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  1. livo


    Thank you It is the King's ransom I was trying to find.
  2. livo


    Hello folks. I've been told about a pub next to a canal called the bridge. Can you tell me if they do food please. Coming on Sunday for the game and will need some grub
  3. Barrow Raiders 5 hrs · We are pleased to announce the appointment of Joe Slater as Stadium Director and Andy Gafney as the Players Director. Joe brings a wealth of experience in employment and business and from his long and successful playing career in the amateur ranks. Joe has been with the club for a few weeks, before being formally voted on at the most recent board meeting, and he has already identified numerous maintenance tasks that are required to keep the ground up to minimum standards. He is hoping to organise a volunteer team to get stuck in to the tasks at hand. Andy returns to the club in an associate director capacity. He has maintained a close working relationship with the playing and coaching staff and has numerous contacts throughout the rugby league community. He will be a massive help in working with the coach and board assembling a competitive team for Championship rugby. There are still vacancies on the board for the right calibre individuals. We are looking for directors to specifically take the following positions: Council Member Their responsibility is to attend RFL Council Meetings etc. and report back to the Board. Keith Holt is currently carrying out this role Media Director To liaise with the Press and all media outlets - facebook/twitter/website To promote and advertise the club/events/signings etc. Facility Director Responsible for bar outlets, including all stock management, cleaning and opening/closing facilities Responsible for snack bar outlets including stock management Responsible for boardroom catering There are volunteers doing a great job managing these areas but the director would provide a line of responsibility and look to implement improvements. Hospitality Director To fill the Boxes with drink pre match (make sure all boxes have plates/serviettes/glasses etc.) To make sure the Sponsors (Boardroom and Boxes) are looked after and have everything they need Order Buffets for the Boxes as required Order Programmes to be distributed to the Boardroom/Boxes Commercial and Fundraising Director Responsible for organising fundraising events and bringing in sponsorship revenue Finance Director Liaise with the RFL regards the Salary Cap Return Keep the Board updated with the Daily Cash Flow Complete Budgets Confirm Playing Budget at the beginning of each Season Authorise any large spends Liaise with the Commercial/Fundraising Director regards expected revenue
  4. The club has only had 2 home games in nearly 2 months. Having to pay wages with no income coming in has got to be one of the reasons there is a shortfall in money.
  5. livo

    Raiders Bar

    The bar will be open Sunday at 12 for the England game . If anyone wants to support your club get yourselves there. Stella bud and Coors all 3 for a fiver. Also £2 a pint
  6. Think Cresta was watching the same game as most of the so called whingers. If you look on the official facebook page there is a five minute video of him slating the officials and rightly so. Don't know how to share it on here.
  7. livo


    I really don't know what the RFL are thinking. I agree with SJD and many others I've spoke too. If the Toronto millionaires want to play every game in England, that's fair enough, but how do expect a player from any team get on a plane for 7 and a half hours ( that's only the flight time, not the time to get to the airport and waiting in departures ) and stay in that country for 3/4 days. Lets say they travelled on a Friday early morning, get there by tea time to the hotel. On Saturday they get a bit of practice while being a bit jet lagged. Play the game on Sunday. On Monday they travel back home, get into Manchester or any other airport about 4 or 5. Travel home too where they live and be back work on a Tuesday. I don't think so. That's only the players. Were not all rich. How do you expect a supporter to book a long weekend to Canada. The total expense would be too great. You wouldn't go away for a long weekend, you'd have to book a full holiday. It's just ridiculous. These are the other places we could go with the same flight time: Tehran, Iran Tbilisi, Georgia New York, Usa Before the RFL conquer the world, concentrate on the south of England where Union has a stronghold
  8. livo


    I'm surprised no one has mentioned that Warrington are visiting us on the 31st January. Are there any more lined up. Think we had 4 last year didn't we.
  9. livo

    New Format

    We only had 12 home games last season so were only down 2 at this point. The first 8 games of the season were friendly's or cup matches. I should hope we will have friendly's this year, and as for the cup matches i don't know what or if their are any ( maybe someone could enlighten us ). So really with a good cup run we could end up with more games than last year, depending on the draw of course
  10. livo


    I certainly don't proclaim to know anything about the AOA Alan but as a debenture holder, I would of been ###### to find out if the club had wasted hundreds of pounds advertising in the National Press. How do you that the club secretary hasn't wrote to these debenture holders who live far and wide.
  11. Just wanted to say that the collection that was done in and out of the ground was absolutely unbelievable. Makes me proud to live in this town, The generosity was overwhelming. Well done to all.
  12. Its truly a tricky one that Michael. I don't know if its a shrewd move by the Hospice or not. If it generates more money for this fantastic charity then brilliant. But I kind of agree with some who have wrote on the football forum. Barrow football is trying to generate money out of the charity which I don't agree with.
  13. livo


    Is the game on the radio today
  14. New season, New start and all that. Don't know who got the MOM but to me I could'nt pick one. They all played fantastic. Well done to the coaching team. There seams to be a bit of comradery in the team. Well done all
  15. Sorry the bar won't be opening today
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