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  1. So the rumour is true the robin ?? Just what we need a big strong prop as cover



    Without quoting any figures at a guess I would think Paul Wood will find himself with a contract that pays more than most, if not all of your starting pack at the moment so I doubt he will be signed as cover.....................


    Im not his greatest fan but Im at least smart enough to know that if you do manage to sign him then he will make the 17 most weeks if he is actually fit. I mean comparing a player like say Matt James to Paul Wood is a no contest to me.

  2. I wouldn't say that Ryan Fieldhouse is 'dead-wood.'


    Im sorry the bit you have quoted says "some" and Fieldhouse is one who I wouldnt class in that bracket as I feel he has the potential to be one of the best FB's in the league, I do however think we have replaced with better in Greenwood though for the time been.

  3. I keep changing my mind because Fev keep signing players. :tongue:


    1. London

    2. Bradford

    3. Leigh

    4. Fev

    5. Fax

    6. Dewsbury

    7. Sheffield

    8. Workington

    9. Doncaster

    10. Batley

    11. Haven

    12. Hunslet


    I think you can swap the top 2 around and maybe depending how Leigh start for me they are the team who could miss out on top 3. 4th through 6th could probably be in any order as I dont see much between these three teams quality wise in their squads and at a push Sheffield could get in to that group but I just dont see the quality in the team that they had maybe 2 or 3 years ago. Workington and Donny are strange ones as their final position could very much depend on how well they work the DR system again and if their parent teams give them the same quality as they had last season. If Donny get that they will be pushing for that second group of clubs again, if they dont then they will be in and around 7th place, where as If Worky get that then they wil be pushing for round about 7th place but struggling near the bottom if they dont. I cant see the bottom 3 any other than what I have put its just in what order they finish. Hunslet have made a few shrewd signings but lack any real strengh in depth, Haven will be very reliant on teams struggling when they have to travel to them and for me their team looks weakest on paper but that factor could keep them off the bottom. Batley have not recruited well and I can not see any reason at all why they would break out of that bottom 3.

  4. Don't think Halifax and Doncaster will finish above us, just don't seem as strong this season but you never know. Here's to another good season


    Im biased as a Fax fan but on paper Fax look a lot stronger than we did last season. We have got rid of some dead wood and made a few pretty shrewd signings. Not only player wise but we no longer have Karl Harrison's restrictive coaching holding us back. I think Dewsbury and possibly Fev have improved as well though and i expect those 3 teams to be the ones going for 4th place. I dont think Leigh will have it as easy as they did last season in regards to those 3 teams and if one team will drop out of the top 3 it could be them. Smart money will go on London who on paper for me have a better team than both Bradford and Leigh but they dont usually travel that well.

  5. We must remember though Black has produced the goods at this level for nearly 10 years. He will remain a Fax legend at this level gievn his scoring exploits and obviously 'that' drop goal. Just wish he hadn't dropped 'that' ball against Widnes.


    His ability to turn a game was second to none for many a year at this level, a hand off that was pure class to go with electryfying pace at the height of his career made him a great player to have on our team. Probably in my top 3 favourite players that i have seen play for Fax in over 30 years.

  6. I didnt mention Black because I see him as a scrum half and I thought we were talking stand offs. On that note I would take Black over Kain but I did get to see him every week where as I only saw Kain on the odd occasion.

  7. Thanks Tom. Have Halifax really only signed 17 players? If so then they must be heavily reliant upon a DR.


    You need to remove Flanagan from the Fev roster by the way.


    Looking less likely we will go down the DR route at the moment but never say never. Fax always seem slow to keep people updated regarding the squad and contract length but just looking at the list there are a few missing such as Adam Robinson, Gareth Potts, Andy Bracek, Ben Heaton, Ross Divorty, Keith Holden, Ben Kaye, and Paul Mennell all of which are contracted for next season which takes the squad to about 25.


    Im really not sure how we will line up but Im expecting one or two surprises in big things are expected of James Saltonstall which could mean Tommy Saxton missing out on a spot and the young hooker Ryan Maneely which again means one of Mennell or Kaye missing out. Our pack looks better for the additions of Calahane and Tamgata both 60 minute props doing over 40 tackles per game and in Calahane's case he were the top tackling prop in the comp over in Aus. Biggest signing will be our new coach though who I think will do a lot better job of getting the best out of players than Harrison did. May just be another false dawn though.

  8. Feisal was handing out contracts like confetti last year and we are having to tighten our belts. Kainy has been a legend at Fev, probably the best stand off in the Championship over the last five years, but there's no doubt that injuries have taken their toll (seen numerous games where he barely appeared to be able to walk after the match) and he wasn't the consistent attacking threat last season that he has been in previous years (try tally significantly down); with the signing of Paul Sykes, he wasn't guaranteed to be a first-team regular so it would have made sense for him to move on, and for the club to be relieved of a decent contract for a player who wasn't sure to be playing every week.


