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    Life, wife, family and running. Running sets you free and stops you scratting with the chickens
  1. Red John my heart bleeds red for all you Salford fans. I hope you turn the corner next season but I can not picture Marwan taking a back seat unless you strap him into it.
  2. Chuffed for all the Salford fans Super League needs you. Must admit I did not think you would turn Widnes over but credit to you you did it
  3. Hi Red John thanks for the update here,s hoping Marwan gets someone to help him and Salford
  4. Hey James you are in charge, you train and pick the team and yes injuries happen but you are the man to sort the probs if they do not do the job you want well sort them instead of slagging them in the press. ,
  5. Hi Red John sorry I am struggling to keep my print small so others may read this. Poor Marwan he has all the money and thinks he can do just what he wants. Guess the next manager needs to join a Union and he might have a bit more clout than poor lestyn had. sorry not to reply sooner but been on hol.
  6. Sorry I won't be up in the north east but all the best against the knights
  7. Well Red John it looks like Gareth can play. Luckily Mr Chase is not playing so Gareth might just behave himself LOL
  8. Thank God for the News and Star. I thought Whitehaven had been murdered but perhaps the score was really Leigh 6 Haven 0.
  9. Congrats Tommy, you will do a brilliant job. Here's looking forward to you getting Sellafield to give you more money and you will be able to fund a move into Super league. Go and do the business Tommy.
  10. It will be a very interesting match if The Hock is playing.
  11. Yes I saw the article by Dr M and it did state £15,000. Well he could afford this for a while but if it is £100,000 then he will need a big money partner or else!!!
  12. Well Red John what odds do you think we would get for a bet on Salford to feature in the play-offs If I draw my pension should I put £1, £10, or £100 on. Hope you say £1 or the wife might walk out on me
  13. Thanks for the reply Red John. God you are good with words are you a teacher or politician?
  14. Just build on this and after the next 8 wins making it 10 out of 10 I'll come back and sing your praises
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