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  1. War crime ? How do you come to that conclusion ? The dams in question supplied armament factories and ball bearing factories. So basically you are calling the men of bomber command war criminals all 55,000 of them that gave the ultimate sacrifice ?
  2. All the efforts of Welsby were no fluke he did remarkably well and I praise him for the foresight he had, what I mean is the way the ball arrived in his hands, apologies if I didn't make myself clear.
  3. You sound like Eddie Waring.After the 1982 challenge cup semi final,which we lost to Widnes after a Mick Adams drop goal attempt hit the crossbar and bounced out into the arms of a Widnes player to score the winning try he famously said that he had been practising that all week. That was a fluke and so was welsbys effort,but fair play to the lad to chasing it and getting it down. And yes it's 38 yrs ago and I've never got over it.
  4. He never got over him leaving Hull have you ?
  5. More fool you for paying £1.80. Don't know how they've cheek to put price up when for most of the year there's been no match reports.
  6. You would say that wouldn't you. Let's be honest the welsby try was a fluke nothing else. On a personal view I thought it was a great game.
  7. That's Sir Geoffrey if you please Rupert and it was France where they stitched him up. Can't trust them foreigners lol.
  8. Not seen that thread DM. Anyway Sam is the man for me, he's matured greatly over the last few years and deserves to be captain.
  9. Id give it to Sam Tomkins. He's our best full back and a shoe in surely.
  10. What makes you think you would have beaten Leeds with him playing ?
  11. My missus just said the same thing, it's about time they got rid of them both.
  12. Never quite understood how Farges gets a game each week. He's not that good.
  13. Exactly that couldn't agree more. Mates of mine not all Rhinos fans said the same about the challenge cup. Best two teams in the league this year by a country mile shame someone has to be a loser.
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