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  1. If truth be told, the terrible attendance was entirely down to the inability of the club to market the game at all. Look at the incredible job York did in getting 2600 to their game against them last season, look at what Featherstone are doing this weekend, it’s great. We put a few tweets out and offered super league season ticket holders a discount. Huge missed opportunity, could have been a great event, and the game was brilliant.
  2. Well yes, slightly pedantic but true. Obviously all goes out the window if either Swinton or Oldham win - then we stay up regardless. A lot more pressure on them than us
  3. After the awful showing last week this was a revelation. With the exception of Penny, who for the first time in a few weeks I thought was poor, everyone put a huge shift in and got the job done, exemplified by Danny 'missed all season but tried' Yates' touch line kick to make it 10-8. The defence was awesome. On one hand slightly disappointed that the passion on display today hasn't been there all season, but wow did they show it in spades today. The polar opposite of last week's tepid showing, was genuinely proud of them today. Only a freak draw next week between Oldham and Swinton, an Oldham win on the last day by 30 odd points, and 2 losses for us stands in the way of us surviving in this league. Remarkable stuff after the ennui of the last few weeks. Well done to all \o/
  4. Everything that was wrong with that performance today was epitomised by Matty Blyth. Don't think I've seen anyone so not arsed about being paid to play a game since Gary wheeler in the saints DR days. Two high balls right underneath his wing in an attacking position and twice he just stood there looking upwards but not jumping, not trying to tackle the defender, doing nothing useful. He knocked on about three times and spent his defensive duties jumping out of the line and leaving us short. How he was preferred to Galbraith I'll never understand - he did the same for use against Halifax - sod all. Last weekend our DR players were superb - Livett, Johnson and that Andre dude all didn't the business and I have absolutely no problem with that. We were short of players and they stepped in and did the team proud. Blyth though - everything that's wrong with the system. At the moment we look bereft of confidence, of attacking options, and our right side is laughable on defence. Now is the time for our 'killer' coach to earn his stripes - make no bones about it, we're in a hole and he needs to do something about it and quick
  5. Let's get one thing straight, regardless of some incredibly poor refereeing decisions (I'm more annoyed by the Hadden sin binning where he has done nothing wrong, and it should have been the Batley player penalised - they ran over us with 12 men when we were already shattered), we need to sort our discipline and fast. Stupid things like Moores' needless high shot on the first tackle from a kick off that marches them 50 yards down the field; our seemingly standard one sin binning per game; constant back chat to refs not helping anyone - you have to accept the decisions on the field and move on. It can't all be a host of one eyed refs against us; do they all get together and decide that they're going to penalise us more than other teams? I don't think so, we're just a very indisciplined side and it has to improve. We looked brilliant with the ball in hand at times on Sunday, but as soon as we got drawn into indiscipline by a couple of questionable decisions, we unravelled and there was no old head on the field to calm things down. If we carry on like this, both on and off the field, we will get a bad rep that will stick. I think there was a lot of good will towards us when we came up, and the first few games cemented this - I get a sense that this is going away and we'll become one of the least liked teams in the league, which isn't a good place to be. We shouldn't be marketing something as a 'grudge match', that's boxing talk and it's a little pathetic. A grudge against what? We beat them and it was the best moment of many a season, and then we carry on some stupid thing into a new season, a new league, and get hugely shown up by them. Our Twitter account can be embarrassing during a game (although it's calmed down on last year), and that's our public face for many other fans. It distracts from some of the other good work that seems to be going on in the community. Let's get back to playing rugby, shut our mouths on the pitch, and get on with winning some crucial games coming up.
  6. Beetlebum


    this so much. Can't overstate how incredibly proud I am of the team after these 5 games, it's been an brilliant effort from what has been a very toughs set of fixtures - 3 wins from 5 is beyond what i thought was possible. However, we do need to help ourselves a a bit more by not giving away so many penalties and a sin binning per match, or giving the ref an excuse to give pens against us. Sort that out and we'll flying even more. Onwards!
