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  1. Indeed it was But the quality/basic skills/handling errors on show was low Maybe i've been spoiled by Premeir sports
  2. Maybe if Saints had offered a contract in the 1st place he wouldnt have looked elsewhere
  3. I like Inu he's a character Not great but he's tough and adds humour
  4. I dont like seeing players booed but it seemed to work on Ben Flower 4 carries for 15 metres all this after Wane bigging him up all week Also MM on Wilkin was chance that MM could'nt resist
  5. Totally agree Hodkinson's not even kicking well
  6. Got to ask why? Surely Hull could pay him the same amount as wire,unless a brown paper bag is involved Wire were in the top 2 a couple of seasons ago but since have gone backwards,their recruitment recently Asotasi,Simms and the massively overrated old man Gidley leave alot to be desired. IMO Hull have a much chance of winning silverware as this current Wire side
  7. Thats debatable at least,both good running on to the ball but both easy to run around when defending
  8. Maybe some math expert could work out what the recent election votes would add up to in seats per % of votes
  9. Something has to change it a joke when 1 party gets 4 million votes and 1 seat and another gets 1.5 million votes gets 58 seats. I also think more people would vote with PR,imagine being a Labour supporter in Leafy Berkshire or a Tory in St.Helens,its a pointless/worthless waste of time actually going to vote
  10. Sky commentators were praising Tonga last week for being consistantly good this season
  11. Nice one Wane calling Bentham a "bent barsteward" for going to the VR for Bowens try
  12. Masoe has been a luxury no team can afford these days,you could condense his highlights for saints into a 2 minute you tube segment. Poor mans Feka
  13. He still pulling the strings Pellegrini might be following Malcy
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