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  1. That first line says it all, " I've been sent loads of DIFFERENT what's apps". So which one do you believe? James Bentley is an idiot i don't think anyone would disagree with that, but why do people take the side of an aussie newspaper with a poor record of reporting anything to do with England. Bentley is an easy target but who were the other two players? Or are they just making it up ?
  2. As a matter of interest what were his other usernames ? Or are you just guessing?
  3. On the basis of this world cup what makes you think Welsby will still be there ? Not lived up to the hype.
  4. Yeah Luai the one trick pony as one person on here called him. And in the same breath managed to say nothing about young Jack.
  5. Yeah true but nobody mentions Welsby, has he got off the bus yet ?
  6. And what about super star Welsby? My Grandmother could do better and she's arthritic.
  7. The show pony that has just ripped us a new one ? And talk of show ponies what has Welsby done exactly ? A big fat zilch.
  8. England to win a tight game. Is this the game we finally see Welsby do something he's been anonymous really in the last couple of matches. He's better suited to fullback imo.
  9. Forgive me but I thought he was that good he could play anywhere? Personally I would have him at fullback but I'm not the coach.
  10. I would tend to agree with most of that apart from not picking Oledski based on one game. Would you not pick Welsby based on the fact he did zero against a very poor Greek side ?
  11. Better than any Bulls player, Peacock the exception.
  12. One of the best of the super league era. Would be in my starting 13 any day of the week.
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