  7. It's a good opinion, and I think one that we all wished worked, but in reality it doesn't. Have you ever tried talking to one of our 'directors' at a game with a non-positive view point? You pretty much get the response you get on here, 'the club is doing its best, put up or shut up'. I (and others around me) have tried in the past, but you get shut out. I remember after the Keighley away game last season, which was up there with one of the worst performances we put in last season, if not the worst, someone walking off with me asked a (then, they are not any more) director whether or not the way the team plays and if dual reg was working in the midst of a huge losing streak would come up at an imminent meeting as this person couldn't attend. The director wouldn't answer, just saying 'come and ask yourself', which was repeated ad infinitum even when the person reinforced that they could not make the meeting. The director then just quickened his pace away from the question. For me it was a sad indictment on the way our 'co-op' works. It was a simple question which required a simple answer. As 'directors', if you are going to stand with the fans in the stands and not be in the directors box representing the club, then I think it's fair game that you should listen to, and try and give a reasoned answer to, the co-op members questions without being flippant and self righteous. We all pay into this club, we've all stuck money in, we are all meant to have a say, but in reality, some of us don't feel we do. The elected few with enough time to represent the club keep the rest at arms length, and dare I say the pretence that we could 'change things' has long passed with most fans. Is there a way we can ask questions at these by proxy if we cannot attend? And how will the answers to those questions be relayed back to those not in attendance? (genuine questions that I would appreciate answering as I can't find anything on the site or in the 'model rules' that explains this in plain enough English for me). I've never wanted more to ask questions of the club and the direction it is going in as I do at the moment, but if the members meeting which I cannot attend is my only chance, then I'm a bit screwed.
  8. 'We can only sign the players we can afford. If you want to do something about it contribute more to the club.' And we have Hornets board bingo! It's such a ridiculous thing to say and is indicative of all that's wrong at the club in my eyes at the moment. Because you can't afford to buy a new half back or coach or find enough time to be on the 'board' you can't have an opinion on where you think the team could do better. You just end up being shouted down by the righteous few who can give the time or the money. It's pathetic. It's meant to be a co-op, we're all meant to have an equal say but it's plainly obvious that we don't. Do you think the members of the board (not sure if you are one Shoelaces, so not aimed directly at you) of non co-op teams respond to their fans like that when they are critical of the club? I don't think they do. Let's have a more intelligent discussion rather than falling back on the old 'put up or shut up' adage. A number of people, as Big Doug says, are dissatisfied with how we've performed for the last couple of seasons. Yes, people might be doing their best, and that's admirable, but if their best isn't good enough for he club then it's time to say 'thanks for the memories' and give someone else a go.
  9. Yes, he's blameless for those moments, and your baiting comment has reeled me in which I'll be unapologetic for. I'm biting. I can't believe some people still hark back to a victory in the playoffs two years ago as a reason to keep a coach and render him blameless. We've gone nowhere since that day, we don't play expansive, exciting rugby, we just play five drives and then one of two options: a poor kick (as we don't have a great in-game kicker, no one can convince me Crook can dictate a game with his in-field kicking), or a clueless flail around in front of the posts that ends in a handover. Sunday was a prime example of that, the amount of times we couldn't come up with anything to break what was essentially a 12 man defence for most of the game was agonising to watch. You could see how frustrated Bloomfield was getting with never getting near the ball when he was facing Handforth. If our coach is sat watching the game unfold from the stands, how was this info not relayed to the players? I don't believe that if that info got to the team on the field then they wouldn't have the nouse to give it at least one go. We are good defensively, for the most part, and dire going forward when up against a top team (battering one of the southern teams doesn't count). I want to see an exciting team going forward, a team not afraid to play a form of expansive attacking rugby and come up with the odd error because of it (I'm not saying we'd be Leigh, but look how Oldham played against us at Whitebank). In my opinion, our current coach holds us back and makes us overly cautious with no free spirit, and doesn't appear to have many ideas in the attacking third. I will inevitably get shouted down for suggesting that a coach who once got us promoted should go, but I can't see any way forward with him at the helm. It needs to be an open debate that we have, having gone nowhere for two seasons but backwards - I can't believe anyone would be happy watching another season like this, but I'm happy to be convinced otherwise. And I still haven't forgiven him for the game he coached us earlier this season (from the stands) wearing a Saints jacket
  10. ^ this so much. Don't think I've ever been as frustrated watching Hornets as these last couple of seasons, this one in particular. A seemingly talented squad who look lost when they get within 30 metres of the line, we wouldn't have scored another try today if we had stayed there until 7pm. Handforth could barely walk out on the wing, and what do we do? Repeatedly try our hand down the opposite one. They switch him across to the other side of the field, and what do we do? Repeatedly attack the opposite side. Brainless play. And where was our coach sat whilst our season unravelled (because bar a miracle, that's our season done now)? Sat high in the stand behind the sticks. Call me old fashioned, but when a tight, crucial game is unfolding, I'd much rather have our coach stood on the ground motivating the players. Granted, Woods was down there, but I'd like to have seen Talbot at least make an effort. The sooner we change to a coach who can inspire and motivate the players and give them an idea in attack (our defence today was pretty great for the majority of the game), the better. This squad should have been a force in this league, but we've been staid and boring, one of the dullest Hornets teams I can remember seeing. A fresh start is needed next season, otherwise we're just going to come back next season the same as the last three, and I don't want to have to watch that again.
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