backs being the same as forwards, it's just not true. The roles in RL are pretty clearly defined for the most part and the forwards and backs have their own roles" please clarify.
  7. Hi all, I am a South West Walian born and bred on Rugby Union, but over the past few years I have been watching Rugby League more and more on TV and enjoying it, I just want a few questions answered, 1. What is the point of the scrum? There's no actual physical competition involved anymore so why not scrap it? 2. The forwards in RL? They dont seem to do much different than the backs, how do you life long supporters differentiate between both? Anyway thanks in advance and I will continue to watch, come on you Crusaders!
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