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  1. Oh dear Coolie Lad it's almost like you haven't a clue what you're talking about
  2. Until the signing is confirmed by Coolie Lad, then and only then can it be official
  3. Have the YCK not thought to ask Coolie Lad? He seems to know a lot more about the YCK financial side than most
  4. It's all relevant too turnover. Manchester United spend more than say Norwich, because they take in more money. We in turn will take in more money than say Dewsbury Rams, so therefore we can spend more. A concept Coolie lad can't seen to grasp
  5. A different angle to the same question. What percentage of our turnover has been spent on players wages compared to whoever you support Coolie lad?
  6. I'll bite Coolie lad, as you're in the know, what are the exact amounts that the YCK have spent compared to the team you support, the Dewsbury Rams?
  7. Not that anyone would like Ford to go, but you need to have a succession plan in place and Spears would be the ideal candidate
  8. Join the YCST, only £1 and vote your displeasure at the McGill owned SMC, Simon
  9. Just as an aside to all the ongoing issues caused by the SMC, which is McGill owned. The York City Supporters Trust are having an EMG where there is to be a vote of "no confidence" in McGill and his board. It costs £1 to join the YCST and cast your vote. It may not change anything but, if passed, the motion will be an embarrassment to McGill, several YCK supporters have joined and voted to support the motion
  10. Hopefully you doubled up with Newcastle Thunder to hammer Dewsbury Rams?
  11. Good win today and that should end any talk of a relegation battle. Just waiting for Coolie Lad to come on and tell us we really lost because we spent more money than Dewsbury have this season
  12. You can't go all "butchers dog" on us now Coolie lad. End of the day, we want our teams to win and do well, but for someone to go on to another teams site just to attempt to wind up their fans is quite sad, bantz yes, but you just need to know when to give it a rest. Looks like we'll be playing at that bus stop in Batley next season, whilst you'll get to visit the capital of God's own County, which is a rare win for you Coolie lad
  13. I see the "Richard Cranium" that is Coolie is still trying to get bites, keep on fishing Coolie lad, keep on fishing
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