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  1. Good on ya We all work 5-6 days a week as we are a family business So i get more than enough time with my family,some of my friends work for me too. I have no jealousy for anyone who supports himself and his family Like i have no grudge against the Genuinely needy in our society what i do have problems with are with is the dole scroungers who have no intention of looking for work and think the state OWES them a living,basically benefit cheats of which there are 10/100's of thousands of these in this country Some people need help, some need the preverbial boot up the arris
  2. Poverty is a terrible i've been there but violence is not the answer Thats anarchy And illegal
  3. Sorry mate you have whippets 8 kids your mam and dad dont have money and jealous of my orange box
  4. sorry but this was started by 2 people i know they are'nt ukip supporters
  5. https://www.change.org/p/ed-miliband-revote-general-elections?recruiter=122641900&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=autopublish&utm_term=mob-xs-share_petition-reason_msg&fb_ref=Default#petition-letter You socialists should sign this
  6. Good grief man/woman give up your digging to deep you'll be buried Your obviously envious/jealous of people whos families have money
  7. Behave apart from Me Saintlass John M (obviously) and maybe Geordie Saint(sorry GS if i'm wrong) the rest are socialists
  8. Lucky barsteward you i had an orange box on old prams wheels ,Stop bragging
  9. Sorry but this seems to be a labour site which i can understand,its northern based after all,but when one of the socialists is happy to say "Violent direct action and protest, when necessary." then they deserve all they get called
  10. Oh FFS Why dont these mega rich millionares cough up half their fortunes it would feed millions
  11. Sorry Craig but JON seems to have a problem that i work and dont vote socialist How could i
  12. I dont like how Geldof and that other Irish knob constantly play the sympathy card on genuine hard working people in this country and yet the pair a worth between them over £500 million
  13. Thats why their hypocrites,bit like Bob Geldof and his mate Bono,they want other people to share their wealth whilst stashing theirs in tax havens. Anyway should'nt you be preparing for your next Giro or feeding your Whippets
  14. Think you'll find Collins lives in Switzerland and has talent,the two socialist luvvies have no talent whatsoever BTW I am the boss employing 6 people with families
  15. Another reason to celebrate cant stand the talentless oaf,maybe he'll do one and f off out the country with Lily Savage Goodbye chums dont forget to shut the door on your way out You wont be missed
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