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  1. You cant complain though when you get most of the decisions,even the Bullfrog cant deny that
  2. Your not kidding,a one man crusade maybe or just simple trolling But he kept the forum going for a pointless excercise Idle hands and all that Anyway good luck to the SL sides
  3. Anfield would not be available in February and last time it was held there 2/10/91 Wigan 21 Penrith 4 (Anfield, Liverpool) Attendance: 20,152 After the 37k 10 years ago the attendances at Elland Road steadily fell 1/3/09 Manly 28 Leeds 20 (Elland Road, Leeds) Attendance: 32,569 28/2/10 Melbourne 18 Leeds 10 (Elland Road, Leeds) Attendance: 27,697
  4. You are dreaming if you think that Anfield would both be available and sold out
  5. The only ground that would be probably available would be Bolton,and as their running at huge financial loss the cost to hire the stadium would not have been covered by the few (if any)extra speccies. Saints have a pretty new shiny stadium and as has been said have earned the right to use it
  6. Not looking good for Dodgy Daves Team at the moment Better players leaving or wanting too Relegation looks iminent
  7. Its also dangerous to pick your nose whilst driving Or as some women do check their appearance in the rear view mirror But all are not policed
  8. Depends how old it is,ive a 04 reg that does,but my other 3 vehicles dont but they are newer
  9. RTS was very disappointing last year,supposed to be replacing Mini at FB this year,so whoever gets the wing spot this year is only keeping the shirt warm
  10. Was it? Or was it rumoured? Whatever it was SL is struggling to keep talent/get talent as our salary cap is very static
  11. Dunno dont go to fans forums bit old for that,just what most sports sites are saying
  12. Great year for the lad ,hope he takes the NRL by storm
  13. Wigans answer to Jamie Lyon TBF he did once outpace Wellens
  14. Millward came after Hanley,Adamson was signed by Ellery IIRC
  15. Fereti Tuilagi always put a smile on my face, Alfie Langer and Andrew Gee were major let downs
  16. Surely Homer,Hannibal,Warrior Jack and i've lost count of the other names he's used must be a candidate Anybody know whats his new username?Pm me
  17. Dont like Perez but he cant be blamed for Alex walking It was his choice
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