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  1. No. They are treated as employee at most clubs(!) and they pay PAYE and Employee National Insurance, so they are in the same position as any other employee.
  2. Not many clubs operate at a profit, many rely on their owners to fund them, so on your premise there'd only a handful of clubs getting the loan money.
  3. Perez didn't make it onto the board of Hemel until November, per Companies House the company didn't have any directors between March 2019 and August 2019. The last set of accounts make for interesting reading - debt free club, not many of those around
  4. is there any suggestion that they have ? Back on topic, Skolars taking a leaf out of Toronto's books by not naming a full squad of 21 for tomorrow.
  5. Toronto pulled the plug on the double header not Saracens.
  6. It will also affect other sports, including soccer, so will be a bigger higher profile issue than just affecting "Workington man".
  7. Maybe they can add it to the investment money that they still haven't paid Skolars.
  8. Surely this thread should be part of the new general Toronto thread.
  9. Looking forward to this. Hope it's as good as Fev's game last weekend - that one even got good wraps on the BBC cricket commentary between Derby and Sussex!
  10. Good to see The Sun covering the sport again and not just match reports.
  11. I thought Ottawa had full membership of the RFL - via their purchase of Hemel Stags!
  12. Since you'v gone off topic - would it be more packed ? If they could pack it on Saturday maybe they should be looking for somewhere bigger next time. Back on topic - great result for Skolars. They could go top again if they beat Haven next week, probably doesn't get tougher than that.
  13. given that oldham are talking about playing at Leigh Sporting Village, maybe they could move there and we could have 4 sides playing there.
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