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  1. I'm sorry to hear this but totally agree with you as I'm heading the same way. I go to home games at Headingley and that's about it I'm afraid, rarely watch on TV anymore don't do away games at all now. A lot of the blame lies clearly for me in the hands of the RFL. Constant rule changes mainly copied from Australia, certain teams being reffed differently to others, the disciplinary process where one player is banned and another player is let off for the same offence, no consistency from the referees from one game to the next. I hope I can as well as you get my mojo back soon but I'm at the wrong end of the time scale now.

  2. 11 hours ago, yipyee said:

    This is not taking the mick here but Leigh should have hosted Saints vs Wigan semi or Warrington at a push. A sell out of a smaller venue makes people feel like they are missing out. Tickets being sold out before they go on general release increases future ticket sales. This was very much the case for grand finals when OT was only 65 thousand capacity.

    Ellend Road is just a sad play by the Yorkshire central/biased rfl 

    Hull kr vs Huddersfield at fetherstone or Cas.

    Womens final at Halifax.


    I thought the RFL were based in Salford now ?

  3. 14 hours ago, Saint Toppy said:

    Terrible game one of the worst I’ve watched in years.

    Couple  of key things to take from that,

    Saints never got out of 1st gear all night, they definitely had the sf on their minds. But fair play to Salford they gave it their absolute all and probably deserved something from that game.

    Hopoate was utterly useless, never seen such a lazy disinterested display from a Saints player. He was an embarrassment to the shirt quite frankly.

    welsby and Roby were magnificent all night and Knowles 90m chase down and try saving tackle in the last minute on Atkin just epitomises him as a player, superb effort.

    In nearly 40yrs of going to games I can’t think of a more inept refereeing performance than this game, he was embarrassingly poor. You know it’s bad when both sets of fans boo you so much. As well as the number of mistakes he made and how many things he missed the game was so stop start he utterly ruined it as a spectacle.

    Brody Croft is such a whining gobby git. Every little thing that happened he’d sprint across the pitch to confront the ref. A ref with a pair of balls would have warned him or binned him early on. The worst one was after Saints 1st try Makinson was trying to tee up the ball for the kick and had to wait because Croft was stood in front of him mouthing off to the ref - weak officiating.

    After all that no mention of Welsby play acting again 🙄 

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  4. On 21/04/2022 at 12:17, Saint Toppy said:

    Are you serious ?

    When everyone is fit the only ones of those Saints players guaranteed a place each week are Welsby, Lussick & LMS, everyone else are back-up players like Bell, Wingfield, Amor, Norman & Bennison and the rest are Academy players. There's likely to be 5 teenage debutants and another 3 who have a sum total of 5 games between them. Even the lads with decent 1st team experience are pretty young (Welsby -21, Simm -21, Wingfield -20).

    Cas should absolutely be racking up a big score against such a young & inexperienced team


    Having seen your confirmed line up you are probably right and cas should win easily.

  5. 43 minutes ago, Saint Toppy said:

    As I said on another thread Cas should absolutely romp away with this and come away with at 30-40 point win, a virtually full strength Cas side against a near A Team for Saints. Cas should be disappointed if they don't manage this kind of victory.

    Sky must be kicking themselves now picking this game as the televised one

    I'd expect Saints line up to be something like;

    Bennison, Martyn, Simm, Davies, Sambou, Welsby, Archer, Amor, Lussick, LMS, Wingfield, Royle, Bell - Pemberton, Baxter, Delaney, Norman

    You are saying that tongue in cheek I hope. Cas were abysmal against Leeds and against any other team would have lost. Saints by 20+

  6. 42 minutes ago, MZH said:

    Reynolds is an idiot. I'm absolutely fine with players trying to get under their opponents skin etc but that's just stupid.

    Im struggling to think of a worse half back pairing than him and Gale on current form. I'm not sure Gale has done a single good thing in a Hull shirt yet.

    I said not to get too excited just because you gave Leeds a tabbing, Hull are clueless.

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  7. 18 minutes ago, daz39 said:

    The mighty untouchable colossus that is Leeds Rhinos to be humbled by Super league rabble and whipping boys, Huddersfield in front of a mass bank of claret and gold.

    Saying that Sezer is out (surprise surprise, not that we didn't predict it!!!) so that strengthens them straight away, not really sure if they have any star players these days but the lowly teams always seem to raise their game against the big boys so it could go either way.

    Can't wait for JJB's after match comments if we beat them - just to see if i can understand them really.

    Looking forward to not being able to see the pitch, scoreboard or big screen while potentially falling on some broken concrete and getting peed wet through but that's what the measly sum of £24 or £27 if you decide you dont wanna miss this one gets you!!

    Hoping we can get away without being physically or verbally assaulted, it doesn't happen very often there though!!

    Deary me I really think you need to see a doctor with that massive inferiority complex you have.

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