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  1. Unfortunatley it seems he was in neither shape. TBF to Bradford it could be a good signing for them if they can manage to get him anything like as they will be scraping the barrel when it comes to players and we all know that Sam has the potential to be a very good player.
  2. Only Sam could spend 4 years out of the game and turn up for a club massively out of shape. You would have thought he would have been itching to get back.
  3. Fev and York still look quite a bit better than Leigh in my opinion but as I have said before I expect Leigh to make sure they are comfortable in the top 5 before Beaumont signs a load of players for the play offs. I really don't think Leigh are all that fussed about going for top spot.
  4. For Halifax I believe it were down to money with Huddersfield wanting us to contribute over 20k to his wages which was never going to happen. I do believe he will have to find a new club though because of quota issues.
  5. He stopped talking to other Championship clubs about a month ago. Its been a done deal for quite some time now.
  6. The best thing that could happen is a full indepedant enquiry in to the full saga. I would expect a majority vote in favour of that at the Championship meeting this week. The ones with their fingers in the pie will obviously be against it and we will see the Championship clubs really count for very little in the eyes of the RFL.
  7. I'd be surprised if Wigan don't make the grand final. Cas I think will fade this season and the same goes for Salford. Leeds have made some shrewd signings and there shouldnt be any danger of relegation tis season but also no real danger of winning anything but could give them a platform to build. Huddersfield and Hull KR will fight it out for the drop.
  8. It makes a change for there to actually be a debate about there been any value in the odds when there hasnt been the last few seasons. Way I see it is Fev offer the best value in those prices. Id expect better odds on Leigh to make it tempting as I expect them to make the top 5 but think they will add better signings later in the season as Degsy gets a sniff of SL but don't think they will come close to topping the league.
  9. The only thing that he has shown to me in his time at Fax is that people can still be fooled in to thinking because someone is a unit they must be a really good player. The rumour of Salford been interested was quite amusing to any Fax fan with one or two asking how much we had to pay them to take him off our hands.
  10. For Fax our biggest signing could be Sam Barlow if he has his head on.
  11. Yeah seems much of wasted career believing his own hype. Often you see players have size and little talent or talent but not the size. Id put Dan Fleming in the having size bracket and Manning in the having the talent bracket but Sam certainly has both. He should have played SL for many years in my opinion.
  12. To be fair if he does sign and gets anywhere back to how he can play we get one of the best forwards in the championship. His age probably isnt much of a factor either as he hasnt been knocked about for the past 4 years. Not a massive Sam fan myself but hes a very good rugby player hopefully with all the other stuff he has grown up a bit.
  13. I always ask, like the bonus point system, if its such a good idea then why do us poor championship clubs have to be the ones to try it out? I do like the idea of golden point but also think there is nothing wrong with a draw when neither team deserves to lose. I would have made it next try wins though rather than any point.
  14. https://www.bradfordbulls.co.uk/article/53517/statement--the-big-one What can we expect next? Confirmation that they will be using the correct rugby balls this season? Unless we take that to mean that it was previously running unlicensed.
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