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  1. Well a Turkey is for Xmas Or in Jezza case a lame duck
  2. Your wasting your time Martyn, the Tom Watson's of this world and this forum say he was guilty
  3. Well done sir you should be applauded but on here I doubt it
  4. I work in the social housing sector the waste by councils is huge, way too many chiefs driving round all day with fancy titles on big salaries doing sweet FA. My local council leader earns over £100k(expenses) and the mayor is drove around in a chauffer driven Rolls
  5. Thought you'd defend him, funny how he's not chased after Janner as much. Brittan's are against a 19 year old Allegedly Janners are horrific allegedly http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/law-and-order/11837285/Lord-Janner-to-face-trial-over-historic-sex-abuse-charges-in-new-year.html Anyway Uncle Tom is going to have to answer to these http://news.sky.com/story/1568908/tom-watson-to-be-quizzed-over-brittan-claims Hope they throw the book at the horrible little man
  6. I'm just using Exiled Wiganers favourite phrase when mentioning Saints players who don't come from the town ie: The Widnesian Percival or the Wiganer Makinson
  7. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-34487562 Up to 7 million !! This will be the end for Mrs Merkel
  8. Here's a first I agree with you A while back in my neck of the woods a bloke was taken to court for an alleged rape, he was found not guilty but everyone in our neighbourhood knew in advance about the case, to this day some morons still refer to him as the "rapist". The woman who was found to be lying moved away from the area. And yes I know we don't want to stop women or men to stop reporting rape to the police, but surely reporting restrictions should be kept under wraps until AFTER the case has been heard.
  9. So you are Citizen Smith or Swampy, I'll remember in future. And you'd let them all in like Corbyn
  10. It may surprise you but I don't have one, but I may get one Hows your hammer and sickle doing? How many immigrants would you let in, or would you just open the floodgates like JC wants
  11. Well it seems like the far right have been demonstrating in various cities against this open door policy
  12. Sadly this type of protest will get more commonplace when the swampies of this country realise their new "messiah" isn't electable.
  13. Thank god they are not my accountant £1million a week? £1.3m invested since Cameron became leader? You couldn't make it up or could you
  14. Thought so And that's why you and Weary will never get your wish, the majority of the electorate are decent people who believe in democracy not a mob/animal culture Good luck your going to need it
  15. So you condone this sort of behaviour? I suppose your happy for the delegates and press at the tory conference getting spat at and called #### Typical ugly side of socialism and its "swampy" friends
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