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  1. Nope, who ever finished top got the league leaders trophy and then there was a play off to determine the champions. Like Dewsbury in 1973 they were champions but didn't finish top of the league.
  2. Can I have a pint of what you're on. Keep off the biffters lad.
  3. Looks like a desperate measure to me, that leg looks heavily strapped.
  4. Scott Donald going past Wellens like he wasn't even there 2007.
  5. If the ref can put a stop to Walmsleys bambi act wandering up the field before he plays the ball and keep them all onside for once Catalans might have chance. So on that basis Saints by 20+.
  6. Would love Rovers and Leeds to win but I think its the end of the line for both of them.
  7. Think mjm might be thinking of the CC semi final when they beat erm I forget now.
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