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  1. In my opinion there should maybe another system in place. Apart from a small few that have obvious ability and will go on to SL a lot of the rest are taken by SL clubs on the chance that they further develop. I think there could be a case for partnerships with the players, say Huddersfield sign a Fax lad it would make sense for that lad to have the full time training at Huddersfield but maybe have playing time at Halifax. I know theres a case that dual reg provides that but it doesn't really work like that. Id be interested to find the drop out rates from yound players that are signed between the ages of 12-16. In theory something like the above less players would be lost to the game because of dissalusioment and could possibly aid development of young players while also aiding some clubs that are struggling to have a chance of signing these players.
  2. We signed both Danny Arnold and Chris Morley and I couldnt believe they had won titles at Saints. Totally out of their confort zone lower down the leagues. I think I remember Ellison signing for Fax. I remember him not playing very well in a game for us but thats about it. This reminds me of the sad story of Mick Shaw, on the transfer list at 250k to been released playing a few games for Fax before going back to the amateur game and then sadly taking his own life.
  3. Hi all, hope you are all keeping well. Just thought I would check in as I have kind of lost touch with Rugby in the time away. Regards getting the competition going again I really can't see how it could be possible logistically. The testing costs for the players and their famillies alone would run in to hundreds of thousands which might be ok for London and Leigh with their money bag owners but for teams like Fax and probably the rest of the competition I just can't see it. I don't blame Fev for wanting to sort things though as it was clearly a great chance to get in to SL for them this year but I could see a start date been announced only for the RFL to come out a couple of days later and pull up the drawbridge.
  4. On one hand its a real shame for Halifax that so many players from the area go to Huddersfield and other teams but they really stand no chance of competing with the SL clubs. On the other hand its great to see so many players from the area having a chance in SL as it just shows the talent that the area still produces. At Siddal at the moment it almost feels like Wigan and Leeds get first choice and then Huddersfield take the rest.
  5. Halifax putting old games on their Youtube channel everyday for anyone interested.
  6. I thought the ref at the LSV had a great game to be fair. I thought Leigh could have had an extra card for a nasty late tackle on Murrell but hey ho he did well especially after the red when Leigh were racing in after every penalty Fax conceded, at one point we conceded a penalty for offside and the player who conceded it was surrounded by about 10 or 11 Leigh players pushing and shoving but again well done to the ref and his team. As for Fax an abysmal second half put paid to any hopes of a surprise win. Carrying too many players who probably should have gone at the end of last season.
  7. My perspective changed massively about 3 years ago when I got involved with grass roots rugby and I am ashamed to admit that at times in games before that I thought the ref was going out of his way to "cheat" my team and would shout as much from the terraces. I never got in to all the more personal abuse, I suppose calling someone a cheat is bad enough, but I honestly believed that refs could be biased against teams. As I mentioned that changed as in my role as a coach I obviously could not be seen to be shouting abuse at referees but would see many parents and coaches losing their cool over decisions in games involving players U16 and to be honest I were embarrassed for them. Watching young men and young women try to ref amatuer games and having split seconds to make decisions, my respect for referees is now as high as it ever has been. Im lucky that my team has a really good bunch of parents and Ive not heard much if anything in the way of referee abuse from them. That starts with the team and they are told from the outset how to treat the person in the middle, thats yes sir, no sir but at the same time been told they are only human, they will make mistakes as we all will but you can also have a laugh and a joke with them, I mean its a lot harder to abuse someone when you get to know them. I don't always agree with every decision made and if something goes against my team I will be frustrated or even annoyed but I will not show it as me showing it sets a very bad example. It takes a hell of a lot of bottle to be a referee and I thank every one of them that gives up their time just so we can have a game especially considering the abuse they get for doing a job they love.
  8. Im praying Toronto find a way to win enough games to stay up. It would be a disaster for the champonship if they came back down.
  9. Toulouse Olympique v Batley Bulldogs (Toulouse -18) Bradford Bulls v Sheffield Eagles (Sheffield +2) Featherstone Rovers v Swinton Lions (Fev -16) Leigh Centurions v Halifax (Leigh -14) Oldham v Dewsbury Rams (Oldham +10) Widnes Vikings v Whitehaven (Widnes -14) York City Knights v London Broncos (York +6) Potential to be a few blowouts this week. I may be tempted by Fev up to -20, Leigh up to about -24 and London giving up about 10 on York. Expecting a blowout for Widnes as well so will keep an eye on that one.
  10. Have to agree to disagree after I have watched him nearly every week for the last 4 seasons.
  11. Johnston is certainly not a liability in defence. Ive watched him a few seasons now at Fax and for his size you could argue he was pound for pound Fax's best defender. Its very rare he misses tackles and I would say his defense is possibly his best quality, personally for me though I don't want my half backs best quality to be his defense.
  12. I didn't like to say as much.
  13. A lot of stuff posted about your halves is stuff that was posted on the Fax forums last season......
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