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  1. Don't see how that could happen at our club. We have 5 pitches, 3 of which are a good standard. Also it's the same lads playing both codes so there couldn't be any infighting.
  2. He was the first person I contacted a couple of years ago when I wanted to play League, way before we set up our own side at Darlington. Unfortunately I didn't play for Peterlee due to the distance and joined a team closer to home. However, Rob has give me and some other guys at our club some great advice, decent guy.
  3. Peterlee is 40+ miles away from Darlington so a bit of a travel 2-3 times a week.
  4. I know Rob, they've done a great job at Peterlee as said above.
  5. It runs April to August up here but yes you are right it's not really expanding, and I don't think it will in the North East. In my opinion League will have to be content with playing second fiddle to union, it pains me to say that but I'm afraid that is the harsh truth. To that end I just enjoy League while I can through the summer months.
  6. Yeah Peterlee are doing a great job taking RL forward in the region. Out of our squad I can think of maybe 3 lads that play RL only and don't play union. There were some more but they have stayed with us to play union as well.
  7. I'm in the north east, we have 22 clubs. I'm not sure how the long the NERL has been going however I am told in recent weeks:- "At the North East Rugby League AGM in November it was unanimously passed that North East Rugby League would become an RFL Member League. As part of this the current structures would dissolve and a new North East Management Group would be formed, consisting of a Chairperson and 3 club representatives, as well as 2 members from the RFL." I am pretty sure that the majority of clubs in our region are made up from mainly Union lads who wish to continue playing through summer. Our own club, Darlington, is a dual code club but our League side is made up mainly our union lads. However all of us including the union lads do take it seriously and don't just treat it as "something to do in summer". In our first season last year we won the league leaders shield so that is encouraging for us going into this year. A big advantage we have is that we have the full backing of the union club and we are not a league side renting facilities from a union club, we are a dual code club.
  8. Rugby League would not exist in my region if were not for summer rugby. Union is dominant and League is played in the union off season with a slight overlap of maybe 1 or 2 weeks.
  9. Was put toughest game of the season against a very good Crusaders side. Excited to begin our 2nd season this year.
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