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  1. 16 hours ago, bigbaldnmad said:

    Can anyone confirm that the free parking at Vanguard after 6pm is still in place on matchdays?

    No parking restrictions are in place at Vangarde after 18:00 on any day 

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  2. 1 hour ago, spanishknight said:

    Fordy has said he won't be using D/R this season, he's spoken to the Cas coach and turned it down, he also says he wants one more player in a certain position.

    Guess it'll be loan signings, should we need them? 

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  3. There's a 2 hour parking restriction limit on both the football and rugby's matchdays. However this finishes at 18:00, so no issue for night games. If it's a 15:00 KO, then treat yourself to a £5 spend at M&S, see one of the guys with purple hi viz vests and IPads, show said receipt, enter your cars registration number into their IPad and you get 6 hours parking. Had absolutely no issues doing this for the York City games 

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  4. 2 hours ago, georgeb1 said:

    of the back row forwards , stock, kirmond and clarkson have all featured at prop before so a pretty versatile pack.

    It's not ideal playing back row forwards has props. Most match day squads have four props in them, so we need one more, plus Mr Ford says he wants to sign one 

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  5. 12 hours ago, J Phil Loxton said:

    I do try my best at goading Coolie 😉 He could be on holiday😂😂😂😂 For what it's worth I do like York and any other club that pulls it's socks up in a manner that your club has.

    Where's he gone to? Batley?

  6. 1 hour ago, YCKonstantine said:

    Is this like a second Featherstone forum now?

    We've always had a good relationship with Featherstone supporters, or at least I have. Nice to hear from POR, plus the Fev guys also have the cross that is Coolie Lad to bear as well

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  7. 9 hours ago, POR said:

    ll let you into a little secret it's always been FEV's policy when they sign a new player from another club he is given a one year contract on the same money as his previous contract

    Not doubting you, but does that rule apply to signings from Super League?

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  8. On 18/09/2021 at 11:18, coolie said:

    Pro's & cons

    He's in a full time environment at Leigh, will have lots of winning pay next season, most probably will get another crack at super league when Leigh win the league again next season




    He can sign for York


    Rocket scientists don't reply 🤔🤔

    Oh dear Coolie Lad 😄 it's almost like you haven't a clue what you're talking about 

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  9. 2 hours ago, Roger York said:

    I would imagine and hope that the club do know the attendances after all they are running a business where income is generated from paying spectators and if they don’t know how many have paid I would find this baffling and so would the tax man. 

    I don’t know why they are not announcing crowds I have always look to see how many turn up but I have to say the management company that runs the ticketing is beyond poor my season ticket still did not work I hope it’s all sorted for next season.

    Have the YCK not thought to ask Coolie Lad? He seems to know a lot more about the YCK financial side than most 

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  10. 2 hours ago, spanishknight said:

    The Knights have double the gates that the Rams get if not more, around 1,000 season ticket holders donated the money back to the club for last season, at around £150 a go is a fair bit of cash, so maybe we can spend more than the Rams, add that to the sponsors the Knights have, I'm happy supporting Jon and James.

    It's all relevant too turnover.  Manchester United spend more than say Norwich, because they take in more money. We in turn will take in more money than say Dewsbury Rams, so therefore we can spend more. A concept Coolie lad can't seen to grasp 

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  11. 4 hours ago, coolie said:

    I'm not prepared to disclose the figures as it might put in danger the source of the leak... 

    It's eye watering for a team that's finished 9th and the mistake will never be repeatered

    All I can say is you've spent 2 and a half times what we have and that's the truth 🤔🤔🤔

    A different angle to the same question. What percentage of our turnover has been spent on players wages compared to whoever you support  Coolie lad? 

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  12. 20 minutes ago, coolie said:

    We've no intention of going to super league, last time we won the right the door was firmly shut in our faces, super league want Bradford in there merely for bums on seats, unfortunately featherstone are too close to Wakefield & Castleford to get a chance... And going 10,10,10 might mean Wakefield end up in super league 2,if the figures banded about how much York has spent this season are true they've spent 2 years worth of money in 1 season, word also is 5 clubs are in serious doubt 3 in championship 1,and 2 in the championship... Luckily Dewsbury or York are neither of them... And 1 of the championship clubs is a really surprise seeing how they've recruited.. Hope they told the new players coming in about "shortfall in revenue" 🤔

    I'll bite Coolie lad, as you're in the know, what are the exact amounts that the YCK have spent compared to the team you support, the Dewsbury Rams?

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  13. Just as an aside to all the ongoing issues caused by the SMC, which is McGill owned. The York City Supporters Trust are having an EMG where there is to be a vote of "no confidence" in McGill and his board. It costs £1 to join the YCST and cast your vote. It may not change anything but, if passed, the motion will be an embarrassment to McGill, several YCK supporters have joined and voted to support the motion 

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