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  1. I went along yesterday for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was, though, a bit strange watching a game where the touchline on one side had been brought in by, I think, 15 metres. Probably the best part of the day was chatting with other rugby league fans who live outside of the heartlands and sharing tales from yesteryear of games we saw when we lived up north. I hope to get the opportunity in the future to visit again.
  2. Good to hear. I'm assuming that the league will remain a winter competition so 18-19 has been written off.
  3. I was fortunate to start watching the game in the 80s when clubs all had their own grounds and often had a camera with me to capture them. Clearly the facilities at most grounds are better these days and as has been said earlier in the thread Saints and Wire have built grounds that are anything but identikit or sterile. Having said that I don't think you can ever replicate what is was like to be at, for instance, a packed Central Park. I took this photo at the tour match v Australia in 1986.
  4. I don't know if the area deteriorated in the years after the club moved there but I first went in 1982 and it was a truly horrible place.
  5. They became Huyton before moving to Runcorn. This is a brilliant book that catalogues the largely underwhelming history of rugby league in the city. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Liverpool-City-RLFC-League-Football/dp/190365940X For such a big city Liverpool doesn't have a good track record of supporting team sports other than football. Other cities successfully host county cricket , ice hockey, basketball, RU, speedway etc. Aigburth gets the odd Lancs CCC game but some of the others mentioned have previously tried and failed. Having said that Liverpool has always been a hotbed of participation across a range of sports. Personally I'd like to see investors put money into a team of NCL standard and see how it grows.
  6. I went along yesterday, as a neutral, and thoroughly enjoyed the game, if not the OLP. My main concern is that the standard of the facilities has gone backwards from last year. This year's temporary stand is much smaller than last year's and yesterday was rammed. There was a scoreboard and clock last year and that wasn't there yesterday. Due to the injury to Will Hope there was around ten minutes added time in the first half but without a clock there was no idea how much time had been added. There are issues as well surrounding health and safety that I won't go into but I'm sure the club are aware and will resolve them. The the crowd was announced as 1200 which was nowhere the near case. If I was being generous I'd say it was 800. I wish Sheffield well and hope they prosper as they're the nearest semi-pro team to me but the new stadium can't come soon enough.
  7. With Virgin Media having lost the UKTV channels Premier Sports has been added as a free replacement so I got to see a TWP home game for the first time. I enjoyed the game but the constant adverts along the bottom of the screen got on my nerves. I imagine for those there in person the fact that the bloke on the PA didn't shut up for the whole 80 minutes must be irritating. Finally, I'm not sure why Fev turned up with white shirts thereby causing a colour clash.
  8. I was in Valencia last weekend and fancied taking in a game. Unfortunately I couldn't find out the kick-off times in spite of scouring social media for the information. As it turned out my preferred game, Bufals v Ontinyent, was postponed due to the weather anyway.
  9. I hadn't seen the footage before but I knew the story of the struggle for survival due to reading The Forbidden Game by Mike Rylance a number of years ago. It's a fascinating book and well worth tracking down.
  10. My username comes from a Huyton back row forward that Ray French often waxed lyrical about on Radio Merseyside. When I was finally brave enough to go to Alt Park he did look a class above his teammates with good handling skills. He looked a bit like a hero of mine, John Conteh, which also added to the aura. I know absolutely nothing about his background and there's probably no video footage of him so my memories from the few times I saw him can't be sullied as often happens with internet research these days.
  11. Hard to say but Coventry did OK when they moved into the Conference. I think the fact that the city of Nottingham has a large pool of players both already at Outlaws and at the universities should stand them in good stead.
  12. From the perspective of someone who watches Outlaws fairly regularly this seems good news. Having a longer season without repeat fixtures should create more interest and I imagine the players will appreciate the shorter travel times.
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