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  1. Careful Defender, I believe that BARLA's Capt. Mannering has an association with British Rounders. Maybe that could be the reason that rounders is scoring all the runs as opposed to rugby league's try-ing times
  2. As stated - amazing coincidence. By the way, the RFL have not and will never fund the amateur game; summer, winter or anywhere in-between, there only interest is what they can get from the amateurs
  3. Neither has the summer "experiment" Your league got it right some seasons ago with the winter break.
  4. The game has had one governing body for around a decade now following the Genesis report - paid for by the RFL - which concluded that the RFL should be the sole governing body. The current BARLA hasn't made one decision in her year and a half term, they are made for her by the RFL
  5. Once there was a considerable summer switch, the RFL no longer needed the development officers
  6. The game in the heartlands is on the decline outside of the heartlands virtually non existent, these clubs have mainly only played the summer version if it were that good why as David Gent once said "you will have that many players you won't know what to do with them" we have now had 3 years of so-called summer where is the dramatic turnaround in participation, the winter game was on the decline, has this been reversed? David Gent also said, to expect some collateral damage - what he didn't predict was the resultant epidemic in reduction of clubs and players
  7. Give the lads a chance, they should be encouraged not given a doom and gloom scenario. Just look at the way Peterlee has developed as a club over the past decade or so.
  8. I totally agree with your comments, Rob seems to be a lad who would offer help in any way that he could. All the best with your club at Darlington I'll keep an eye on your results and any news in your neck of the woods
  9. I'm not surprised that you know Rob and appreciate his efforts, for me he should be in the New Years honours
  10. Go and get a few tips from Rob Laverick up the road at Peterlee
  11. Excellent news Taxi, I hear that the new chair of the NW Mens' league is promising a non conflicting crossover with summer/winter. Was the progression in ascending age groups to open age a discussion point
  12. Although it is indeterminate which animal was the first chicken, the question of whether the chicken or the chicken egg came first has a determinate answer. Since an animal does not evolve into another species during its lifetime, and since organisms can fail to breed true, it is biologically necessary that the chicken egg came first. That is unless the RFL see things differently
  13. Yes after almost closing the league down two years ago
  14. Completely wrong with that one Pottsy - it's the RFL's integrity that is in question
  15. Yes it is indeed the same Ron Girvin who is undoubtably worthy of anyone's respect. The point that I was making is not one of personalties or egos, as I'm sure that Ron and his family have always viewed their work in the game as a labour of love, but about the RFL giving those little sweeteners to prise their way into any particular entity that they need to inhabit
  16. There's no written documentation to back this up but in the North West the RFL through certain officials were contacting clubs and strategically used a whispering campaign which ultimately saw teams in their droves leave the NWC ARL mid season to join a new RFL summer league. Ironically, now it seems that there is an ageement forming within the northwest, for a "non conflicting" cross-over period between the RFL and NWC ARL. Now why didn't someone think of that before. It may be the synic in me but this coincides with Ron Girvin being installed as President of North West Rugby League - where did that position come from - and son Neil being given a paid position with the RFL as a competition manager. This may also be a change in the RFL strategy to commence support for the winter game.
  17. Yes Pottsy but the market has been flooded with some unbelievable RFL offers
  18. You're offering your opinion in the debate now mate - don't get caught up in it
  19. Look at the title of the thread mate, surely you could have kept clear if you've no desire to debate
  20. Which club is that Chris, I like many others thought that everything was rosy up in your neck of the woods.
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