    That said, he's sure to be a good signing for Hunslet, he wasn't by any means poor last season, just not the player he was in his pomp around 2011-12.




  9. I feel London may surprise everyone and pip Bradford to top spot. IMO they have recruited better than the Bulls but it must be hard getting settled down there and travelling every other week long distance can not be easy. I think Leigh will finish 3rd, they have nowhere near the quality of the top 2 in my eyes and if they get off to a bad start they are the team IMO out of my top 3 that has the greatest chance of missing out on that top 3.


    Throw a blanket over Fev, Fax, Dewsbury, Sheffield, and Donny. Honestly I dont see Donny doing as well next season and I will say the same for Sheffield, I agree with Robin about their recruitment. Dewsbury have recruited well and will look to improve on last season. I think on paper Fev look like they will be weaker especially if they lose a couple more of their more senior players before the start of the season but with backs to the wall last season they still did ok so to write them off would be daft.


    As for Fax who knows. In my eyes we got rid of some players who needed to go in Tonks, Brown, and a couple of others and in Greenwood and Brown made a couple of shrewd signings. Throw in a few young lads like Taylor and Saltonstall and maybe a surprise signing still to come, then the overseas lads who look promising and all know each other very well, Im quite excited for the season especially to see how we go under a new young coach. If we were not in touch of 4th with a couple of games to go I think myself and the club would see that as failure.

  10. The above 3 and a few more names were passed around by agents just after the end of the season. Kain would take a drop in wages to get regular first team time, the other two will not take a drop which at the moment sees Fev paying 2 wages that they would rather not be.


    I would love to see Ellis at Fax but we could offload Kaye and Mennell and still not be able to afford him.

  11. Mr BLues Ox.

    How is Bradford Halifax the biggest derby in this league.

    As far as local derbies are concerned, surely...

    Workington v Whitehaven

    Batley v Dewsbury

    These games are more important to the fans involved (although maybe in smaller numbers).

    I can't remember, but when did Halifax last play Bradford in this league?



    If you were selling tickets which of those 3 games do you think sells more? I also think Fax V Bulls does more than Bulls Vs Leigh or Fev for what it is worth.

  12. Tonka said himself he isnt coming back to fev


    I did try telling people this earlier but money can obviously influence people but he had said the one club he wouldnt sign for was Fev so iwere quite surprised when his name cropped up as a potential signing for Fev.

  13. Danny Cowling & Pas Dunn signed for Doncaster.


    Cowling will be a good signing for Donny under a good coach, got better as the season went on for Fax, nothing special in attack which can obviously be worked on but a monster in defence with some bone shuddering tackles. Would probably have stayed at Fax if Harrison had gone a lot earlier.

  14. Strictly speaking Alex Brown is from Leigh not Batley, where he was only on loan.


    A decent looking squad and maybe a couple more yet to add.


    Yeah looking ok, should be in the mix for 4th place hopefully. I firmly believe we under achieved under Harrison this season and really should have finished 2nd so hopefully a new young coach with fresh ideas on board we can actually see players improve while playing for us instead of once they have left.

  15. Halifax so far:-


    Under Contract


    Scott Murrell (expires 2017)

    Luke Amber (expires 2018)

    Ste Tyrer (expires 2015)

    Ben Johnston (expires 2017)

    Tommy Saxton (expires 2015)

    Jack Spencer (expires 2015)

    Confirmed Signings

    Adam Tangata - Mounties RL

    Chris Taylor - Wigan Warriors

    Matt Place - NSW Mounties

    Alex Brown - Batley

    Miles Greenwood - Batley

    Richard Moore - Wakefield

    To Be Confirmed

    Ben Heaton (expires 2015)

    Ross Divorty (expires 2015)

    Andy Bracek (expires 2015)



    Rob Worrincy

    Ryan Fieldhouse - Dewsbury

    Wayne Reittie

    Tony Tonks

    Luke Adamson

    Jack Holmes

    Ben Davies - Whitehaven


    Unknown - Out of Contract

    Dane Manning

    Calum Casey

    Keith Holden

    Adam Robinson

    Unknown - Contract Status Unknown

    Danny Cowling

    Ben Kaye

    Paul Mennell

    Simon Brown

    Gareth Potts

    Sam Brooks

    Of the unknown ones, Manning has signed a contract extension that will be announced soon. Also i believe Mennell and Kaye are under contract for next season and Cowling is going to Doncaster. Another big prop from the mounties to announced soon as well.

  16. Id heard he had offers from Fev and Dewsbury but was always pretty keen not to go back to Fev.


    Simply not enough time on the pitch for us but like has been mentioned we have had 3 years now where its hard to say any of our players improved. Just a pity it took our directors 2 years too long to notice.

  17. halifax apparently bringing aussie half back over from Queensland Cup Competition....

    Along with a couple of big grunting props by the sounds of it. Looks like Greenwood is replacing Fieldhouse and latest rumor is Carl Forster but that would be quite a coup because there was quite a bit of competition for his signature.

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