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  1. I don't want to be negative about the setting up of the fund, but surely the club's biggest asset at the moment is the team's fantastic performances on the field, the financial utilisation of which should be a priority for both the club's short and long-term future. The issuing of shares is a great idea, but setting up a fund for an apparently debt-less club does seem rather desperate and might have the opposite effect of alientating supporters from contributing. Should Workington escape relegation it would be one of the greatest stories in Rugby League history given that the club only had five points a month ago! Being a part of this story is what the club should be promoting to the hilt, attracting both new and disaffected supporters to the club with the inevitable financial rewards.
  2. Just a suggestion as to how the club could raise some money for next season: with it being the forty-year anniversary of winning the Lancashire Cup, perhaps a retro shirt (it was a classic!) could be released to commemorate the event, alongside a DVD of the match (I think it was on BBC). If these could be available before Christmas, it would be a nice off-season earner for the club.
  3. On average, what kind of crowd numbers do both clubs get?
  4. It's such a shame that the Kukis didn't qualify for 2017. I really think that all of the South Pacific islands should have been given automatic qualification for this particular tournament given its location.
  5. Why is it that Huddersfield's home attendances are so poor? It is perhaps understandable given the team's form this season (Challenge cup quarter-final aside) but even in 2013 when they won the League Leader's shield, poor home crowds were still an issue.
  6. Potentially, Salford (assuming we stay in Super League) will have a potential 20 games at the AJ Bell next year (1 friendly, 11 regular season home games, 4 super eight and one semi-final, 3 challenge cup). Why not have a season ticket which covers all of these games and market it as the '40:20' whereby you're paying £40 to watch a potential 20 fixtures. Surely this would appeal to all supporters who might just be casual attenders to the AJB, but if you could sell 10,000 of these, an overall loss in gate revenue over the season would surely be more than compensated by sales of merchandise and other matchday products, as well as an improvement on the pitch with the heightened support.
  7. Will the Americas qualifying tournament simply be a three-nation series between USA, Canada and Jamaica?
  8. Rugby League in Huyton (1982)
  9. The one and only Geoff Fletcher!
  10. He certainly used to give a tough pre-match teamtalk! (5.35 minutes in)
  11. Having just watched the fantastic 1980 Yorkshire TV documentary on Doncaster, I was just wondering whether Huyton (who feature in the programme) still have a senior team playing at any level in the sport?
  12. Has the Jamaican national team played a fixture since losing the World Cup Qualifier to USA in 2011? Given the great strides that the game has taken out there, it would seem a real shame if they haven't.
  13. Before the home game against Scorpions earlier in the season, it was discussed at a fans forum about setting up a Skolars supporters club and several people expressed an interest. However, I've seen no updates from the club since detailing any progress in this. Does anyone know anything about it?
  14. What on earth happened to the Skolars at Hunslet yesterday?! They'll be struggling to make the fifth play-off place on current form.
  15. Great new signing for Skolars! http://www.skolarsrl.com/2014/02/20/skolars-announce-signing-of-patelisio-pelo/
  16. Does anyone know when the fixtures for this tournament will be announced? Will the Ukraine (as Bowl winners) be replacing Germany?
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