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  1. This small but extremely irritating band of idiots persisted in their moronic behaviour throughout the game without any action being taken by the stewards who stood in close enough proximity to clearly hear an see everything. In the second half they verbally abused Scott Moore in particular making constant reference to the well documented personal issues he faced last year. The highly abusive and foul language used by this chanting sub species was totally unacceptable and I am sure that Scott could not have helped but hear their vile invective which may well have affected his concentration and it certainly appeared so later in the game. Yes he needs to be resilient against this type of barracking but there are limits! I am certain that this behaviour would not have been tolerated at any Superleague game but our stewards do not appear to be physically capable of evicting a group of potentially dangerous yobs. One steward did approach them in the second half but appeared to be having quite a jovial chat and they just laughed at him and carried on with their tirade of abuse. In fairness even some of more moderately behaved Fev fans did expresss their disapproval but they too appeared intimidated by the yobs. All in all not a good afternoon and the irritation caused by the Fev minority of challenged “fans” combined with an abject performance from Hornets made me question my sanity in continuing to make the 100 mile round trip to watch this type of mis-match. At least Matt and Dave now know the immensity of the challenges ahead. Probably seen too many of these in over 50 years of support but hey ho we can only live in hope of a miracle.
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