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  1. The thing that some people don't seem to like is that once again the bottom of Super League and the top of the Championship is going to be more exciting than what is going on at the top of SL. Promotion and relegation is great its just a shame there is not enough money in the game to give the championship teams more money then it could be extended to 2 up and 2 down.
  2. I think this is the thing that irks people. They knew the costs of Odsal so should have adjusted the playing staff budget accordingly just like every other team has to do but Bradford been Bradford have simply spent more than they should have once again. Its hard to feel sympathy for the club but I do feel for their fans once again.
  3. Just heard we are looking at him. Saw Sharp mentioned for you lot, rumours seem to be that he is Fev bound but if you did sign him he would be really good for you.
  4. The cynic in me says that Fev won't need a reserves team instead sending players to play for Leeds reserves in some sort of joint venture?
  5. Rumours around for Will Sharp coming back to you guys next season as he won't be at Fax.
  6. Halifax made this statement yesterday:- UPDATE | After further meetings held this week, the RFL will be confirming the reserve structure for 2020 early next week. We are confident that our application has fulfilled the RFL criteria and are hopeful for a positive outcome.
  7. Yeah looks like its true. Thats me probably done with the "pro" game.
  8. Rumours appear to be true about Halifax as well just waiting for official confirmation. I fear this will mean the disbanding of our reserves program for the money now to be put directly in to the first team squad. A real shame after all the hard work that has gone in to raising money and a shame for the coaches who have had success in bringing players through. Ive been drifting more towards the amatuer game for a number of years now so its probably time I went fully back there now.
  9. FWIW 16 out of our current 29 man first team squad have played regular reserve team rugby for us admitedley a couple of those have yet to play a Championship game for us but thats still not a bad return. Any rejection if true will lead to those figures dropping vastly in my opinion. If that is seen to be for the good of the game then so be it.
  10. No official word from Halifax on this but it would be a major surprise if they were not allowed in. In response to your post though it is ok saying just set up another league or find fixtures etc but we will have at least 10+ reserve teams that will need to be filled with players. For Fax and Keighley to find players outside of that will be very tough if not seen to be playing in the top league. I would imagine if we don't get in then a lot of our players will either join lower Championship teams or move back to the amatuer game as I would be surprised if the team didn't get disbanded so any money raised could be spent on the 1st team.
  11. For Fax I would say it is Fev. We have both been kicking about the top of the Championship for a number of years and there is always a fierce rivalry in the games and between the fans.
  12. I still can't get my head around the "Marshall over achieved at Fax" opinion. We finished as either the 1st or 2nd best part time team in the competition while having the 1st or 2nd best part time budget in the division. We also managed maybe just 1 win in all the middle 8 competitions we played in which could hardly be classed as progress. His eye for a player is poor so he would need a lot of help in that regard, we still have the bulk of Karl Harrisons team from 4 years ago while the turnover of players that Marshall has brought in only to show the door has been pretty high. 10 Players out of our current 32 man first team squad are Marshall's signings, out of those 10 there are 2 of them that have already left the club, 1 that is on a season long loan and is no longer getting in the team, and another that has been told to find another club. We are left with basically 4 players out of a 32 man squad who Marshall signed that are regular first team players. A lot is also mentioned about our reserve team but again Marshall has had little or no input in to the players that we signed and most of them have been down to Martin Gonzalez and Steve Greenwood. Saying all that with a lot of help around him that he would get at Saints you never know. I doubt he would last a season though.
  13. I believe the guy who played "Man in shop buying food" in Hollyoaks has been seen at the odd Fax game or two.
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