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  1. Why was he named in the dream team ???
  2. Grace for Handley why ? Who scored more tries ? Grace's defence is appalling.
  3. Any excuse for Elstone and his gang of three to deny TWP they will use. Appalling if it happens.
  4. My oh my what a game this should be. Wakefield have some form back but the Broncos on a high. If the broncos can hold out wakey for 20-30 minutes I can see them winning, could go to golden point. I'm sitting on the fence here.
  5. Salford for me here. They and Ian Watson have done brilliantly and deserve a shot at Old Trafford. +12
  6. Warrington to win this one. They have something to play for Leeds only pride. I expect Leeds to put up a fight but it won't be enough. Wire by +10.
  7. Hull are a shambles at the minute and even saints resting a few will not stop them winning this easily.
  8. Would love the Dragons to run away with this but can't see it, Giants by 18.
  9. Salford and Ian Watson have done fantastic things this season in difficult circumstances. If I meant they can be in the top five I would happily take a defeat tomorrow given the Rhinos are safe.
  10. Thank you for an honest reply OF. I do accept I was out of order using that word.
  11. Just out of interest how have you managed to get round the sweary filter. I was castigated on another thread by ckn for doing the same, different word I will admit but basically the same problem. Come on CKN one rule for one and not the other.
  12. I thought he died a while ago in a bunker somewhere.
  13. My sincere apologies I can assure you it won't happen again,and to anyone else I my have offended.
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