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  1. As has been mentioned, a pretty uninspiring draw with only 2 ties standing out for me, the Newcastle game and the Hull Kr V Leigh game.
  2. Murrell's talking to the ref is quite a bit different to Sykes.
  3. I think we were lucky not to have another yellow or possibly red when I think its Garside shoves the Dewsbury trainer. Obviously we don't know what was said but he really shouldnt be putting his hands on anyone outside of the players and was just another example of our poor discipline. Our coach should have been out slamming our players but from his interview he seems to be leaning towards blaming the ref.
  4. Ref had already given held up over the line so would have been a controlled restart but yeah its clear Grix was not letting go.
  5. Ive watched the first half back and to be honest most of the penalties we conceded were justified but maybe we deserved 1 or 2 the other way but thats out of our control. What we can control is stepping over players trying to play the ball on the 5th tackle. On the sending off Im at a bit of a loss to work out what Grix was sent off for as the camera zooms out at the crucial moments. Two yellows and crack on for mine.
  6. We would spend 60 minutes giving penalties away and the other 20 not looking like scoring.
  7. No team deserves to win any game with a discipline performance like we served up in the first half. 10-2 penalty count according to our coach and just an embarassing performance in that sense apart from maybe 15 minutes in the second half where we actually tried to play some rugby. Easier for our fans to blame the ref though rather than point the finger where it really lies which is our players. I can take been beaten by a better team on the day but what really pees me off is when a team really doesn't have to do much to win a game which is what happened last night. Gameplan against Fax just play your sets and hold the ball knowing Fax will give penalty after penalty.
  8. To be fair on that point, when Grady broke a tackle most of time it was from a Johnston pass. Those two had a really good relationship on the pitch and losing Grady for the season had a massive impact on us as we lost Grix at the same time.
  9. A little bit of handbags at one point but the reds appear to be for a Dewsbury player either kneeing or punching Scott Grix on the floor and Grix retaliating. I think 2 yellows would have been fine for it but the other 2 yellows were for persistant foul play by Fax. A totally appaling display from Halifax, I think the penalty count was 1-11 in the first half. You don't play with that penalty count and with 3 players off the field and win rugby games.
  10. I dont think you will be far off with that although I think Tier 2 and Tier 3 will basically be one. Saying that we lose to Dewsbury tonight we might make up part of tier 4. :) Regarding York I would have kept Sharp at Fax, I would rather have him at FB than Grix but I think Johnston was part of a group of players that should have been moved on over the last couple of seasons and I were surprised York went for him but been best mates with the coach probably helped him. They only had to look at Fax and their attack to see the organiser and runner did not work in Murrell and Johnston and that is what they re-created with Robinson and Johnston although its early days for that partnership.
  11. Id agree with the top 4 and really could be in any order but don't think York will be anywhere near 5th. Hard to say who will grab that though.
  12. I certainly didn't expect us to be unbeaten after the first 3 weeks.
  13. A couple of surprise results in Sheffield nearly turning Toulouse over and Oldham beating Haven at theirs. Bradford was never going to be a blowout on a tight soggy pitch and anyone who has seen York this season will not have been surprised by that result. I thought the handicap mark of about 14 was printing money. Oh and London was a big surprise if we are honest, I think a lot of people could have seen Widnes win a tight game.
  14. Going on that will probably going to pick the bones out of Leigh, Fev, Fax, Haven and maybe Widnes.
  15. So actual handicaps out.... Batley -6 Bradford +8 Halifax -10 Leigh -14 Sheffield +14 Haven -6 Widnes -4
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