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  1. Is this April fools or something this is taking the urine Ban Em Now
  2. James Roberts has lightening pace but not much else Blake Austin started off great but has faded badly Woods is a plodder Better 2nd rowers than JJ
  3. Think your bitterness/jealousy has fuddled your brain, the metres he's been making for 2 years now makes that a ridiculous statement and why he's been nominated for MOS Suppose you'd have Mossop
  4. Could this be the End? I have a "Bluemotion" is it worth anything now? Are others using this technology? Must be loads going cheap
  5. Think you need to make your mind up "The NHS is the most efficient public sector healthcare organisation in the world in terms of output against state funding per head. We could increase NHS funding by 50% and we'd STILL be cheaper.
  6. A greek Marxist on our tv come on talking about our fiscal policy,come on!!
  7. Never voted tory in my life,just want to see socialism destroyed and with the election of JC who I voted for(best 3 quid I've ever spent)my dream has come true
  8. My point is why a former greek finance minister(lol) be on a british tv programme Do you think greek tv would have Norman Lamont on
  9. Exactly And to try and gain cheap political points from this is shameful
  10. Why has a British TV programme have a Greek Marxist on talking about economics? Its like asking Jeremy Corbyn to judge a beauty contest
  11. Wait a minute What happened to the "The NHS ain't save under the Tories" You cant have it both ways
  12. FFS Phil I've got a boil on me Bum can I blame that on the Tories!!! Bullying of any kind is pure evil Must do better that's 2 posts today you've set up that are bulls--------t
  13. Your wasting your time mate do you not know the state/tax payer should pay for everything, I remember my school days I was either given dinner money or school dinners were bought in advance the week before, BTW my parents were not were earning well below the average wage at the time, but they managed not to depend on others to pay for their children to be fed by the education authority, You send your children to school to be educated not to be fed free, you wouldn't get an employer paying for all his employees dinners. Fact is if you cant afford to feed the kids you keep spitting out stop spitting them out From year( not sure might be 2017) you will get penalised on your welfare claim if you bang out more than two,if you want more pay for it yourself Seems fair
  14. He not only oppose's the cap he wants to get rid of it altogether, it going down well with the dole scroungers/bone idle, labours traditional voters. His "Lets open the Doors" to the refugees, immigrants, terrorists ain't going down well at all. Is it true he porked Dianne Abbott?
  15. His policies are in the 20th century but the rest of us are in the 21st century, socialism in this country has never caught on. Thank God
  16. I wouldn't concern yourselves with the prospect of any sort of mutiny/coup by our armed forces , it wont be needed. JC has as much chance of becoming PM as the Pope as of marrying Marilyn Monroe, the latest poll out says he's already lost 20% of labour voters(note voters) not £3 members like myself. Even the Labour supporters I know are shocked how he's already backtracking over NATO and the EU, not to mention his willingness to open the floodgates to refugees or economic migrants stealing their housing and benefits. The press don't need to discredit him, just having friends like Lady Tonge signs your death warrant:- "I have met Hamas leaders both in Damascus and in Gaza. So has Jeremy Corbyn," she said. "We were all favourably impressed by those people. We all feel it was very very important to listen to their point of view. "They said a lot of wise things." Lady Tonge, a former Lib Dem MP, also said that peace talks should involve senior figures from so-called Islamic State. "They're not friends, but I think people should meet them. We've got to bring in Isis leaders and you've got to bring in Assad. You've got to talk to all the people who are involved." You couldn't make it up!!!
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