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  1. Can't see any of the current London clubs wanting to step up and not sure how you'd get enough players for a new club to come in. As for Bristol Sonics and Gloucestershire all golds - have you just pulled the same list of out from when you first suggested this? How many promotion spots would you give for North and South into the Championship?
  2. Well said. TWP's financial problems before they got into Super League were self iinflicted. Those problems manifested themselves initially with TWP not playing several other clubs (>£100k unpaid in at least one case). So when other posters blame other clubs for TWP's exit from SL, it perhaps not surprising that the other clubs were unsympathetic when TWP ran into bigger problems last year which for once were not of their own making. TWP could certainly teach Broncos a lot about marketing and communications though.
  3. It's always clear which one of the leadership group is the real captain when they get presented with the trophy. So we'll never know with Hull this year...
  4. Look forward to all these debts being settled, but I doubt if that will ever happen. The debt was racking up well before covid and before they won promotion to SL. Not the only organisation unpaid at that time and not the only 6 figure debt. Can't blame SL or Covid for the consistent approach TWP had to paying debts.
  5. But some nice apartments if youve got a spare £m+ and probably a good view from the ones on top of the hill.
  6. Not this again (yawn) But an awful lot of travelling for the clubs in League 1 North just north of the M62 who might end up with 3 trips to Cumbria as well as their trip to Ottawa. You'd also end up with a few clubs just to the south of the M62 with very few local derbies. And every time you put a few club into the south you'd be weakening that league and making the north stronger. Would you be promoting clubs from both leagues?
  7. a local derby compared to the trips to Ottawa and New York
  8. The complications really start if one of the 4 sides wins in the last 16 and has to fit in the 1895 Cup alongside the Challenge Cup QF. I guess that's a problem West Wales are looking forward to dealing with.
  9. The amount they collected from their fans via crowdfunding towards paying their players shows the level of appetite
  10. On to the second page and no-one's taken George Best as their inspiration. I'd spend a lot of the money on booze, birds and fast cars, the rest I'd just squander. Sadly, this may be a better suggestion than how it would actually get spent if it happens.
  11. Weird listening to the Grand Final this year, hearing him referred to as Carr, rather than the incessant "The Fox" that blights the TV coverage. He's well worth that pay scale given his talent for scoring tries
  12. The RLC was a great breeding ground and allowed clubs to develop. Then the RFL started to use it as a means to reduce BARLA influence and move to summer, putting clubs on the M62 corridor into the RLC; few clubs from before that point are with us now. It was a massive mistake. Doubtless some would have gone anyway, but I'm sure no where near as many. The balkanisation of the RLC into the regional leagues also made it a lot harder for clubs to assess their real strength, cross-conference games in the RLC helped with that.
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