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  1. 19 minutes ago, SUPERSTUD said:

    What a shock. Integrity of the league and all that. Should be booted out end of.

    Expecting a side to play 3 games in a week, all of them involving 400 mile round trips is ridiculous. Can't believe the RFL would expect a club just off the M62 to do that these days, with their focus on player welfare.

    Expecting Rochdale to play Oldham at home on Sunday, Skolars at home on Wednesday and then travel down to Cornwall for Sunday is a mighty ask as well. 

    Integrity went out of the window 2 years ago when Barrow and Workington managed to avoid re-arranging their game thus not risking either of their win percentages.

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  2. And out of that central distribution the clubs have to pay for a table at the awards night (whether or not they can attend), 100 tickets for the Challenge Cup final (great if they can sell them all, but the spaces in their area every year shows that most dont) and cog testing. So around they don't get to see around 20% of their distribution. 

    No parachute payment for anyone getting relegated to L1, so any club going down has a massive drop in income.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Rach said:

    Leigh have 9 or 10 Australians / Kiwis / Aussies playing tonight at Batley.

    Don't see the same criticism leveled at them bringing in players.from out of area ....... 


    Dont they or some of the other clubs mentioned in his thread put out stories about how they were going to have lots of local players. Cornwall did and got plaudits for it. Hardly surprising that they've picked some very minor criticism for going back on that so quickly, doubt if would have been commented on if they hadn't made it part of their launch. They were very naive, surprising given the experience brought by Kelly and Perez.

  4. 1 hour ago, OriginalMrC said:

    He made a mistake. A low level indiscretion. The club, players and fans are behind him, everyone makes a mistake and no one is perfect. Lots of holier than thou comments on socials though. Must be lots of perfect people in the world. 

    I know why the rules are there. But sports seem happy to take betting money, left, right, and centre, but will also throw people to the wolves when they've made a minor indiscretion. Seems double standards to me 

    The rules are very simple for club officials - dont bet on the sport at all - the RFL story refers to multiple bets so he made several mistakes not just a mistake.

  5. 1 hour ago, Barley Mow said:

    I don't know if you're right on this or not, but didn't Skolars call themselves North London Skolars for 7 or 8 years in the late 90s/early 2000s before reverting to just  London?

    only because they were forced to by the RLC. They were concurently North London Skolars in that comp and London Skolars in the NCL.

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  6. Not the only club to be struggling to find medical staff at the moment. Hardly surprising given the pressure in those people's day jobs.

    The RFL must have been struggling to find staff for this game as well, as there was no reserve referee appointed per the RFL's match officials' appointments page. Lucky the game was cancelled, otherwise the RFL would be needing to refer itself to it's own compliance department.🙄

    Rugby League (rugby-league.com)

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  7. On 27/03/2022 at 18:14, Toby Chopra said:

    Interesting. Although even the westcountry students are a good thing if it's widening the game's talent pathways. I look at the Skolars and Cov/Midland and see all the great work they're doing bringing through new players from their own patch, and it doesn't actually matter if they lose more than they win.

    It should be the same for WWR, but getting shellacked by 50+ points every week, year after year, isnt going to keep those players in the game, especially trekking over to Llanelli. 

    I know the owner has put resources in, so I feel loathe to criticise, but it's getting harmful now. 

    Isn't that seven more locals than North Wales Crusaders fielded? Maybe RFL funding should encourage clubs to take players from their own locality rather than shipping them in.

  8. 4 hours ago, acersaccharum said:

    London Bronco's Twitter, "Social media coverage will be very limited this afternoon therefore the best way to keep up with the game is to be at the Cherry Red Records Stadium."

    Home game today and I'm having to check out the York City Knight's Twitter account to see what's happening!

    Good grief?! Do any of the London players have personal and/or coprporate sponsors?! Why bother when there's clearly no online coverage, whatsoever, and this is a HOME game!

    IMHO, just another indication of where the current team are going...and it doesn't look good!

    I could go on about how the team were sadly never even remotely ready this season, with the coach bringing in 'outside' players, some of which are still arriving. What about any new academy players? Why were they not brought in months ago? Where are the London, or even south of England players?! The team was never going to be ready in time, and now we're trying, sadly way too late, to try to catch up!


    whole game was live on BBC online and on Radio York. Far better than a twitter feed. 


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  9. 3 hours ago, gogledd said:

    As far as I'm aware North Wales Crusaders have made no approach to Wrexham AFC to return to the Racecourse. All our fixtures for 2022 are advertised as Stadiwm Zip World, Eirias Parc Colwyn Bay. It not unlikely that at some point we'll want to play some games again in Wrexham but it will be dependant on what fees Wrexham AFC ask for. Prior to our move to Queensway we were out-priced by the demands to play at the Racecourse....and lets not forget North Wales Crusaders are £40k down on RFL central funding from last season and £10k down of RFL travel allowances too. 

    In my view Crusaders have a great stadium in Colwyn Bay and we need to build our brand there for the next couple of seasons at least.


    Only £40k down. Sounds like you've had less of a cut than many clubs🙄.

    Colwyn Bay seems to be working so far, hope it continues to work. Good to have one Welsh club whose ground move has worked. Nearest pub had painted the Crusaders logo on it's side and that's seen on the main road into the town (not the A55) so great free advertising. 

  10. On 17/01/2022 at 23:14, Niels said:

    It was me who asked about it. There was a groundshare between Truro and Torquay a couple of years ago so there has been previous co-operation between the counties. 

    Also Toronto were planning on playing a game in Copenhagen I think. And did one of the established sides, Wigan maybe, play a home game far away?

    I understand your point but I did get a reply from Christian on here who said in the future it might be possible. 


    London Broncos have certainly played a lot of home game far from London. Not a good advert for the idea.

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  11. On 15/02/2021 at 12:13, Angelic Cynic said:

    Could you London people be so kind as to keep us updated on whether the Challenge Cup game is to be played on a Saturday or a Sunday ,for those of us who may have essential work.

    Whether or not standing on the roof of a Transit van will be enough to view the game,or whether the upstairs of a double decker bus is required?

    Are there any high-rise flats overlooking the playing pitch?

    This type of information is very important.Thanks in anticipation. 


    On 15/02/2021 at 14:29, ATLANTISMAN said:

    High rise flats in Richmond LOL:) 

    But some nice apartments if youve got a spare £m+ and probably a good view from the ones on top of the hill.

  12. RFL Chief Executive Nigel Wood has pointed to the victories by Leigh Centurions and North Wales Crusaders on Northern Rail Finals Day as further evidence of an exciting year for Rugby League.

    Click here to view the article

    In the press release, Nigel Woods says

    “Just 10 years ago it would have been unthinkable that teams from Wales and London would contest a major final and the success of the Crusaders and Skolars offer compelling evidence of the burgeoning appeal of Rugby League.


    I seem to recall a team from London actually reached a major final just over 10 years ago. They made the Super League play-offs 10 years ago. Has Nigel Wood forgotten about Broncos when he wrote this ?

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