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  1. I have watched quite a few Aussie games recently and can't get my head round the set restarts rule. Can anyone explain it ? I've even paused and rewound the action and failed to see the infringement, what is the criteria. On another note I thought George Williams looked good this morning.
  2. Tony Fisher from Leeds in the 70s and who could have a team like that without Kurt Sorensen of Widnes.
  3. Hodgeson never rated him. As for some of the others not quite old enough to see them play.
  4. Exactly and not even had Garry Schofield in the ten.
  5. You are quite correct with that comment.
  6. Kevin Sinfield when he stopped Kyle Eastmond scoring a certain try in the grand final.
  7. Can someone please tell me what's the point of Lois Forsell ? She says next to nothing. I've stopped watching to be honest.
  8. Is your hearing not that good meast because you stand too near that ##### cow bell lol.
  9. Biggest culprit is Marshall we call him the scarecrow round our way always got his arms outstretched.
  10. George Burgess got to be the worst buy in super league, vastly overrated.
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