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  1. Tomkins has been average at best for NZ Warriors in his whole time there Lost pace,still dodgy under the high ball. Not happy with Hardakers antics previously but his rugby form is excellent and thats what counts. So SHOULD be automatic choice for FB,wont hold my breath though
  2. This Its wonga politics,buy now your kids pay later I've read he wants to put up the top tax rate to 75%
  3. Or more importantly who will serve in his cabinet,Cooper and Kendall have said they would'nt No doubt many more Blairites MP's would'nt be interested. Its comical that a party in Britain would select as their leader a man that makes Michael Foot seem like a Capitalist. As has been mentioned earlier in this thread Labour need their new votes to come from the Liberals,Greens and UKIP voters,this is not going to happen with Jezzer in charge Tory voters in 2015 certainly aint going to go socialist,so as John M post states this is the longest suicide note in history Go Jezzer
  4. Reed got tore to shreds by an ageing Jamie Lyon last week,surely we can find someone better
  5. Maybe Saints might have him back,he couldnt do any worse than Burns and Walsh have been doing
  6. Has gone backwards since leaving the Bunnies
  7. Is'nt he the marquee signing or is he playing for free?
  8. They look like complete strangers BTW how many games did Burns and Walsh play together at Penrith
  9. Thought i saw Sandow in the stands with the other injured/suspended players But think you maybe dissapointed as Sandow is a free spirit not a team player
  10. No thats not what i'm advocating. My late mother god rest her soul in later life got £400 extra each year towards her energy bills,if this was knocked off her bill directly instead of handing her/them cash in hand it would be spent on what it was designed for. No pensioner who recieves this allowance and spend its on what is for should struggle for heating,jeez its nearly half what i pay for year on total energy and i have a 3 bed house
  11. Double standards or what? Tweeted his support for his mate against HIS party But now he's up for Election distances himself Bet when he gets in Degsy and Galloway are let back in
  12. Nah sorry he's gotta go Rabbit in headlights springs to mind Its got to the stage were the Aussies to celebrate his wicket they expect it Trouble is Selectors in England stick with a winning team,so he's probably safe even though he's averaging less than a dozen
  13. If the winter fuel allowance was paid direct to the pensioners energy supplier instead of to the pensioners account they wouldnt struggle for heating,a few grandkids would get less expensive xmas presents though
  14. What she says is true,shut the door before our island sinks,no vacancies signs need to be put up
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