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  1. Its an interesting point as it seems a top SL club wanted to send him on loan his first season with them. It seems he does not want to be messed about and to be fair probably will earn more money playing part time and been part of a community programme than he would taking up a SL contract. I guess he is backing his own ability as if he produces again next season near the top of the Championship then there will not be a shortage of more realistic SL offers. Either way I can't wait for next season where we can hopefully put together a more realistic challenge than we have this year.
  2. Yeah good signings for us. Very happy with the team we are putting together for next season.
  3. Harris probably been the better of the two but picked up an injury about 4 weeks back and not played since. Both leaving at the end of the season with York seemingly the destination for Harris.
  4. I were actually feeling pretty flat going in to the game, I didn't think we would lose by enough to lose 3rd and 4th and the reality is our season probably ends next week whoever we play which is such a weird feeling considering we were sat in 3rd. Totally agree about Grix and Robinson and have said the same all year, our half backs have been poor all year but with the signings made for next season there will be complete change in those pivot positions.
  5. I go back on what I said previously press seems to suggest its a done deal. Cracking signing for us even if it does turn out to be as a stepping stone for Super League. That lad has some star talent.
  6. Exactly the point it changed, Ward and Lillycrop have looked quality everytime I have seen them where as our bench offered nothing. For us though its been like that for a number of weeks now so was not really unexpected.
  7. Lots of rumours about Walmsley flying round Fax yesterday and when it gets to this point, like it did with the Keyes one, it tends to already be a done deal. I'd love to see him in Fax colours next season but I reckon this could be one that is wide of the mark as when I have seen him he looks far too good for this division.
  8. Ref good the second 20 then? Game pretty much went how I had predicted earlier in the week. Small Fax defeat giving us the best chance of getting 4th and a potential trip to France to finish the season. Bradford didn't play ball and instead Haven should end our season next week as they are the best team in the playoffs outside the top 2.
  9. Fax game went as expected with a narrow Fax defeat not giving Batley the chance to overtake us and giving us the best chance of 4th spot and the potential end of season trip to France. Unfortunatley Bradford failed to deliver and instead our season likely ends next Saturday against Haven who to be fair probably deserve a good pee up over in France given how they have ended the season. Depending on kick off time as well looks like it will be the first game ive missed this season due to amateur rugby commitments. As for our game today it was a drab affair between two teams who look like they need the season to end as soon as possible. For Fax we finish where I thought we would before the season started but its a great achievement for Batley to grab 4th as they once again out perform a number of teams that will have out spent them and hoped to be finishing in the playoffs above them.
  10. Whisper seems to be that Poundshop Koukash has been struggling to sort his squad out for next season with a large number of players already taking up contracts elsewhere and a struggle to put together a squad that he feels will win the Championship and this has lead to his outburst. Everyone saw this relegation coming apart from Degsy it seems and he should have been planning a lot earlier than he were for next season but he has let his ego get in the way once again and it looks like coming back to bite him on the backside.
  11. Relegation has not been confirmed for either club though.
  12. Andrew Frew? Was at Fax as well but all I remember from his time at Fax was that his girlfriend was very attractive. His wiki page makes for a very interesting read.
  13. I should probably have added I would still have relegation but it would be the lowest ranked team excluding the promoted team. Its a really simple solution that does not require too much tinkering with the structure but it can never happen because of current SL teams running the game.
  14. I think a very common answer will be money. Does the product offer value for money? Ticket prices have gone up but in my opinion standards on the pitch have slowly declined(I don't think skill levels have more just changes to the game but thats a different argument) and a lot of people can watch their local amateur team for a fraction of the price and the standard, especially for me locally, is not that far removed from the Championship. Also at amateur level theres more likely to be a bit of biff, I know its a minor thing but pretty much the total removal of any rough stuff will also be putting some people off.
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