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  1. Is the final sentence above tongue in cheek? No doubt in any fair minded person that we feel for the Bulls but rules are rules and they must be relegated into league one and Whitehaven reinstated. To help the Bulls even more - deduct 12 points but every try they score is worth 10 points and they get 3 points for a lose.
  2. I am glad that Bradford survived but what really annoys me is how they have been seen as a special case. When my team Oldham went into liquidation, there wasn't any support from the RL we just had to battle on alone in the third tier and work our way back - something we are still doing. All the best to Bradford but the RL must sort out the shambles they are before Rugby League is no more.
  3. Have I missed something? Are we considering signing him or is it just roughyspud in dreamland?
  4. Great idea. But why not take it to another level and have a celebratory meal showing match footage from both eras? Obviously, with as many guest players as possible. Not forgetting Roger Halstead.
  5. Nothing to do with there being an australian referee and australian TMO. Why didn't they use neutral Hicks? Like other users have said the setting was superb, but sadly again RL was let down by poor preparation namely the breakdown of sound when the two national anthems were being sung. Surely, it's simple things like this that are tested before the event. Also, why couldn't the final have been played nearer to the RL heartland. Daft comment when on e considers that the 2025 finals are in Canada/America. Up the Yeds or is it ORLFC?
  6. Still need a big nasty prop to look after the great, young forwards we have on board. With DR do you think Earl Crabtree might fit the bill?
  7. Why must we be tied to any one club? Surely, Scott must have feelers out watching which players are available elsewhere that could do a job for us. Just look at the Latics they have loan players from all over the place - not much good but their approach is better than being tied to one club.
  8. With regards to Bradford. When we played them at their place talking to their species they were saying that the had a playing squad of over 40 and they were having to release at least 20 to be viable. Koucash was was mentioned but that dream has gone.
  9. Just to wish you all the best. We went into administration as have Bradford, about ten times! and we came back stronger - just keep the faith.
  10. Do we definitely know who from last year's squad will not be with us next season. There hasn't been any information in the chron. just bits on this forum.
  11. Congratulations to all involved with the Hornets. Can't wait for next season's derby matches.
  12. If Hudds. get relegated there ends our dual registration links. Who then should we link up with? Personally, I would like Warrington because of how respectful they were after the cup game.
  13. How much is owed by the Latics? Did hear at one time the council gave the Latics £5,000,000 to help with the building of their new stand and millions over the years. And didn't the council rob us with promises of a new ground when they stole Watersheddings! So well done CH if you get away with it.
  14. I felt really upset today winning but sending you down. Your supporters are brilliant and you didn't deserve it. All I can say is I wish you all the best and I hope to meet you again the season after next.
  15. Over the years since we lost Watersheddings, the cry has been about getting the club on the rugby side of the town. Whitebank will never be a success due to the many reasons reported on these pages. I have on numerous occasions mentioned the old Higginshaw Gas Works. It's a massive site with good links to motorways and it's on the rugby side of town.
  16. Well done Dave - keep up the good work and regards to your Mum.
  17. What are the hairnets doing with all of their spare players?
  18. When did Roper go to the hairnets and why?
  19. Bradford is just a game to get out of the way and to avoid injuries to any key players. I am sure the coaching staff and players are thinking the same. Unfortunately, if they go into the game with that mentality they will not be in up for it and there is a greater chance of injury. It's a catch 22 situation. Let's just hope they keep the score down and enjoy the experience.
  20. A fantastic game one showing what a great game we have. It was a credit to both sides. It can't be argued that you played the better rugby but we took our chances. I just pray that we both stay up because of the great bond there is between the two clubs. All the best for the rest of the season.
  21. What a fantastic advert for our great game. I feel the noise created by the Yonners in the second half was something special and I am sure that it inspired the players. Thanks to my son Kieran who kept me positive throughout the game ensuring me we would win when I said we were in for a long afternoon when we went behind and they were well and truly on top.
  22. What positions do they play? Hopefully not hooker!!
  23. I agree with RougyheadsMad it's never been a level playing field that is why I started a topic on The General Rugby Forum to see how others feel. Some interesting comments have been made. Sadly the RFL don't read the punter's comments and will kill the game in the next few years with their madcap schemes, probably even sooner if Sky pull the plug.
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