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  1. The irony that Sheffield refused to move the fixture so we could have a crowd is not lost on me. I do however wish the players a speedy recovery.
  2. Agree with what has been said above, yes Im very happy with the result and its a decent Fax performance but Dewsbury were dire.
  3. Why? I want whats best for my club. So far results suggest that SG is not it.
  4. My prediction we probably win this one to keep Grix in a job another week. On paper we look to have a good team but we have been lousy on the pitch. Dewsbury should be confident of getting a result in this one.
  5. Talk of life bans is crazy. Yes he should get a decent sized ban but also his club and the RFL should look to re-educate him on racism and the effects of racism.
  6. Another bad injury yesterday to one of the youngsters. Im biting my tongue on all this for the next couple of weeks while it all unravels but there are clear player welfare issues at Huddersfield and hopefully after yesterday something is done about it.
  7. That's the problem in that these so called professional clubs go in to community club under the guise of offering help and support but all it boils down to is that they are going in to the clubs to take all the best talent from the U16's age group and as soon as they get them there is a distinct withdrawal of that help and support. These girls at that age for the most part are not ready to be thrown in to SL games and their development would be better aided staying at their community clubs which we will see more of especially with the U18's league getting set up. Huddersfield in particul
  8. Id imagine the opposite will happen and the scores could get worse. I mean getting battered like that does nothing for the development of 16 year old girls and I think a lot will head back to community clubs to play against the standard of players that they should be doing which will actually aid their development.
  9. Huddersfield will do well to hold Saints under 100 today but it could be a chance for Saints to try a few players. Even at U14 level it was clear she were destined for great things. Even at that age she already had one of the best hand offs ive ever seen in all my time watching the game. Future international star.
  10. Theres no excuse for dropping off the number of tackles we did yesterday not to mention the number of times we coughed up the ball, I think it were at least twice on the Oldham line on the first tackle it happened. We never gave ourselves a chance. As we saw last week if you do that against a top team then they will take you to the cleaners, if you do it against teams seen as relegation favourites then theres the potential to slip up. It wouldn't surprise me if we were looking for a new coach soon as even Grix's supporters have turned on him after yesterday, its only a matter of time before th
  11. I personally thought our defence looked weak and soft as evident in the tries that we conceded, especially the last one. Its ok scrambling like we did but when our half backs defence is so soft on our own line it almost makes it not worthwhile scrambling. The number of 1 on 1 and 2 on 1 tackles that we dropped off were as bad if not worse than Toulouse last week and I think the performance was just about on a par with little or no reaction to that thumping we got.
  12. My prediction went well, although in my defense on the Fax forum I did say that it would be just like Fax to lose a close game. You are right though PH we look awful, way off where we should be. Fair play to Oldham they stuck to the task and dug in while our show ponies went hiding again. I think todays performance was just as bad as the Toulouse one and I don't see Grix lasting much longer. I still think Oldham will get relegated but I would rather watch a team turn up and play like they did today rather than watching the effort that we put in.
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