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  1. It makes a change for there to actually be a debate about there been any value in the odds when there hasnt been the last few seasons. Way I see it is Fev offer the best value in those prices. Id expect better odds on Leigh to make it tempting as I expect them to make the top 5 but think they will add better signings later in the season as Degsy gets a sniff of SL but don't think they will come close to topping the league.

  2. 17 hours ago, Wolford6 said:

    Obviously, not all signings and deparures are confirmed. however, these are the players I'll be looking out for on the Dewsbury tennis court.


    Halifax                                 Dan Fleming




    The only thing that he has shown to me in his time at Fax is that people can still be fooled in to thinking because someone is a unit they must be a really good player.  The rumour of Salford been interested was quite amusing to any Fax fan with one or two asking how much we had to pay them to take him off our hands.

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  3. 2 hours ago, Robin Evans said:

    He 'was' as daft as a brush. One hopes he's moved on from basic idiocy over the last few years. 

    Never the most endearing of players and should have played at a much higher level for much longer.....

    There have been many wasted talents in our game. He's on of them....... and I remember Ian Bell fhs😂

    Yeah seems much of wasted career believing his own hype. Often you see players have size and little talent or talent but not the size. Id put Dan Fleming in the having size bracket and Manning in the having the talent bracket but Sam certainly has both. He should have played SL for many years in my opinion.

  4. On 18/11/2019 at 21:15, Private Baldrick said:


    To be fair if he does sign and gets anywhere back to how he can play we get one of the best forwards in the championship. His age probably isnt much of a factor either as he hasnt been knocked about for the past 4 years. Not a massive Sam fan myself but hes a very good rugby player hopefully with all the other stuff he has grown up a bit.

  5. I always ask, like the bonus point system, if its such a good idea then why do us poor championship clubs have to be the ones to try it out? I do like the idea of golden point but also think there is nothing wrong with a draw when neither team deserves to lose. I would have made it next try wins though rather than any point.

  6. 1 hour ago, fairfolly said:

    I will answer that one for you Johnny. Yes, lots of clubs have debts similar and above the debts that Bradford have or now had.A straight forward answer Johnny as B.O. will put a spin on it. 

    Debts like that at other clubs will usually be under written by a person who will more than likely write that debt off. 

    New inititive by Bradford letting fans ask them questions. When asked who owns Odsal they answer the RFL..........

  7. 1 hour ago, fairfolly said:

    Angelic, I have never said that Bradford fans were happy about the situation at Bradford. What I have said is that nobody on this forum,including me, has any idea what the true situation is at Bradford,the vast majority of posters, well two at least,one from Halifax,one from Featherstone,seem to think they do but as yet have not provided any proof to show that their posts are fact.

    Depends what you class as proof as Im not sure where to start but for example I suggested that Bradfords debt was heading towards 1m and that was later backed up by the publishing of the accounts. Does that count?

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  8. 7 hours ago, fairfolly said:

    You may have business experience but you clearly lack common sense. You keep quoting on this forum that you have "heard this, heard that, read this ,read that on another forum,on the internet,but nowhere have you ever shown any proof of what you post. Anybody who believes what they read on the majority of forums or the Internet are quite obviously lacking something. Common sense is the answer to that poser.

    Id say common sense is one of the things needed to see that this is not all above board. 🤣🤣

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  9. 12 hours ago, Blind side johnny said:

    Despite the cynicism of many on here, money doesn't just slide between businesses and shareholders without their being some scrutiny. 


    I have many years of business experience and Im going to disagree with this. If people want to move, or take out, money from a business they will find a way. The only thing that will bring any sort of scrutiny is when they don't do it well.

  10. 4 hours ago, matt newsholme said:

    Don't know about rates but RFL were taking the rent out of our central funding before it got to us. Bit Ironic fax fans commenting on other clubs not paying rent after your own recent history in this department 🙂

    So there is not much reason for the RFL to be on Bradford's creditors list then. Regards your other point, I dont think its fair to compare Halifax's, or any other teams for that matter, recent financial history to Bradford's.

  11. 9 hours ago, M j M said:

    Do they have income streams other than the Bulls central distributions, attendances and merchandise.

    If not I can't see any evidence that they would be anything other than a loss making Championship side who could aspire to break even if they could reign in the overheads a bit.

    You seem to be missing an obvious point. Its ok saying that Bradford have no money but presuming that wages are paid via money from central funding, outside of that it does not look like much else has been paid hence running up these massive debts that no doubt got even bigger this year. So that leaves the cash from the gates, from shop sales, and from bar takings etc. It would take some digging but you would have to ask has that money gone towards paying bills or has that money been taken out of the club?

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  12. 2 minutes ago, Les Tonks Sidestep said:

    Yes, change of directors, or details and Persons with Control are required to be notified within 14 days, as I posted above. Actual shareholders, and their holdings, once a year although some would consider it good practice to notify on major changes.

    Yeah PSC is going to be tied in with any major changes in shareholdings which we are assuming is the case with Bradford.

  13. 2 hours ago, Les Tonks Sidestep said:

    I believe it's a requirement to update those once a year (due in Jan).

    I may be wrong but I believe it comes under people with significant control. It would discount Sawyer but if it is true about Wood's family then it would have to be reported which would then have to show where the rest of the shares are anyway.

    As discussed a few pages back it looks like been selective in which creditors have been paid has resulted in another CCJ. Id imagine next step will be the WUP's coming through the door. You would presume Wood would have known the state of all this when taking over so again begs the question why?

  14. 37 minutes ago, Les Tonks Sidestep said:

    Director appointments, terminations and changes of details are required to be reported to Co Ho within 14 days.

    From when it were officially announced I believe the 14 days is up on Monday. A post from the Game Caller(pinch of salt obviously) suggest that Sawyer had said they were waiting on AC to do the changes along with the accounts.

  15. 1 hour ago, Mumby Magic said:

    Good question, from read articles (if correct) and with funds being added (Sales of the 5) I would hazard a guess of owing 5 figures.

    There was talk of the debt heading towards 1m, so unless some big money has been added it probably hasn't hardly put a dent in it.

    Its also creeping towards the 14 days to change the shareholdings on Companies House. Maybe that will be done the same time they file the accounts though.

  16. 3 hours ago, Wolford6 said:

    All quiet on the Chalmers front.

    All quiet on the RFL front.


    The Mick Gledhill Facebook front:

    I've looked into the frozen #BradfordBulls lottery account situation and the £107,000 and the club's attempts to regain access to this account have so far been unsuccessful. Gary Pettit of PBC Business Recovery froze the account during the recent liquidation.


    The Bradford Bulls Website front:

    The club reaffirms its commitment to junior engagement within rugby league and the reduction in pricing is designed to encourage the next generation to watch John Kear’s side in action next term.

    We pledge to refund the difference to those who have already purchased a 2020 Junior Season Ticket – with the Junior Replica Shirt offer still valid. Junior Season Tickets can now be purchased from a cost of ONLY £49 as well as receiving the FREE Junior Replica Shirt (RRP: £35)!

    To be fair, for a parent, buying your kid a season ticket and a shirt for £49 is an absolute bargain.

    I wonder who tried to gain access and I wonder if it was before it came to light that there was 100k just kicking around in an account. The funny thing is Gary Petit never wanted AC in charge did he? So if he is in charge of getting the correct documents from someone at Bradford before its unlocked then it may be some time.

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