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  1. Teams are usually a bit coy when it comes to cup gates and having to split some of the money arent they? At a guess I would say the Fax attendance was around the 600-700 mark.
  2. I'd love to see a breakdown of the UK numbers as I imagine it would show a big rise in Masters and Female rubgy but a drop in male junior rugby. That is the impression I get with my ear to the ground around community clubs.
  3. Yeah agreed, I thought Swinton looked very good against a team in Oldham that has probably been over hyped quite a bit and Widnes defended really well despite been outsized by a big Bradford team and other than when Bradford could find Gill in some space, Widnes looked the team with fair more flair. That pitch is never a good indicator though as it very much dictates how the game is played and in a funny way Widnes getting 2 players binned allowed them to spell a couple of players without been put under any extra duress in defense. Disappointed in Bradford in that I thought it was a very extreme way to avoid been knocked out of the cup by Fax in the next round again.
  4. Sorry. Honestly losing a player on the pitch makes very little difference, if you drop to 11 that would feel the same as defending a full sized pitch.
  5. Good win for Widnes this, Bradford just look a power team that lacks anyone with a bit of quality in key positions who can provide a bit of a spark for them when plan A does not work.
  6. Yeah good game, Bradford dominating but lacking ideas to break Widnes down, just feel like next try wins it.
  7. Another controversial decision with 10 minutes for a spear tackle with very little in it.
  8. Yeah you can lose 2 players on that pitch and it still not really affect your defensive structure.
  9. Bradford look pretty powerful but are clearly lacking quality in the halves. Widnes have defended well and probably look a touch more dangerous with the ball in hand. Good contest so far just feeling like Widnes may run out of steam late on.
  10. Could be a disasterous game for Fax losing 3 of our players with possible season ending injuries in Calcott(Broken Knee cap), Crooks(Broken Foot), OBrien(Possible torn bicep) and as someone on the Fax forum has just noted, it leaves us unable to name a 21 man squad before the season has even started properly.
  11. A very high quality game which was nice given how poor the skill levels at SL have been so far. A couple of decisions that may have resulted in cards under the new interpretations but nice to see a game reffed with common sense in mind. They may need a mop and bucket to wipe up the Saints fans tears that had been spilt after the final hooter though.
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