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  1. Point 1 they are a glorified bus driver and at that salary is it any surprise they have so many applicants Point 2 Bus drivers suffer the same probably worse scenarios,politicians pay rise is'nt a tory thing while wrong its assessed by some commission(totally wrong) in my eyes. Some unions went OTT in the 70/80's i remember coming home from school having to eat my tea by candlelight/bins not being emptied/dead not buried yeah lets return to the past it was great
  2. So you think a train driver should get more than a doctor? If so you should think bin men should get more than nurses
  3. Yes because he aint calling the misinformation thats constantly being pumped by certain posters as typical labour
  4. Do i work for you? Look for yourself Derwent has highlighted some should i say ill truths
  5. Judging by the rubbish being posted on the benefits thread by certain labour supporters,i'd say thats a bit OTT
  6. Nice one Derwent Doubt you'll get a response though I can just imagine the teeth grinding and headbanging when they read your post
  7. Could'nt be happier Labour are dead and buried to the electorate for years and years to come and if they are that stupid to vote in Corbyn(the Communist) decades in the duldrems awaits.I do hope they do,ive had my 3 quids worth I dont hate anyone especially the geniunely needy they should be helped no doubt,what i am against is the bone idle social security scroungers who play the system,have no intention of looking nevermind getting work and believe the state should look after them. I know loads of these in my area who constantly keep knocking out kids willy nilly which the taxpayer has to support. As for the guys that liked your post well the wiganer what do you expect that town would return a labour MP if Saddam Hussein stood as their candidate,a bit like St.Helens were they just elected a northern irishman who'd never been to the town previously and an ex Council leader(67 years old) who had alledgedly dodgy dealings whilst in office and is currently facing charges of assault on a woman at the scottish referendum. Craig i'm surprised at as i thought he was quite smart,but i was mistaken. And finally lefty Rhino well what can you say about someone who follows looney left minority parties,he's probably one of the ones i made reference to earlier.Aint got owt but wants a share of what someone else has worked hard for.
  8. Your obviously in the labour camp and thats your choice,the country was'nt thank god
  9. Ive run out of likes for derwent and saintlass not sure how to do laughs /smilies at Weary/Griff and of course Trojan worst case scenario i've heard is it will cost the bone idle is 10 cigs/or a pint and a half a week. Stop knocking out kids that You cant pay for This country should not be a charity,if we were'nt the Calais situation would not be happening
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