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  1. Cas sold over 900 tickets - this combined with those that paid at the gate means that the turnout of home fans was dreadful. Both puzzling and concerning for a side that have played a great style of rugby this year, got to a semi and are still in with a great shout of the Top 4 Strange
  2. Magnificent result for us tonight. Didn't see it coming but should not have doubted DP. Need to kick on now. Get the injured players back and we should be in the mix. Thursday at Fartown should be very interesting.... Just seen the Wane interview - he looks shell shocked & devastated by it. Sounds like Shenny has a dislocated shoulder....
  3. We've hot injuries & an apparent issue with Roberts but we look ordinary. Off season recruitment was not good enough & it shows. Looks like being a grind of a season with 8th place finish something to get exited about
  4. Great thread. Fair play to him - hope he sees this thread
  5. I think Wayne was just winding us all up - it seems to have worked brilliantly on some folk...
  6. I applaud WB for being honest. All he needed to concern himself about was bringing his team over and winning a rugby match. He's been quite good at that over the years and he achieved that last night. Job done. All the other things mentioned on here are just noise for him which were someone else's job to get right.... There is a lot of hype about the 3 games - 2 of which are no more than pre season warm up games for Brisbane & SGI. That said, I've enjoyed both games so far & tonight should be good. The only down side for me - the standard of refereeing is incredibly disappointing and the RFL need to start facing into the fact that its a major issue that blights our game.
  7. Based on what I've seen on the box and live this season why don't they make their lives a bit easier & stop being the main discussion point every week. STOP: - Wasting time in advance of games learning all the players first names. - Coaching and praising the players throughout the game. The captains can do that. - Having big on pitch debates about some of the less important decisions. - Being so timid about punishing obvious foul play. especially high shots. START: - Consistently implementing the basic rules of the game especially forward passes, 10m rule, holding down in the tackle & ball stripping. Their jobs are never easy but the performances I've seen this season have been some of the weakest and unacceptably ineffective I've ever seen
  8. They are travelling from all four corners of the country and from overseas. They are coming by plane and train, in a huge convoy of buses and cars. There will be young and old. Father and son, mother and daughter. Many will travel from Castleford - a gritty but honest northern town. Their club has seen some glory days but recent times have been hard. This season, however, the whole rugby world has watched and admired the club's endevours. The spirit and desire typifying the people of the area. The final part of the journey will be made on foot. They will gather under one roof in the nation's capital. They will sing. They will be passionate. The noise will be deafening. During Abide With Me they will remember those who are no longer with us. People who were loved and would have been thrilled to be part of a unique day. Some of those people made the ultimate sacrifice in far flung places for the rest of us. There will be tears. The spirit of everyone who cannot be there will touch every person who is watching. In countries across the world, at all hours, people will watch and yearn to be there. Wishing that they were part of a special group of people wearing those famous colours who will give everything for the players, the coaching staff and everyone connected with the club. Regardless of the result, anyone there or watching from afar will not forget what they saw on an incredible day - a sea of black and amber, a vibrant wall of noise.Thousands of pople united as one. They are from Castleford.They are proud people. They will make an idelible mark on a day of all days.
  9. I've got 2 tickets available to a good home. Block 125 (lower tier), row 42, seats 83 & 84 (1 aisle seat) Face value £62 each - will accept £70 ono for the pair. I'm still going so would meet you at the stadium with them. 100% reliable. Thanks
  10. Great post. Bit early for the pantomime season....
  11. I was reflecting on our great game earlier and suddenly realised I was incredibly hungry. Then I realised why..... There are so many constant reminders.... Micky Mciilkorma Steve McCurry Ben Fishenchips Ben Cockauvin Bhaji McDermott Wayne McDonalds Crisps Radlinski Phall Clarke Sia Saveloyola Liam Falafel Steve Hampsarny I felt better after I'd Barry Eaten Can't wait until its Supper League time....
  12. Thanks for posting that. Fantastic piece
  13. Should be an interesting watch. I think he's got a lot to offer.... http://www.sportinglife.com/rugby-league/news/article/480/8994519/finn-aiming-to-catch-the-eye
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