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  1. I couldn't understand why the ref stopped the game so often when Coventry players were "injured" . They were often nowhere near the play and clearly not badly hurt so why not play on? If he had done, I'm sure there would have been some instant miraculous recoveries.
  2. I thought we were beaten by a better team, simple as that, but the effort was there to see There were clearly a lot of injuries with nobody available for interchange at the end of the game, so I wish Cresta the best of luck fielding a fully fit 17 this week. I don't think he had that option this week. For me we didn't seem to have any backs other that Liam Campbell who could make a break and score or put people away to score.
  3. Watched some very good games on the tv over recent weeks but crucial tries have been scored from blatant Forward passes. Its often hard for the ref as he is 10M back but it seems that the linesmen have been deliberatlely instructed to ignore them as I've hardly seem one given all season by them. PS I do understand the momentum rule before we start
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