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  1. If they do get pushed up, let's hope it goes better than last time in the Championship.
  2. In that case let's have Sam Tomkins in the side. Interesting idea, not sure the suggestion of Tony Clubb would be popular with Broncos' fans.
  3. What is the model you referred to ? How have they transformed finances ?
  4. Grubby tactics and that's without McIlorum and Joel Tomkins. Maybe they'd have done it more effectively.
  5. Even got a mention on Radio 3 news this morning! Pretty good for a 2 minute bulletin.
  6. Very good this technology stuff Scubby, but there's a whole load of appeals on the site that aren't in £, so those don't understand geolocations. Maybe one of the Canadians on here can confirm that they can see the fund in C$.
  7. Odd that it's asking for donations in £. Maybe that's so that they can pay the players, but would have thought collecting in C$ was easier to attract donations from the 9,000+ home support.
  8. Per the email, "Brian McDermott, Martin Vickers and Bob Hunter of Toronto Wolfpack are asking for the support of the sporting world to raise vital funds for the players and staff of Toronto Wolfpack, within the UK and Canada". Clicking on the gofundme link on the email goes to a page which starts: "Toronto Wolfpack is organising this fundraiser". That suggests it IS a TWP gofundme. Wonder how they'll split the £30k between the players.
  9. So absolutely nothing to do with TWP stringing the league along before pulling out just before the season was due to re-commence, nothing to do with the way they've treated players, suppliers, other clubs, fans and any other creditors they've had over the last few years (not just since the start of the pandemic) and nothing to do with the lack of evidence presented to SL, which hardly suggested a change in approach with regard to the latter. Elstone ain't perfect, but he's not the real villain in this.
  10. With those 10,000 home fans, it won't be much per person.
  11. Given the usual timing of a world cup that would mean playing the games in those clubs' UK bases! Widnes here we come
  12. There was a 12 point deduction for the Cougars when they had a change of ownership. Just saying.
  13. Not very logical. If Broncos are in the west because they are in West London, then you've got to have West Yorkshire sides in the West. Splitting Broncos and Skolars loses a potential local derby, as would splitting Yorkshire. Broncos are one of the most easterly clubs in the comp. The original idea is bonkers.
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