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  1. Sorry cant do links but i'm sure the Beeb will have it somewhere As for who Tyson fought TNT Tucker gave him a good go especially after breaking a hand early in the fight,Bone Crusher Smith was difficult and Razor Ruddock in the 2nd fight gave it a go but a lot of fighters were beaten by fear Spinks,Berbick,Frazier,Tillman and Stewart spring to mind. As for the heavyweight scene now Vlad Klitch has sewn up the division but his style is pretty boring,but effective sadly no one has really caught him clean for along time as i still think he has a bit of a glass jaw,as the late Corey Saunders proved
  2. Well you do have to pay rent to "Dodgy Dave" the racist He might need to call for a chow mein on his way home
  3. The greatest upset in heavyweight boxing as "Quitter" Buster Douglas knocked out Iron Mike Tyson. I remember it like it was yesterday,all my mates round to watch it(as at the time we had sky they didnt)some had fallen a sleep,wife had gone to bed bored with the lot of us,I taped it,still got it somewhere,took it to the boozer that Sunday afternoon,place was packed,everyone in disbelief at what followed. For me a big boxing fan it was an incredible fight with a bit of contraversy thrown in, Sadly Buster seemed to take the money and run in his next fight and never got the recognition his performance that night deserved, 5 live have interviewed BD for his thoughts if anyone is interested,worth a listen
  4. He's busy right now having his hair done The David Beckham Wannabe of RL
  5. Yep a quality boiler is a god send,too many cheap crappy boilers on the market,Ferroli are a prime example,always buy the best you can afford and insist on a stainless steel heat exchanger,cast iron ones a proned to cracking
  6. Ifs and Buts Like i said our ticket prices are cheap enough anyway,so no need to offer cheap tickets. Let the tightharris pay full price like the rest of us
  7. It would sure pee me off if i'd paid full price and the guy sat next to me had'nt. RL is not an expensive sport to start with and we should not be discounting prices,for cheapskates
  8. So in 10 years you,ve had 3 motorised valves and a pump replaced The cost of them would be what you've paid to BG in 1 year
  9. And rightly so they are up against the best the NRL have to offer Wire and Wigan up against 2 average teams
  10. Dead right Too small for a forward and not quick enough for a back An older version of Liam Farrell
  11. That would be a dumb move having not played for months Even if it means the awful Jon Wilkin has to play in the halves
  12. With you on this OF The big companies have have shareholders, directors,managers plus the "tradesmen" to pay for, British Gas wanted £600 to Powerflush my system,got it done by a local heating engineer for £150 I rather give my money local companies than rip off multi-nationals
  13. But by doing that your missing out on SL Cant we get some kind of petition up or bombard sky with e-mails to get rid of these dinosaurs If sky finally think its costing them money they may act Having said that if(well its a sure fire thing) sky put my subs up to cover their stupid bid for Football I'm Off
  14. This Wire and Wigan both playing very average NRL sides Saints playing the top side minus SB And of course the hugely overated Wilkin as a half back
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