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  1. Can Leeds beat saints - yes of course they can. Will they? No. Dread to think what the scoreline will be if we play like we did in the first half on Saturday.
  2. I thought I was Kevin Sinfield? Or kevin Sinfields mum? Make your minds up
  3. It is true, we have the best squad for many a year with or without Mr Brough.
  4. England have a fantastic squad as it is, Brough would have made little difference, try a smiley face instead
  5. I actually think Sinfield will play a fair chunk of time at 9 (which he's actually currently doing for Leeds) I think Sinfields been brought into it as people think McNamara is just picking his favourites but IMO he is trying to build a team and have some stability which I think is a good thing and as I said before he has been planning for the future and the future is now. I don't know what had actually gone on between Brough and McNamara (nobody on here truly knows!) and it's now irrelevant.
  6. Your point would maybe have been valid if Tomkins hadn't played full back for England for the last two years and at Wigan for longer than that so he is sticking to his word about a settled squad, we have plenty of 'match winners' in there and with Sinfield we have an outstanding leader and organiser, yes Brough would have been a great addition but by no means does England's chances rest on him being in the squad. McNamara had been doing exactly what you are asking for he has been working since he was appointed to get a settled squad by looking to the future, that 'future' is now the present and we have a fantastic looking squad. It looks like Widdop may be fit which adds to our options in the half back role, we have some excellent 3/4s and the forwards look very strong indeed.
  7. Win win omega, if they win you'll be happy and if they don't you've already made your excuses and you can say told you so.
  8. Well he clearly hasn't had his chance as it does seem if fit he will be playing in the World Cup. And will be the first chance he's had as captain and organiser of the side. As I said earlier its a win win situation for you McNamara bashers. And your assessment of te Brough McNamara situation seems a touch hyperbolic.
  9. As I say Groundhog Day . Although I'm still intrigued with your assertion Sinfield has been a failure 34 times and NZ will rip him apart, even though the las two games he's played against NZ he's won MOM. Brough has been the standout player in SL but he's chosen to play for Scotland, you need to get over it.
  10. No we shouldn't, we should be looking at the present, you could say we should be looking at the future forever, its the WC in two months we should be focussing on that not the team for next years tournament. You can say what you like about Sinfield but in the last game England went to pieces when he wasn't on the pitch in the second half. Yes Brough should probably be in but he isn't and we have what looks like a very very good squad.
  11. Jesus it's like Groundhog Day. Look its win win for you McNamara haters, if we bomb in the World Cup you've got a ready made excuse cos obviously we'd have won it with Beoughy, and if we win, well, we've Ron the World Cup so you should be happy. As I say it's win win for you guys.
  12. Facts appear to be irrelevant when discussing this issue.
  13. No, you do not know whether Brough would have been picked for the WC, what we do know is Danny didn't want to fight for a place so bailed out. McNamara certainly had his part in it but it wasn't solely down to him that you won't see Brough playing for England Brougj played a massive part in that too.
  14. As far as I am aware McNamara hasn't picked his WC squad so how was Brough ignored? He picked him last year in an origin game, didn't pick him for last years internationals A because his form had dropped off and B because he was carrying an injury. He was left out of the train on squad which was picked at the start of the season. This is the only time you could argue he was ignored but I would expect any professional sportsman who wanted to make the squad fight harder for his place. He then spat his dummy out.
  15. The bigger man? Lets face it if a player publicly states he doesn't want to be considered for selection no coach is going to want that player in the team. Lets not forget it was McNamara who asked Brough to make himself available for England in the first place.
  16. He's clearly not the only person to blame, Brough took the decision to not make himself available for England selection, it was a dummy spit. Before this turns into another massive pointless thread, I will say I rate Brough highly and I would have him in the England squad, this doesn't mean he hasn't played his own part in not playing for England in the World Cup, he has ultimately taken the decision out of McNamara's hands, neither you or I know whether McNamara would have put Brough in his squad so its all pure conjecture, what we do know for absolute certain is that Brough has said he wants to play for Scotland, that should be an end to it all.
  17. Well you've only got him to blame for your disappointment then, he thinks he's Scottish ;-)
  18. Love how people on here bang on about picking form players for England in one breath then say Luke Burgess should be picked just because ge plays in the NRL. He's been injured for most of the season, only just got back in the side and TBH we have far better options at prop than him. Sam and George should be the only Burgesses in the England squad.
  19. How does giving them a hammering every year help either Country?
  20. Giving France a hammering every summer helps neither them or us. England need a competitive game and this is the best option at the moment, it's not about crowing about anything, I don't even think the result matters that much, but this is the only way at present to ht a decent game. It's also not up to England RL to develop France we need to do what's best for England RL
  21. It's a worthwhile exercise because it will be competitive unlike a game against France. Bloody hell RL fans can be a miserable lot.
  22. Pah, what does Craig Bellamy know? ;-) surely the Internet coaches on here know far more.
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