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  1. Sky commentators were praising Tonga last week for being consistantly good this season
  2. Yep effing bent barsteward Any repercushions?
  3. Degsy Hattons back so maybe just maybe Seriously cant see anywhere for them to go apart from the political wilderness for a good few elections
  4. Nice one Wane calling Bentham a "bent barsteward" for going to the VR for Bowens try
  5. Masoe has been a luxury no team can afford these days,you could condense his highlights for saints into a 2 minute you tube segment. Poor mans Feka
  6. Bump You aint gonna get a response mate from the socialists But i will thank you
  7. The welfare state in this country is being exploited/raped by bone idle lazy fulltime doleites who have no intention of looking for work,these are the ones that will be targeted and rightly so. The genuine needy will be looked after. As for the unions,do you want to return to the days when we had blackouts,bins not being emptied,schools shut,thankfully those days are long gone.I worked in North America in the 70/80s i was a Teamsters(largest in the world at the time) union member,the reps i met were horrified how our unions could hold our country to ransom,they were embarasssing to say the least, And why should todays union members have their subs they pay fund labour,the majority dont vote labour, I can see your bitter about the election result but you'll have to live with it for another 5 years
  8. Ted surprised you missed out Boston,Edwards and Betts
  9. Good job both teams were equally ###### then because it made it entertaining
  10. Oh i do hope so,he was shown up on QT last night Mind you who'd want to be the next Captain of the Titanic.
  11. I would give Arthur Scargill(Trojan) and his mates a wide berth for a while,they are very bitter that their hero/saviour Ed and his cronies have been blitzed by the electorate. The tories wont be able to do right for doing wrong on here in the next five years BTW i am not a tory,just anti socialist/labour
  12. Nowt to do with the backstabbing Red Ed and his incompetent bunch then? I noticed this election that Labour bosses "Union Leaders"mostly kept their gobs shut otherwise the drubbing they got might have been worse. Been watching social media since the election and the "bone idle" jobless are having a hissy fit in fear as they may have to work for a living anytime soon
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