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  1. Yeah Im a Hirst fan, never gets dominated in the tackle, hits his front like just about every time, and plays the ball quick which makes him a good hookers dream forward. Defence wise although not the most mobile he does not seem to be targeted by the attack in the same way a few of our other forwards were.
  2. We needed a freshen up and have probably needed it for a couple of seasons to be fair. As good as Murrell has been for us Im happy with our half backs for next season. Same goes for Tyrer, he's been really good for us but the last couple of seasons if we had competition for places I doubt he would have been a dead cert for selection each week. Again Im happy with the players we will have in the centres next year. Not fussed in the slightest about losing Fleming to Cas, Im really not sure what they are thinking with that signing but I would have been happy to keep Hirst as I thought he did a decent job for us at least better than Fleming. In all likelyhood we will be spending less on the squad than we have for a number of seasons but look like we should still be hovering around the top 5 but its a squad that could stay largely together for a number of seasons.
  3. Murrell? Check his appearence record at Fax, that is not one of an injury prone player. He will rip it up in League 1. Edit: Posted before reading Ainley Top's comment. Nearly spat my coffee out reading the original comment.
  4. Got to be a real **** to be a billionaire and let a group of working class lads and lasses go 3 months without
  5. Fax fans are a little bit surprised as well. Hes not even our 4th best prop and Im sure we only had 3 props. He has the size but people at his local amateur club were surprised when he signed proffesional and his list of clubs should be a give away.
  6. Not heard the Worthington rumour but looks like another of your ex players Ben Helliwell could be our other centre signing as we have a big clear out.
  7. Yeah your old half back partnership for us next season by the looks. York hoping for Smith/Wallace so I guess another of our ex players will be departing as well.
  8. Id normally give an opinion on our players when they sign for someone else and I know he didn't play a lot of games for Fax but I genuinley can not remember a single game he played in for us.
  9. I guess it boils down to the interpretation of "potentially good idea".
  10. I have a feeling a few will leave it late in the hope the RFL will let 2 or 4 teams just go at it for the money. I do feel this is a time for teams to stand together against the RFL over this.
  11. Scrap promotion, make it a closed shop, add in loads of teams in foreign countires, remove any funding to lower leagues and amateur game. Do I qualify for the CEO job now?
  12. I doubt York will be playing either, I believe their players have been told they won't be entering and as a number of them will be changing clubs you can imagine those players wont want to get injured playing in a mickey mouse competition and neither will York want players injuring that they have signed. Same for most clubs really.
  13. Would be interesting to see how you go if the Smith and Wallace signings do come off for you guys.
  14. Spot on. Firstly regarding Barber it will be interesting to see how the club play this as he is one of the players rumoured to be staying next season and would be one of our more senior players. I guess they could easily say that its gross misconduct and terminate his contract, personally Im not fussed either way. What he said Ive heard discussed today but in an adult and proper manner by people from communities that we are presuming he is refering to but by wording it the way he did and acting how he has it is pretty easy to come to the conclusion that theres a decent chance he is racist. As for Tyrer as has been mentioned he looks Widnes bound but I would have expected better from him and stuff like that if you are going to post it for kicks or banter then stick to their own whatsapp groups rather than in full view of the public when it is clear they are representing their club. PH is right though about some of the stuff over the last couple of years that has been tweeted by Fax players, although a lot of them are ex-Fax players now, but you just wonder what goes through their heads. I mean I know everyone should be entitled to their opinion even if it is very misguided but when it is obvious that your opinion is going to get you in trouble because your profile makes it obvious you are representing an organisation, then maybe you just don't post it.
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