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  1. Don't forger Sean Willey?
  2. Antrobus signs on for next season
  3. Wonder if the lad knows a couple of props in the mould of Mike Marketo?
  4. Yeah, I bet Ford is wetting himself with mirth
  5. Or resting key players in game we have zero chance of winning
  6. Spennymoor Town have a scoreboard similar to the one York City would like. It generates around £80k a year through advertising revenue
  7. Due to work commitments, that's the first game since Leigh, that I've been able to attend. With YCK third in the table, I'm hoping today's performance was just a blip? The Knights were very poor against a workmanlike Barrow. Lack of cohesion in both attack and defence cost them any chance of the 2 points today and the better side won. Nice to see some of "yesterday's' players at the game
  8. If we don't gain promotion this season, then I for one, would like to see Featherstone Rovers promoted.
  9. Logan leaves the club with immediate effect
  10. Shadow45


    It was a yellow card he received
  11. Football was online this afternoon. Broadcast can't be received if your living abroad
  12. No parking restrictions are in place at Vangarde after 18:00 on any day
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