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  1. The thought of Chris Chester being late to a training session and turning up unprepared is quite frankly laughable. If you spread enough though, some of it will stick.
  2. Tommy Lee last seen signing for us back in Feb/Mar and then announcing his retirement without playing a game.
  3. You learn something new every day. I didn't know Eric Anselme played for Leeds. I remember him coming to Fax with 2 others in the 90's at some point but don't think any of them played 1st team for us. Did Ben Kaye start out at Leeds or am I imagining that?
  4. For Fax:- 1. Steve Hampson 2. John Scales 3. Greg Florimo 4. Jim Naylor 5. David Hodgson 6. Toa Ropati 7. Brad Davis 8. Craig Kopczak 9. Mickey Higham 10. Gill Dudson 11. Ridge Holland 12. Mark Flanigan 13. Stanley Gene Honourable mentions:- Peter Fox Ian Watson Chris Morley Danny Arnold Karle Hammond Marvin Golden Kelvin Skerrett Paul Anderson Emosi Koloto Mark Elia Mark Brooke Cowden
  5. Im kind of neutral on if he should have been sacked or not, he's not a player that I really rate so Im not just saying that from a value to the team perspective. As for Fax, again apart from not putting out a final statement Im ok with how they have handled it although the timing of a new contract could have been delayed again just so it didn't coincide with the RFL statement. I would think that's just basic PR. I think Fax may have run in to problems if they did decide to terminate his contract as although its easy to assume what he meant with the tweet, it might be difficult to prove if it ever went to a wrongful dissmisal claim or similar. Best course for me would have been a strong statement explaining about the player going on the course he went along with warnings about future conduct and a promise to improve behaviour at the same time.
  6. Im undecided on what should have been the outcome in regards to Halifax's stance but I am pleased that he volunteered for the course he went on as I don't think educating people is a bad thing. Maybe Halifax should look at their social media policy when it comes to players moving forward though. Saying that its not rocket science to most people that it would be a stupid thing to tweet.
  7. Hopefully Fax do have this problem under control and although it must be hard for part time players in that they are less known and probably think they can put what they want on social media, the fact is they are still representing a club and their views are going to paint that club in a certain way. The club should have cracked down on the Tommy Robinson tweets and such and although the players have now moved along stuff like that they should just stick to their private whatsapp groups and have a bit more common sense when using social media.
  8. This. I thought he went well for us and Bradon Moore looked a lot better for having him in the team. Its so hard for a hooker playing behind a beaten pack and thats what we have had for a couple of seasons, when Hirst signed it was no coincidence that Moore looked very good.
  9. I think 2 bobs was more unfulfilled potential.
  10. Was tempted but because of the GB caps he had its hard to say he were underated. Thought about John Bentley as well as when he came to us Leeds couldn't wait to get rid of him. A reminder of the famous John Bentley try :- https://youtu.be/ViZWnrMVgP8?t=5660
  11. Thought I would have a go at picking my Fax underated team:- 1. Darryl Cardiss (Never a week used to go by without our Cardiss for England chants) 2. Mark Preston (Quality player never got a look in at international level scored tries for fun and some crackers) 3. Stuart Donlan (Another I thought was on the fringe of international honors while at Fax) 4. Greg Florimo (Released by Wigan and had his retirement season at Fax. One of the most quality players to grace the blue and white) 5. Henry Sharp (With Preston on the other wing he did not get much recognition but was really good for us) 6. Chris Chester (Top drawer player but never really kicked on away from Fax) 7. Andrew Dunemann (Very outspoken about how Fax was run but we were blessed to have such a good player) 8. Brenden Hill (Huge fan favourite and was better than he got credit for) 9. Paul Rowley (One of my favourite Fax players ever only KC stopped him running up GB caps in my opinion) 10. Jacob Fairbank (Only player im including from our Championship days. Workhorse and should be this years captain) 11. Mick Scott (Love that after Wigan got rid Maurice Lindsay was one of the first people he rang to remind him what he had said) 12. Les Holliday (Cup hopes went on his injury in the 98 CC Final. Ouzing class would be a good way to describe him. 13. John Pendelbury (Nowt to him but a great rugby league brain and all Fax fans remember "that" tackle)
  12. I had a feeling he were losing the plot when he thought Dan Fleming was good enough for SL. Then I knew he had totally lost it when he named him on the bench for a game.
  13. I think we are 2 or 3 years away from having a chance to compete for the top 2. We have brought in enough in the offseason to be around the same group going for 4th/5th or so and could possibly improve on that if we could sign some props but there are no real good ones about at the moment which is a worry as we look decent in the squad but you do not do well in the championship without a couple of good props and we have been lacking in that sense since Mitch Cahalane left. Dan Fleming going to Cas really only emphasises the standard of prop that is available at the moment at this level. From squads so far I expect Fev, Leigh and Toulouse to shoot it out for top spot and then a whole raft of clubs to fight for 4th and 5th. I think those clubs are a long way off the standard that the top 3 will set.
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