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  1. Looking forward to this. Hope it's as good as Fev's game last weekend - that one even got good wraps on the BBC cricket commentary between Derby and Sussex!
  2. Good to see The Sun covering the sport again and not just match reports.
  3. I thought Ottawa had full membership of the RFL - via their purchase of Hemel Stags!
  4. Since you'v gone off topic - would it be more packed ? If they could pack it on Saturday maybe they should be looking for somewhere bigger next time. Back on topic - great result for Skolars. They could go top again if they beat Haven next week, probably doesn't get tougher than that.
  5. Because the one on the link from the OP is the most recent one...
  6. Good read, but hardly a first edition. That one came out in February 2014.
  7. First you refer to Skolars giving Glos "a real hiding at our spot". I point out you were wrong, Glos won that game and then you accuse me of referring to the wrong game. You didn't refer to the game at Cheltenham in your post. Please try and get your facts right. Yes you won at THEIR spot, but Glos still finished higher than Skolars last season as did Oxford. And to add to your factual inaccuracies, please don't presume I'm a Glos fan.
  8. Er, Skolars lost 10-36 to glos at your spot last season. Not exactly giving them a good hiding... But let's not let facts get in the way of an argument. Good win on Sunday but the OTT reaction after one win (didn't see you posting after the Challenge Cup defeat...) is as bad as those who came up the regional ideas after the third round of the Challenge Cup.
  9. Six out of seven ? Don't think Ryan Chester or Charlie Lawrence played for Skolars before they played for Hemel.
  10. Hardly the big crowd that was being talked up by UGAG before the game. Wonder how many race goers actually turned up.
  11. Though that does raise the question of why the press agency isn't bothering to provide (or in many cases not bothering to obtain) the information that was previously provided.
  12. So the message to Skolars and Hemel seems pretty clear. Overspend on players, buy success with money you don't have, them blame someone else (preferably the RFL) when you've not just run out of money but also have creditors ready to wind the company up. It's a well trodden path, but surely it can't be one any sensible club should follow. This is all very sad for the fans at Crusaders - a great bunch.
  13. Oxford did this all last year as well, irrrespective of how big or small their crowds were Broncos didn't do a programme for their first game, but are doing a monthly magazine which is free.
  14. Two Skolars' players in the quarter finals. Alex Hurst scored a try tonight for Scotland. They had 2 in 2008 as well - Stevie Gibbons and Wayne Kerr played for Ireland after playing for Skolars that season. Not bad for a club in Championship 1.
  15. given that oldham are talking about playing at Leigh Sporting Village, maybe they could move there and we could have 4 sides playing there.
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