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  1. 15 hours ago, Monkeymagic22 said:

    I can’t believe that Tyrer or any other rugby player really hates another team. And I’d bet he’d come if we offered him good money.

    I don't think discussions got that far and Tyrer dismissed straight away. As I said though I don't think thats a slight on Fev more a case of how much he likes it at Fax and the factor of a testimonial. Not to mention he probably wants to become the clubs highest points scorer.

  2. 8 hours ago, Blue Pike said:

    I think Halifaxs,s poor season has contributed to us finishing in the top five as we have been pretty close over the years and they remind me of a horse racing Trainer who has a horse on the gallops who he uses as a good standard and any horse which flys past it on his gallops usually is better and he knows will have a better season.Id say we were half a furlong in front at the moment and can’t see it changing next season either unless Oxy knows something different.

    A fair assesment and I think it will stay the same next season. Saying that who would have put Fev orLeigh in the top 4 at this point last season?

    Hirst a good signing for us and his quality has been plain to see. Talk around here that Fev made an offer to us for Tyrer and another player who has just left.

  3. 44 minutes ago, Les Tonks Sidestep said:

    Having had a few spare minutes at work..........I reckon 'fax's average is 1760 (2245, 1825, 1584, 1343, 2090, 3316, 1444, 1888, 1668, 1290, 1205, 1126 and 1862)

    That sounds more realistic.  The Rochdale game second to last is one of the examples of counting all tickets as there were not over 1k people in the ground that day. Not quite on the level of the batley game a few years back though for counting every ticket. 😂😂

  4. 1 hour ago, Les Tonks Sidestep said:

     'fax's still doesn't feel correct giving they've had quite a few sub 1500 crowds.

    Yeah doesn't feel righ that. At some of our games this season there has been a feeling of far larger spaces on the terraces than normal. I know season tickets are always counted and I would imagine the same for the community club days despite only small numbers turning up. I would imagine our actual average of people through the gates on matchdays is probably somewhere around the 1500-1600 mark.

  5. On 06/09/2019 at 13:13, The Phantom Horseman said:

    Will Sharp's a cracking player, was hugely popular when he was at Fev and am sure he will be at York, probably lost a bit of speed but plays with loads of heart.

    Johnston isn't someone I've ever warmed to (though that's partly down to his political affiliations, Katie Hopkins etc), has a sidestep and will pop up with the odd good solo try, but has never really struck me as one to get attacking moves running smoothly but maybe the return to York will help.

    A fair assesment of both players. Murrell has suffered for a number of years now not having a partner who can take some of the pressure of him and its probably also one of the reasons we have been the lowest scorers near the top 4 for the last 4 years.

  6. 11 hours ago, gavin7094 said:

    York had 2 physically very demanding games away at Leigh last Sunday and home to Fev the week before and had very little left in the tank.  With Toulouse' win yesterday leaving York little incentive to win this, they were ripe for the taking. 

    As it is, York have only lost 2 league games since 18th May; once against Toulouse and once against Toronto.

    Little York. 

    The best English team outside Super League. 

    The best part-time team in England. 

    I totally agree they were there for the taking but even having a bit of an off day against a Fax team that actually wanted to play if only for the players leaving and to still win is a good result. York are the best team we have played in my opinion aside from Toronto and I wouldnt be at all surprised if they make the final. Its a 3 horse race for me with 4th and 5th just there for a day out.

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  7. On 07/09/2019 at 08:08, Eddie said:

    Agreed. Widnes maybe think they should be in that bottom group too, and I imagine Bradford think in reality they should be in the middle group. 

    Yet the reality is that both those teams are probably closer to going in to Championship 1 than they are to getting back in SL.

    For Fax I see us among the top 2 or 3 part time teams in the country with little hope of ever returning to SL. Next season could be pivital in that we either regain a place in the playoffs or natural selection takes over and we slip further down the league.

  8. 2 minutes ago, Phil said:

    I couldn’t make it mate this is a second hand report 

    Ah I can remember a couple but possibly not 6. To be fair it was nice for us to see some good tries as its been a long time coming. Obviously Rochdale are in a lot of trouble and it shows but hopefully it will give us some confidence going in to next week. If the rumours are true and Hirst has signed for next year then it will be nice to have some grunt upfront as he is just what we have lacked this season with Fleming, Tangata, and to some extent Kavanagh been almost non exsistant. 

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  9. 5 hours ago, paul hicks said:

    have the clubs that played at odsal in the cup rounds this season been paid there money yet I would like to know because that was one of the things brought up when it all began to unravel at odsal a couple of months ago . it did seem strange that Bradford had taken in all the gate money and I would expect ticket money that other clubs would have sent them for tickets yet did not seem able to produce enough to pay back what would in most cases be a small share of the gate money . 

    I believe Halifax got paid but I heard that it was by the RFL with an advancement of the Bulls central payments. If they have taken most of that money early to pay bills its easy to see why the RFL may be cautious.

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  10. 14 hours ago, paulwalker71 said:

    I would doubt many coaches would have too much idea what their players are paid. Most would be told if there is budget available, suggest who they wanted, and then someone else usually some sort of football manager will cary out negotiations. Maybe John Kear is the exeception to the rule but there is a good chance he is specualting.

  11. Way I see it and could be way off the mark as usual but Fev are obviously in Leeds back pockets so it would make sense for firstly Fev to still get plenty of players from Leeds either via Loan/DR/"signings" and secondly for Leeds to have their bit part players playing at a level that will be higher than a non wanted reserves league Ie. The championship. Neither one of those things will happen if Leeds have to fill a team of Reserves each week so the easiest thing would to be effectively have a joint reserves team but obviously i Leeds name. Fev will take their best players from their current reserves and they will get the chance to play for that team and continue their development and will likely produce 1 or 2 players each year good enough to play for Fev while Leeds get to develop their better players at Fev still in the hope that 1 or 2 of those will turn out to be good first teamers each year.


    Leeds are not daft they would rather spend money on the first team than a reserve team but doing it this way they can get the best of both worlds.

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  12. 10 hours ago, The Phantom Horseman said:

    John Davidson in League Weekly reckons he's off to York.

    Batley has been mentioned as well but apparently they have Rettie who is a much better player. 🤣🤣

    A top player who should still be in our team.

  13. The thing that some people don't seem to like is that once again the bottom of Super League and the top of the Championship is going to be more exciting than what is going on at the top of SL.

    Promotion and relegation is great its just a shame there is not enough money in the game to give the championship teams more money then it could be extended to 2 up and 2 down.

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