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  1. Thanks for the updates. Much appreciated. As far as I can see Super League on YouTube only has very short highlights. Will investigate fox via VPN. Can’t help but think we’re missing something here, especially in the days of expansion. I’d happily pay for this content which obviously exists but just isn’t accessible.
  2. Thanks for that. Generally for live games i can find something and ill definitely try this. Problem is 80% of games are at horrible hours for me in Hong Kong so I definitely need playback/on demand of some sort. Ive emailed various people at sky / super league to ask. I've not received a reply!
  3. I live overseas and until recently was watching games on rugbyleaguedvds.com until its demise. I wanted to watch a video Leeds Vs Castleford game today and have realised that there seems no legitimate (or other) way for me to watch a video of the full game if i live overseas as its not accessible via sky. The NRL provides exactly this service on its watchnrl.com platform. Super League is missing another trick here! I'd be massively grateful if anyone could point me the direction of something but after a good trawl of the internet I suspect it doesn't exist!
  4. We'll match that then. The way this tournament has captivated the public we'll probably get 50k. What was today's attendance?
  5. Been watching international RL for 35 years now. I honestly thing this is the low point. Its going to get worse before it gets better.
  6. Remind me of the last time 40k people watched a RL international
  7. The final is going to be embarrassing. Hardly anyone watching.... RL once again looks stupid.
  8. Thanks Matt. I was hoping it was on Setanta. I checked their TV listings but there has been nothign on the website for days.
  9. Thank you. I'm aware of filmon - that has been my backup for the last two years for challenge cup games screened on BBC. It is good but...its basically an illegal feed. I was kind of hoping there was a more reliable/official option. I'm guessing not...
  10. I live in Hong Kong and face a constant battle to be able to catch games. I usually resort to not so legit internet streams but they are very unreliable and usually cut out at the crucial moment. Is there a plan to stream the four nations games? I would be very grateful if anyone can point me in the direction of somewhere I can watch the games. I'm willing to pay!
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