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  1. Age, Condition, Team/match and interest are the four factors which affect the price. The older the programme the potentially higher the price, for really old programmes even the condition isn't that important. Old probably means pre 60s, not as some think the start of SuperLeague! If you look at eBay you will get an idea of the value asked and you Will also see the lack of interest in 99% of the programmes available but that 1% could bring a few hundred or more if two or more collectors are interested.
  2. I’ve no idea who Tim is. However I introduced myself :hi:in http://www.totalrl.com/forums/index.php/topic/265755-what-exactly-do-you-collect/page-2
  3. My club is now actually defunct so there will never be any new programmes but I continue to fill the gaps from previous seasons. I also act as the unofficial club historian and archivisit and write a monthly newsletter about the club in which I use items from my collection. I still go to a game a week - I watch different teams around the county/country and I still pick up a programme from these games. I have thought many times about stopping buying from these games and disposing of these 'non-core' programmes but it doesn't feel right!
  4. Obviously no Rugby League programme can pre-date 1895 but what is your oldest Rugby League related memorabilia? I have a 1881 Wakefield Trinity ‘Rules and Relegations’ booklet. I believe the cover is missing and it does have tape repairs but otherwise is in good condition. The thing that interests me is the use of the phrase Lieutenant instead of Vice Captain. I wonder when the use of Lieutenant faded out?
  5. For my clubs centenary one person compiled fixture and results for each season (back from 1901), mainly from trawling through old newspaper reports and programmes. (The club did not have a archive of note). In just over 3100 games played, he was only unable to find results for 4 or 5. He also compiled a list of player appearances and points scorers – although some seasons are more accurate and complete than others. I have copies of this information – the fixtures and results I typed into a spreadsheet and I have the intention to do the same with the player appearances and points once I have worked out a format that will allow me to do what I want with them. He had a different way of recording substitutes/blood bin replacements than I would have done. I have added fixtures that he excluded. Towards the end of the clubs existence it only had one team. It played fixtures against other clubs ‘B sides’ or ‘shadow XVs’ which he excluded but I have included on the account that they had to be first team games as we had no second team.
  6. With difficulty! A few years ago I had a cupboard made with strengthened shelves to house my collection. I had it measured out to fit the boxes that stored my collection at the time, but as the collection has now out grown the cupboard it has spilled into other places! (In hindsight I wish I had not been too precise with my measurements and allowed room for growth.) I use a combination of plastic boxes (Really useful storage box brand – in different sizes) and cardboard boxes originally bought from Muji and Paperchase. I keep some of the rarer and older items in display folders – make sure the plastic is archive friendly – on a book shelf. At one stage I had thought about moving all the programmes into display folders but they do take up far more space than storage boxes. I also have photographs within ring binders so I can easily add photos and keep them in some kind of date order. Older photos from newspapers are kept in postal tubes. Stats, newspaper reports, newspaper cuttings etc. are currently kept in plastic sleeves (one per season) in a series of Muji boxes but I have thinking of moving these into ring binders – my preferred brand is ‘ergogrip’ which comes with a ‘unique looking mechanism’ which means that the wallets don’t fall out every time you open the binder! I also have a number of shirts which are folded up and stored in my wardrobe and a collection of ties which are currently in a shoe box. I have had one or two items framed – mainly to preserve them – as I have no wall space to actually display them, so they are currently behind the cupboard. A bit of a mish-mash and it is not perfect but in the close to forty years I have been collecting I have found there is no perfect storage solution – although I am still looking!
  7. If you can excuse a Rugby Union interloper? I collect Wakefield Rugby Union memorabilia and cross into League due to former Wakefield RFC players turning pro and picking up programmes etc featuring those players. I also research the defunct Victorian era rugby clubs of the West Riding.
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