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  1. Yeah that's true, was a big admirer of Brad in his early years but he's not progressed like I hoped he would. A new challenge might bring him on.
  2. Totally agree with all that. Can't wait for the double header at Headingley opening night.
  3. He's not on his own. It's apparent that Walmsley, Thomson and Lomax are very very average at international level.
  4. That's the point we haven't got another winger , unless you class Blake Austin as being better than Handley in that position ?
  5. Flown Ash Handley all the way to PNG and not picked him in the squad, what a waste of time. Will say it again Bennett has to GO.
  6. I know it's cross code but Saracens have been docked 35 points and fined £5.5 million for breaching the salary cap, picture that scenario in Rugby League.
  7. Ah right. I think it's unfortunate that Makinson, Manfredi and Johnstone are injured because Hall and McGillivray wouldn't have been there in the first place. You have to go with youth and speed now.
  8. Haven't watched the game as yet but what exactly have they done wrong ? People were moaning about Hall last week but he made more metres than anyone else. Looking at these pages it's Hodgson and Widdop that's the problem.
  9. How are they going to pay for all those teams ?
  10. Lomax at fullback no way. Hardaker every day. Time to get rid of Bennett he's brought nothing to this England/ GB squad all the time he's been in charge.
  11. Exactly, Johnny Vegas about as funny as dysentery in an old folks home.
  12. Your turn will come believe me. Anyway I'm embarrassed with this never will I mention other clubs in this context again.
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