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  1. Wont happen mate if everyone stopped today the government would have to find £11 billion that it makes from tax on them,i know smoking related illness costs the NHS £2 billion so thats a massive shortfall of £9 billion. Its a big money maker for the public purse
  2. Your resignation was the funniest ever,longest bit of tripe ever All because Uncle Mo was caught out
  3. Ken would have won with the public,Reg Holdsworth had returned
  4. Jeez you dont half go OTT Mind you you usually do
  5. really professional by Sky to post a picture of Scott Taylor FFS
  6. Probably because you can count his hits on 1 finger/hand
  7. Judge for Yourself Video if someone can make her out from that then MI5 need you As for the footage shes does well on those heels
  8. Its the fashion over here you'll get it in about 10 years Bit like clothing
  9. Can you explain why someone from Hull would delight in their hometown club in any sport being in trouble a joyful thing?
  10. Give up Saintlass You aint going to convince or turn this lot I've yet to hear that e-cigs users cause havoc or expenditure by the NHS A&E departments,unlike what happens most days due to alcohol,drinking alcohol kills and destroys more people than e-cigs will ever do Yet they are all happy to take the breweries sponsorship money Double standards to say the least
  11. After watching a Fabulous PDC tournament the Lakeside spectacle is laughable I kid you not we have better players in our darts league, Time the bbc ditched this and spent the money elsewhere
  12. True If Saddam Hussein or Osama Bin Laden had stood as a Labour candidate in St.Helens they'd have won easily
  13. Me too well actually i'm anti-labour But jeez a tory in St.Helens thats as rare a rockin horse $hite
  14. Superb Just dont like the exit fees.But i think those tariffs will be hard to beat
  15. Good one But i cant find that tariff on their site,i presume its an old one
  16. Your Welcome Hate seeing people getting ripped off by energy companies, I feel sorry for the older generation who dont have access to the net. An elderly relation of mine was getting fleeced by British Gas, i helped her change to this and she will save over £600 a year even though on the small print of her energy bill they pointed out that they(BG) had cheaper tariffs,although she had'nt noticed this. Mind you the npower deal was still £450 a year cheaper than the BG cheapest deal. Disgraceful
  17. Thats the Martin Lewis site which recommended me to npower BTW I dont work for npower
  18. I switched In January to npower (yeah i know their customer services aint that hot)but hey i just want my supply of gas and electric to be at the cheapest possible price. Anyhow last week i got an e-mail off them offering me a new tariff cheaper than my current one fixed until April 2016.I checked 3 comparison websites and all 3 said this was the cheapest tariff on offer.Also a monthly e-mail i get from Martin Lewis said the same so i signed up. For your information the tariff is as follows;- FIXED ENERGY ONLINE APRIL 2016 Electric 13.02 p/kWh unit rate Standing Charge 17.115 p/day Gas 3.429 p/kWh unit rate Standing Charge 15.53 p/day Can anyone find any better rates?
  19. Always thought Whelan was a tosser this proves it
  20. Sorry to be crude but did'nt it say he gave her oral sex first,jeez dirty git after his mates done his stuff.Yuk
  21. Perhaps he does'nt feel remorseful because feels he aint guilty No matter what the court found him of
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